5th March 2020


I often get people making suggestions about what to write in the diary. Things they feel others need to hear, things I haven't addressed, and things they want to know more about. So, this is a blog addressing some of those requests.

What is ascension?

Ascension is the journey from our own darkness into our own light. The darkness is our karma. As we pay our karma, our light increases. When our light increases, our vibration and consciousness rise. Hence the term ascension.

Ray shawls 

In the store we have Ray Shawls. We all incarnate with five rays in our energy field. These rays guide us, hold our lessons, and imbue us with the qualities of the ray, both positive and negative. With each of these rays comes a specific Master, so five rays means five Ascended Masters. These Masters might not walk with you all the time, but they appear when needed. The Masters of the Rays have made Ray shawls. These ray shawls hold the pure light of the ray. They will help you learn your lessons, pass the trials of life, and support and comfort you when needed. So how do you know which shawl is right for you? The best way is to learn your five Rays. The two most important rays are the Ascension Ray and the Life Ray. The lesser three rays support the life ray - these are the mental, emotional, and physical body rays. We have a 5 Ray reading that tells you your five rays and the Ascended Masters who walk with you. And in the Ascension reading, we tell you your Ascension Ascended Master. I have my Second Ray shawl tied to my desk chair so the energy fills me whenever I'm at my desk. It's good to be in their energy for some part of the day. If you want to learn more about the Rays we have information on the website.

Ascension Counter 

It has been suggested I am slow to update the ascension counter. True. Apologies. I updated the ascension counter yesterday, but I admit it is already out of date. So the tally of ascensions with the Ascended Masters via us at the portal to date is: 188 have passed the 4th initiation, 130 have passed the 5th initiation, 128 have passed the 6th initiation, and 45 have passed the 7th initiation. The numbers are probably greater, but these are only the people who have come back for reading updates and continue with us at each stage. Many have a solo path to walk.

Oil - Can I go outside your recommendations and how much do I use? 

Even though I include instructions with the orders, there is always doubt and insecurity. I make small and initial suggestions for oils in the ascension reading. I always have more suggestions than I give, but I don’t want to overwhelm people. I am happy to make further suggestions for your life and ascension, but you need to ask for those. Or just follow your inner knowing and get what you feel is right for you. How much to use? A drop or smear on each chakra once a day is enough. Remember to wait 5 minutes between different oils, this gives them a chance to work. One bottle of every oil is enough (except for Violet Flame, three bottles of violet Flame oil from the 3rd to 5th initiation is enough). Many feel they need more, but if you feel that is the case, then we need to look at introducing a different oil. Issues are always multi-layered.

After the Sixth initiation...I thought the 6th initiation would be different..I feel no joy...I thought my life would be perfect and it's not...I thought my body would be perfect, etc.

There is so much misinformation out there. Ascension doesn't make life better. Ascension highlights all our issues, lessons, and problems. Ascension means our light burns brighter, but greater light also means imperfections stand out even more. All that is not of the purest intent and all that needs repair, change or letting go of is made visible in a confrontational way. It isn't pretty. Ascension means we have to work on making ourself the best light-filled version of our self. It doesn't happen with a wave of a wand, we have to do the work.  Those consciously ascending are always working on themselves, it doesn't stop at the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th initiations. Layer upon layer emerges, pattern after pattern arises. But the result is worth it. Compassion and love for all are part of our being. 

As you ascend, your light will help humanity in great ways. That is something to strive for.

And confession time from me, I overdosed on sleep roll-on. During the week, I woke in the night and couldn't sleep. I liberally applied the sleep roll-on to my forehead and over my head and back of the neck. I had to be dragged awake and I was drowsy all day, I couldn’t function. It took a while for me to click as to why. So small doses now. I forget how strong the Masters' products are.