1st August 2019


My second ray Higher Self has been finding his funny side this week. The higher initiates are writing a book at the moment, and we were asked to give an epigraph. My Higher Self gave the lyric by Bob Dylan, "There must be some way out of here..." from his “All Along the Watchtower” song. There were a few others just as funny, but this one appealed the most.We are locked into the cycle of rebirth, and it can seem prison-like. The question of ascension is, how do we escape the cycle of rebirth? How do we leave? This website is all about helping you to do that. There definitely is a way out of here.

Did you get our latest newsletter in the last day or so? We are clearing out our old readings. There are so many people who came to us between 2012 and 2015 who ordered an ascension reading, received our healings, and ordered the products, but didn't follow through with an ascension update reading to note the changes that occurred in their chakras and bodies since the first reading. If you ordered an Ascension reading and haven't followed through with an ascension update reading, then I seriously suggest you do.

To continue with our ray series, today we will look at the 3rd ray, the pink ray of unconditional love. If you are on the 3rd ray for your ascension or life ray, then you will have one of the third ray Masters with you - Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Dom Ignacio, Ma'at or Paul the Venetian.

Those on the 3rd ray are usually kind and compassionate and have the lessons this brings. Don't think those on this ray are weak, because this is the ray of the Divine Mother. There is a warrior fierceness underlying those with Mother Mary and Kuan Yin. They can be the protectors of those in need. Third rays are likely to be those leading the charge for a good cause. They have the power of the Divine Mother in them. Those with Mother Mary can be focused and determined, and yet still have the gentle compassion of those she stands with.

This is also the ray of the Home. Third rays are likely to do everything they can to make where they live a home. It is also the creative ray, so combine home, love, and creation, and the third ray home becomes very inviting. Those with Paul the Venetian are on the creative and beauty aspect of the ray. They are the artists. They create in all forms; whether it is through food, paint, sculpture, cloth, or yarn, they will strive to bring beauty into the world.

Third rays see beauty in life. They appreciate nature, they appreciate people, they have gratitude. You will find them saying thank you in the most unexpected ways and times.

Third rays are observers. They remember what they see. They feel what they see. They care about what they see. They care about everything.The Divine Mother is awake in them. Caring. Gratitude. Kindness. Compassion. Love. Creativity.

The downside is they can care too much. They get easily hurt. Their caring for one thing might come at the expense of another, so if something isn't in their current focus, it doesn't exist at that moment. This inattention to things outside of their focus can lead to some serious repercussions in their lives. They can be seen as absent-minded, careless, thoughtless, and inattentive.

All rays need balance.

The third ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.