13th May 2020


We are back to full service again. Mail is moving once more.

We are still working on the diary archives. Waireti wrote the following in our 2014 diary.

I would have loved to give everyone I know a healing shawl. The whole world needs a healing shawl because when anyone puts on the healing shawl, healing happens, and it happens on all levels. Plus, things in the auric field that need to go get zapped, people’s colours get brighter, blockages are cleared, and energy lifts. Look at the healing shawls; these are a must for every man, woman, and child.

I think we need to add this to the healing shawl descriptions!

I want to introduce you to another New Master. This one is called Nova Glow. She is so different from all the other Masters we have introduced you to and whom you already know. Nova comes as the light in the darkness; she may appear to you in meditation as a lit candle or a soft glow of light. If she were to present in human form, she will show her golden hair illuminated by candlelight. But her favourite form is to appear as a dragon! She is green but with a bronze shimmer of light. She is a Second Ray Master, but she also has two subrays, the Fifth Ray and the Third Ray. As I sat with her, I had tears streaming down my face from the depth of love she sent to me. Read more about her in the new Masters section and learn how she can help you. I highly recommend you meditate in the Ascension temple with her and get to experience her beauty.

If you haven't been to the Ascension temple before, it is a side temple to the Ascended Masters’ portal. It is where the Masters will meet to work with you if you choose to. You can read how to access it at this link.