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1st January 2014 

Happy New Year! Blessings on your year ahead.  

I was going to give myself the day off today. As you can see, that didn't happen. Ha-ha, oh well. Waireti started the day with the free healing with the Ascended Masters in the portal. She presented over 150 people to Jesus and Mother Mary for healing, a mother and child day. Very nice.  

So, let us get started on what's been happening here.  

We have many trees here at the Ascended Masters’ portal that are home to many types of birds. At dawn and dusk, the noise can only be described as a cacophony. Recently, Waireti and I have both noticed a change in the birds. For me, it's their friendliness. When in the office, you can be sure there will always be birds knocking their beaks on the deck or the glass and some brave ones will wander inside (no cats, you see). We have had two white doves come for a visit. Whether they stay or not is yet to be seen. 

Waireti is looking at them on a different level than me though. All birds only have a blue etheric body; they don't have complex auras like us. The birds at the portal are an exception though, as they now have rainbow auras, especially those who have hatched here or been here a long while, like the quail. It appears the birds are Ascending here as well. What great changes for them. This is a little lesson for us in the power of the portal. 

Over the last few days we have encountered our first silver soul ray! This is a new colour for the soul rays. The Master walking with those with a silver soul ray is the cosmic Master Vishnu. Perhaps this is the reason we haven't seen it before. He is very powerful and has only chosen a few to walk with as teacher. Vishnu himself has an aura of silver and blue. Silver is designated as a colour of the First Ray. This information has come via Melchizedek, a 1st ray Master. As I say each week, we are always learning. 

I have added another ascension counter to the Ascension Counter Page. Up until now, we’ve had counters for those passing the 5th and 6th initiations for those who have used the Ascended Masters’ products. Now, the Masters said they want us to include the 4th initiation as well, so the new counter is on the front page. We know these numbers via the chakra reading or Radiance and vibrancy readings that people order. There are many people who use the Ascended Masters’ products and healings who are Ascending, but they don't follow their progress with the chakra readings, updates, or radiance and vibrancy readings, so it is likely that more have passed the 4th initiation or higher and we just don't know it. Once we are aware you have passed the 4th initiation, we keep an eye on you and update you on the chakra changes that occur.   

For those of you that aren't familiar with this - we know when you have passed an initiation by the degree of vibrancy and radiance of your light in each chakra. This also tells us how much karma is left in each chakra to be cleared.  

If you are having our Ascended Master healings and are using the Ascended Master products, we suggest you have an initial chakra reading to get a baseline for change. Then, get either a chakra update or radiance and vibrancy reading every six months. Great changes can occur in six months with these products and healings.


9th January 2014 

"Claim your Divinity, not your Humanity." Serapis Bey 

Ha-ha - love it! This quote is a perfect pointer for ascension.

Healing day has come and gone for another week. Serapis Bey and Amen Bey presided, accompanied by the Master Melchizedek. 

A question came up this week about the Holy Heart. The Holy Heart is the most sacred of places; it resides within the Sacred Heart, which is above the heart chakra. The Holy Heart is an integral part in your ascension process. 

No one can tell you where it is or how to get to it, other than it is within the Sacred Heart. When you find it and enter, you might find yourself thrown out. Don't worry, this is part of the test of worthiness for those after the 5th initiation. 

The Holy Heart is the way to the higher chakras 8 to 12. If you are serious about ascension, look at meditating in the Sacred Heart and then the Holy Heart. 

Waireti and I have found that our healing shawls are personalizing. We each have one for ourselves and then we have a general one that we use on others (and ourselves). Our individual healing shawls are starting to feel very different from each other and we can see the healing we receive from them is personalized for us. The general shawl still remains general. So, if you are using a healing shawl for clients or general family use, then I suggest you get one just for you to take advantage of the way the shawls are personalizing. 

Waireti and I ventured forth to the mall the other day, which is not a common occurrence for us. All I can say is, thank you Masters for our protection grids. The energies were awful. The grid doesn't stop us from being aware of negative energies, but it does stop them from affecting us. Not so lucky are all of those other people who were unknowingly battered by the energies and of course the entities were stirring it all up.


16th January 2014 


Waireti presented those requesting healing this week. There was only one Master present in the Healing Temple of the Ascended Masters’ portal - Jesus. So, if you are on the healing list, then Jesus gave you 15-20 minutes of healing. Nice! 

