Ascension reading


This see'er service is offered by Waireti and Verna Maru-ata. Waireti has dimensional sight, seeing all the bodies, colours, chakras, symbols and rays that make up the multidimensional Being you are, Verna then interprets the all the information for the reading with the Ascended Masters help.

In this initial reading we give you a snap shot of where you are energetically at this level of your ascension process. This reading can then be used as a baseline to monitor your ascension process.

Your 12 page report will show (graphics) and tell you the following -

  • Your Ascension Master, your ascension ray, your specific ascension ray colour.
  • Your soul seat shape and colour.
  • Your core star shape and colour, your number of dimensional lives, you dimensional life Ascended Master.
  • Your chakra position, alignment, colour, speed, spin direction, size, open, closed and shape.
  • Your percentage of light, and how far it radiates
  • Your percentage of karma left in each chakra. To pass the 5th initiation and leave the cycle of rebirth there can be zero karma left.
  • We look at the state of your astral, mental, emotional and etheric bodies, noting if they have blockages.
  • We look at the energetic you and pinpoint areas that need attention.
  • We show you graphically what an energetic system will look like at the 5th initiation and make suggestions about how to achieve this.

These all create a very clear picture of where you are on your ascension path. It creates a base line to monitor change. This is all vital information for the ascension process.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos with - space above the head, include the feet and facing the camera.


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