Your 5 rays & 5 Ascended Masters reading


There are 7 rays of incarnation. When we incarnate into each life, we incarnate on 5 of these rays. 

We incarnate on these specific rays for the lessons we are here to learn and the perfection we need to attain within that ray. 

The 5 rays are (1) our ascension or soul ray (the most important ray)  (2) life or personality ray (3) mental body (how we perceive the world) (4) emotional body ray (how we feel about the world) (5) physical body ray (how we act in the world). So in effect every single person on the planet is working on 5 rays each life time in a bid for Mastery of the rays and so Ascension.

The Masters have taught those of us here at their portal in New Zealand, where to look in the aura for these 5 rays and how to identify them.

The colour variances within each ray also are aligned to specific Ascended Masters. We do our best to link the colours of your 5 rays to specific Ascended Masters on these rays, so you get a better understanding of the Masters who watch over you.

We need a full length photo of you emailed to us - there must be space above the head and no-one else is to be in the photo. We will email the photo back with your rays painted in with Photoshop. Also separately we will show you the exact colours with a short explanation of the rays and Masters with you. 

The reading is emailed to you.

After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos with - space above the head, include the feet and facing the camera.


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