The 6th initiation has begun for Waireti and myself. Over the course of the last two weeks, we have noted the changes and what is occurring. We suspect the Masters are ensuring it is slow so we note each stage. As many of you know, my rays are This means that my soul ray, life ray, emotional body ray, and physical body ray are all on the 1st ray. Focus, being direct, God's will and power, and balance are all part of who Verna is. When we pass the 6th, all of our rays change and we then take on the ray of our higher self in all five rays. My higher self is a 2nd ray being, so I will be changing to the 2nd ray and my rays will soon read In saying that, the 1st ray is coming to the fore in its last days; I appear to me as more direct than normal and more focused. Part of the process of ascension is mastering the rays. Waireti and AmayahGrace have raised their eyebrows in shock as they witness how direct I have been in the last few weeks. Sorry to B and K and to those several emails I sent this week that got a dose of direct Verna. Who knows whom you will meet next week…welcome to the world of ascension! 

So, in direct mode, here is this week’s topic, inspired as usual by the emails and conversations of the last week. 

Respect – respect of self, others, and the Masters. Yes, respect is a very important part of the ascension process. 

Respect is due to all of God's creations, for the mere virtue that they live. If God saw fit to create them, then they are worthy of our respect. 

Respect for yourself and your body is also a major part of ascension. If you strive to pass the 6th initiation in this lifetime, then your physical body will house your higher self at this initiation. To that end, consider your body ‘a temple in training’ for this divine aspect of self.

Respect of the Masters - the Masters are Divine Beings, as familiar as they may seem. Respect them and the services they perform for your ascension. The Masters and your Higher Self are worthy of your Devotion and Reverence. 

Service - the higher you Ascend, the brighter your light shines. This will draw people to you. (How many of you go into an empty shop and before you know it, it is full.) People will seek your attention and your energy. This will come in many forms: talking, questions, healing requests, problem solving, or just wanting to be in your energy. You may feel the demands are too great and the attention bothersome. Acknowledge your Light, acknowledge your place in the ascension process, and, like the Masters, turn and help those who seek you out. Give of your energy, give of your wisdom, give your healing, give your Love - for in this service you will be helping them and yourself in your ascension. If the demands are too great, connect to the highest source for a flow of energy/ love and be a channel of love.

As with everything, there are lessons; lessons of staying in our power, saying no if we choose to, and the difference between giving unconditionally and being used by those who just want to take. 

Love the lessons. Lessons are part of the human experience within ascension. 

A few questions have come in about the healing shawls. For those of you who don't wear shawls, try putting the shawl under your sheet and sleep on the shawl at night. Many of you have told me that they sleep with the healing shawl and I do too. I get major headaches thanks to all of the huge energies here at the portal. I sometimes sleep with the shawl on my head and it takes the headache away easily. I have energy pump through me a lot and the shawl helps the energy flow easily. I'm also asked if it's okay to give the shawl as a gift. This brings up the issue of respect. Yes, it's okay to give the shawl to those who will respect the sacred object that it is, but if you’re giving because you feel it will be best for someone, then think about if it's actually more about your will over their will. Respect the shawls; they were created by the Masters. 

The Master shawls are nearly ready. We are just waiting on the printer to make up the cards that we will put with them. They are all the ray colours of the Masters. These are ‘Love and Life’ shawls. Individual Masters have imprinted their love into the shawls. For those they walk with as Life Master, there is another component imprinted into the shawl. AmayahGrace, Waireti, and a close friend hadn't tried all of the Masters shawls, so we got the samples and sat with the 12 Masters shawls. We all had different ones we resonated with; probably 6 of the 12 we all just loved, though all different Masters.  Some were of our rays, some weren't.  

The Master are: Jesus, Kuthumi, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Hilarion, St. John the Baptist, El Morya, Melchizedek, St. Germain, Pallas Athena, and Serapis Bey. Ganesh has indicated he will also have one in the future. 

Love to you, from my Holy Heart to yours. Blessings on your week.


17th January 2014 

A few people have come to us over the months saying they can't do the torus technique, or they can't visualize and are seeking another way to find the Sacred Heart. This is what we have come up with. 

AmayahGrace says, “There is a part of you than knows exactly where both the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart are". 

