January 2021


At the Ascended Masters’ portal, this year began with a blessing from the Ascended Masters to all of humanity. The Ascended Masters’ portal filled with many Masters, and as the first place in the world to turn midnight and pass into 2021, they began the blessing. The blessing continued for twenty-four hours, so as the world turned, each person was blessed. There were no exceptions. The Masters love all, regardless of who they are or where they are in the ascension process. You are loved and blessed.

On the 4th of January, legions of angels began to file through the portal out to different parts of the world. The angels continued to pass through the portal for at least 12 hours, and they were singing as they filed through. It appears they are here to help in the transition of souls as they leave this life. When the angels had all passed through the portal, the Masters returned and began to sing, their vibrations following the angels on their mission. These are worrying times around the world with Covid, and the Masters and angels are here to help. If you feel the need to call for their help, know they are beside you and will hear you.

Tips for Low Energy

Many are feeling tired at this time. These times can definitely be draining. When we feel low in energy, we can close down to retain the energy we have. Instead, try opening yourself to the universal energy and allow it to flow through you and recharge you. You can even be a conduit of this energy for those around you who are also low in energy.

How many are ascending?

The number is always increasing for those ascending with the Ascended Masters via their portal here in New Zealand. At the moment, 235 have passed the 4th initiation, which means they are 80% light. 169 have passed the 5th initiation, which means they have paid all their karma. 167 have passed the 6th initiation, which means they no longer have an Earth Star and have joined the ranks of the 144,000. Their Higher Self has started to descend into their Holy Heart, and the Ascended Masters have stepped back. 66 have passed the 7th initiation. These people are a living portal for their Higher Selves' service to humanity. If you want to know where you are on your ascension path, look at our comprehensive ascension reading.

For those who are ascending and have left the cycle of rebirth, remember, you won't be coming this way again, so make the most of this last physical experience. Fear has its feet in the past. Accept the challenge of the present.

Going Forward

I have stopped the weekly diary on the website and instead will replace it with this monthly newsletter. I will post the newsletter to the website each month as well.