And of course, AmayahGrace is right. Our higher self is connected to the Sacred Heart, so it must be so.  

Try this technique.

Go into a meditative breath.
Take your attention or awareness to your physical heart. Feel it beating.
Then take your attention to your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, just bring your awareness into this space.
Then raise your awareness to the space, in your body, just above your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, no expectations - just be. Just sit in this space with awareness. This is the sacred heart.

Do this daily. 

In time, and when you are nearing the 5th initiation, allow your inner being and knowing to take you to the Holy Heart within the sacred heart, knowing that a part of you knows exactly where it is. 

Changing the topic - Master Love and Life shawls. 

As an add-on to yesterday’s piece on the Master shawls, I forgot the most important part: the life ray (personality ray) goes around the back of the neck, over the shoulders, and down the arms. Your own Life Master’s shawl energetically entwines with the Life ray. That is why the Life Masters have Love and Life shawls, so their love flows directly into the life ray and so helps you in your life path. Of course, Masters other than your own Life Master will do the same, they just won't have that extra connection that your own life Master will have. 

Those of you who have had 5 ray readings will know whom your Life ray (aka personality ray) Master is. If you want to know your 5 rays of incarnation and the Masers with them, here is the link.  


24th January 2014 

Mary Magdalene led the Wednesday healings in the Ascended Masters’ portal, accompanied by Kuan Yin. 

Some of the Masters Love and Life shawls will go up online this weekend. We have sold out on pre-order with Jesus and Serapis Bey, but fully hope they will be ready in less than a week. We have had to find another source for these shawls, so there are differences between the two types of shawl. The new Jesus and Serapis Bey shawls will be a lighter weight. 

Now I want to go a bit more in depth about the Masters Love and Life shawls. These shawls are created for people to wear the shawl of their Life Ray Master (also known as personality ray Master). This is because the life ray in the aura goes from behind the neck, around each shoulder and down the arms, so a shawl fits perfectly in the life ray (as do the healing shawls). The Masters have added an extra component in the life shawls for those of you they stand with as life Master, so only your specific life ray can unlock what is hidden in the shawl of your life Master. Anyone can use any Master shawl and receive the love that is in the shawl. 

We are also introducing Master Love and Life scarves. We heard those of you who said they don't wear shawls. These are very lightweight, 82g or 2.7oz. They are exactly like the shawls, just lighter weight. 

AmayahGrace has just told me she is putting her Master shawl against her body and then the Healing shawl over the Master shawl. She said she is blown away by the energy that is coming through.  

If you don't know your Life Master (not your Ascension Master, which is our free service) then you can find out via the 5 ray reading. 

Over the last few weeks, the topic of the physical body has come up several times. From my experience of passing the 5th initiation and going through the process for the 6th initiation, I can tell you the physical body takes a battering. By it's very nature, the physical body isn't designed to Ascend beyond the physical world. Your body will feel the ascension and you will feel tired and drained of energy. Will the food you eat help in your ascension? The answer is no. We Ascend via the chakras, not via the physical. Eating well and exercise will help the body withstand the effects of ascension, however. 

If you have trouble with your body now, don't expect it to improve as you Ascend, as an unwell body will be ill equipped to take on the rigors of the ascension process. That said, we Ascend and pass each initiation regardless of our body and the condition it is in.  

Two more people have passed the 4th initiation this week. So brilliant to see. The time between the 4th and 5th initiation depends on each person; some fly towards the 5th and some are so slow. We have found the delay can be lessons not learned, a fear of Ascending or holding back your own light, or just that last bit of karma that won't budge. Some even feel they aren't worthy and have this idea they are supposed to be holy and pure. They have an image in their head and can never quite get to what they perceive they are meant to be. If this is you, throw it out the window. You will never feel good enough to Ascend, so trust that your higher self knows what it is doing and surrender to the process of ascension. You won't feel any different before or after an initiation as you are merely taking another step along the path. It's only when you look back in time that you can see how you have changed. 

Anyway, enough from me for this week. I have new healing shawls to put online and Master Love and Life shawls too.


31st January 2014

Here we are again, another healing day has passed. Thomas Merton lead the healing this week, accompanied by the 1st ray Masters El Morya, Melchizedek, and St. John the Baptist.

Where to start...

Over the last couple of weeks, Waireti and I have slowly progressed through the 6th initiation. Let’s just say it was hard. It was not a gentle process and still isn't complete.

Here is a brief run down of what has happened so far for those of you who will go through the 6th initiation in this lifetime and are actively working on your ascension. I will write a detailed article at a later date when I have a greater understanding of what it all means. What occurred below was over a three-week period and still continues, of course. 

The years after the 6th initiation are all about the Higher Self coming into the physical body, residing in the Holy Heart, and learning to be a Master in body. It isn't about the person in the body (the lower self) becoming a Master. After the 6th initiation occurs, the lower and higher self must co-exist. The lower self runs the body and does all the 3D things, and the Higher Self takes this time to adjust to a world it has never experienced. The lower self is in perpetual devotion to the Higher Self. Remember, the lower self is a construct for this one life from a soul that has had many lives. The Higher Self has overseen many dimensional souls, all with many lives. This soul of this lower self is the last one standing of all the souls the Higher Self had to choose from. 

So here is the process:

1. All dross in all the bodies must be gone. No dross can be left anywhere. All karma was cleared at the 5th initiation, but dross can still remain in the bodies and be created after the 5th.

2. The crystal in the sacred heart changes shape and colour and drops into the celestial star (the name for the new earth star after the 5th initiation) below the feet.

3. The celestial star disappears from below the feet.

4. All dimensional lives cease to exist. Of all the lives (dimensional souls of the Higher Self), you are the last one standing. 

5. A skin appears around the etheric body, which holds the physical body in place when the initiation occurs. It stays permanently to keep the physical body in form.

6. The 8th chakra changes from blue to a brilliant bright white and begins to pulsate (the 9-12 chakras do not change).

7. The celestial star and crystal move up through the chakras.
8. The ray colour of the Higher Self starts to merge with the aura on an emotional and mental body level.

9. The initiation occurs when the Higher Self anchors itself in the Holy Heart and prepares to come into form. At this time, the 5 rays of incarnation of the initiate are removed. These 5 rays are replaced with the soul ray colour of the Higher Self. In my case, it is yellow. My Higher Self has a pale yellow energy and so this colour is seen in all of my 5 rays. The Higher Self is now the only teacher and the Masters have stepped back.

10. The soul seat becomes a vortex.

11. The core star ceases to exist and is no longer part of the energy system of the body.

12. The celestial star has moved up through the chakras and stops above the 12th chakra, apex down. This keeps the Higher Self in body.

13. The 8th chakra returns to blue (an indication of what happens after the 7th initiation).

14. A spinning disc of light appears between the crown chakra and the 8th chakra.

15. There can be a period of deep grief during the initiation itself when the rays are changed. It means the death of an identity or a construct, as your rays contribute to who you are. The changing of the rays heralds the rise of the Higher Self and the bowing, or submission, of the lower self. It is also means the loss of the support team; it is just you and the Higher Self now. This is a time of great change and can be experienced as upheaval for some. (Waireti didn't experience this upheaval).

17. The process of integrating and understanding the new rays is an ongoing process. 

These are early days and the process hasn’t finished yet. The assimilation continues. Do we feel any different? Yes and no. Life continues as normal, so routine and life help us feel normal, but there is the sense of separation and loss from old self. It is hard to put into words. I type, but I observe the typing. It's like life is on an autopilot. Do I feel more connected to the Masters? No, not really; the level of connection feels the same. That said, there is a gorgeous feeling of divinity that appears and goes - Higher Self, of course.

I will keep you posted. As I say, we are always learning.

Blessings on your week.


4th February 2014 

I was asked a few questions by readers and clients this week, so I thought I would put them here. If one person is unsure, then so are others. 

You say Jesus has imprinted this shawl, what does that mean?

All of these shawls are imprinted in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Click here to read more about the portal.

The Ascended Masters’ portal is a space the Masters have created and anchored here in New Zealand in our physical world, giving them a greater connection with humanity. The creation of the portal allows them to work with anything or anyone that exists in the physical, within the confines of the portal. This includes items like the shawls, crystals, oils, and people who we energetically bring into the portal in a healing session. Imprinting is the act of the Master putting an energy into an object. With the shawls, the Masters are putting their Love into the shawl, and also a Life ray component for each person. The portal is a real gift to humanity. 

You can read more about the Ascended Masters’ portal - click here. 

I work daily in the dispatch room with about 100 Masters, crystal portals of Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters, and 45 original portal paintings, so a few love scarves shouldn't make any difference to the huge energy in this room - but they did. Remember, I work daily in the portal with the Masters, so I am used to big energy, as is Waireti. So why did the Masters raise the energy of the Love shawls so much to make us take notice over all these other immense energies?  

They did this to show the power of Love. This is something we can forget or minimize. 

Yah-hoo! Another person has passed the 4th initiation with the Ascended Masters’ products and healings. The total is 13 to date (that we know of). 

I have more to add about initiation.  

By sharing our experiences, Waireti, AmayahGrace, and myself are trying to dispel the myths that exist around ascension. You don't need to go into the forest or the desert and isolate yourself. You don't need to radically alter your diet. You don't need to abstain from many things and you don't need to be an expert on spirituality. An everyday person can pass these high initiations, and they are. Many feel they aren't worthy because they still live a physical life and they don't feel or act holy or perfect. Well, you won't. That is the nature of ascension. As soon as you feel holy, perfect, or advanced - then you have just halted your ascension. Humility is about never feeling perfect. The Masters themselves don't feel holy or perfect; they know they have flaws as that is the nature of ascension. Know who you truly are and love yourself regardless. 

I was talking to AmayahGrace today about the 6th initiation, as it is approaching for her at a rapid pace. She said she felt ‘Ascension is a path with no destination’. So true! The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters are still Ascending - there is no end. All we can do is live in the now- having god thoughts, god feelings, and god actions. Start now giving devotion, not to an external God, but to the god or goddess within at the closest level - your Higher Self and beyond to your own Christ Light. 

Now back to more earthly things. Remember a drop of Violet Flame oil will clear your crystals.


6th February 2014 

Lady Nada stood alone in the portal for healing day on Wednesday. Each of you that were submitted for healing received a one on one healing session from her throughout the day. 

I’ve been writing an email about the physical body and I knew the Masters wanted me to say the same things here. Some things are known by everyone, and in the saying, the knowing is remembered. 

God created our physical body as our vehicle for living. Our soul returns life after life into a new body created just for us. 

He/She is our vehicle to live and enjoy life. The body was made so we can enjoy living; we can smell, see, breathe, walk, talk, taste. With this vehicle we can enjoy Papatuanuku (our Mother Earth) who sustains us through this life experience. 

Know this vehicle was created to house your beautiful soul while in body. For that alone, honour the body and respect it as the Holy receptacle he/she is. 

But know most of all that the body is a gift for us to LIVE. 

How many of you consciously live your life in your body? Or do you just exist in him/her? 

When we exist in our body, our body knows. When we dislike our body, our body knows. When we leave it and are ungrounded, our body knows. When we disrespect our body, our body knows. 

If you can't give your body what it needs, why should he/she give you what you need? 

Respect, honour, and cherish your body - he/she will know. 


13th February 2014 

Healing day this week was just gorgeous! The seven Chohans of each ray stepped forward; they looked like a rainbow of colour. At first, I thought it was White Tara standing there in her rainbow, but the colours separated and seven masters stepped forward. The masters were El Morya (1st ray - blue), Lord Lanto (2nd ray - yellow), St. Paul the Venetian (3rd ray – pink. It is rare to see him on healing day), Serapis Bey (4th ray- white), Hilarion (5th ray - green), Lady Nada (6th ray - purple) and St. Germain (7th ray - violet). They indicated they would all be working as a group so they worked with each person receiving healing as a group. This is a great honour! 

Some things have come up this week that are all very diverse, so we will jump all over the place. 

The 6th initiation has completed for Waireti and myself. In terms of looking at the aura, the following changes have occurred: 

The blue skin around the etheric body has changed to silver (the etheric body itself is still blue). The soul seat is now only a ghost image of its former self with the soul having been taken up by the Higher Self in the union between Higher and lower self. A white border has appeared at the edge of the aura. This is the identifying mark of the Great White Brotherhood. The disc still spins above the crown chakra. 

I want to make it clear that in this process Verna is still the lower self and the Higher Self (no name as yet has been given) now takes over the ascension process. So, the aura, the white band, and the disc are all a reflection of the Higher Self, not Verna. In time, the Higher Self will come more and more to the fore. Remember that Verna is only a construct of the Higher Self for a single life (as are you), just as all past lives have been single constructs for those single lives. But collectively, all contribute to the soul and its recording of the lower self that was Verna's past lives. In knowing this, it de-personalizes the ascension process, controls the ego, and allows the letting go and surrender that must occur as part of this process.  

Okay, change of topic. There has been a bit of confusion around Ascension Masters and Life Masters. We incarnate on 5 rays - Ascension ray (also known as soul ray), Life ray (also known as personality ray), Mental body ray, Emotional body ray, and Physical body ray. These 5 rays are each one of the 7 rays with their corresponding colours and lessons. 

  • 1st ray: Blue and red. God's will and power.
  • 2nd ray: Yellow. Wisdom and Joy.
  • 3rd ray: Pink. Unconditional love.
  • 4th ray: White. Harmony through conflict.
  • 5th ray: Green and orange. Healing, knowledge and truth.
  • 6th ray: Purple, ruby, and gold. The ray of the goddess and of devotion.
  • 7th ray: Violet. Change, transmutation. 

The Ascension ray has the lessons we need for our higher purpose and ascension. The other 4 rays are for our life and our life lessons. Your two major Masters are your Ascension ray Master and Life ray Master. Many of you will feel closer to your Life Master than Ascension Master. We promote the Ascension Masters more because this is an ascension site and the Masters are here to help humanity in their ascension process. That is why we tell you who your Ascension Master is as one of our free services. If you want to know your life Master, we do this via a 5 ray reading. The Masters have created the Life and Love shawls because they know how close many of you feel to your Life Master and that you need comfort and support in your life. 

Changing the topic again, Waireti has been talking about the Astral body clearing crystals this week. As part of the ascension process between the 5th and 6th initiation, all bodies must be clear of every little bit of dross; the bodies must be 100% light. The Masters have created self-cleansing astral clearing crystals. Just place by the bed and they clear the Astral body as you sleep. When the astral body is clear, the guides and Masters can communicate, support, and connect in a clearer way. They are brilliant and have seriously helped us in our ascension process.


26th February 2014 

Sorry for not putting up a post last week, I know some of you look out for it.  

Last week was a white healing day. The 4th ray Masters Serapis Bey, Amen Bey, and the goddess Inanna presided over the healing. This week it is a pink day; Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Mary Magdalene are giving each person presented for healing 15-20 minutes with them. 

The numbers continue to rise with those passing the high initiations. Eight people have now passed the 5th initiation using the Ascended Masters products and healings and we know of fourteen who have passed the 4th initiation with us. So beautiful. If you feel you have passed the 5th initiation but aren't sure, just ask us and we will look and verify. 

I'm sure many of you have heard the old saying, ‘When the student is ready, the Master appears’. Over the last few years, we have observed the Masters stepping forward to be with every single person on the planet. The Masters have appeared for each one of you, regardless if you are ready and awakened. This takes away the idea of the favoured few. Everyone is favoured, everyone is loved, everyone is supported, and everyone is watched over, regardless of who you are and where you are on your ascension path. 

One of the questions I was asked this week was if Jesus and other Ascended Masters ever leave humanity to work on other assignments. No. Jesus is standing beside me and the answer is a firm and resounding no. These are the times of ascension and the Masters are committed to helping humanity Ascend. They are not going anywhere, they are too busy standing beside you and helping you to leave. Jesus is one of the busiest Ascended Masters of these times as he walks with many, as does St. John the Baptist, Serapis Bey, and Pallas Athena to name a few. 

Think of it in these terms: There are over 7 billion people on the planet and about 35 Ascended Masters stand as ascension (soul ray) teacher, Life (personality ray) teacher, Mental body ray teacher, Emotional body ray teacher, Physical body ray teacher, and Dimensional teacher. That is a huge amount of work for so few. They put a whole new awareness into being omni-present. The Masters are relying on all of you who pass the 6th initiation in this lifetime to step forward as their feet on the ground. There is much work ahead for those who are passing the higher initiations. 

Now to change the subject. For those of you who are using the 7 Ascension Flame series, you do need to complete the series before you pass the 5th initiation. After the 5th initiation, your 7 major chakras are perfected and no longer function as they once did. The Ascension oils are a great help between the 5th and 6th initiations, so having used them before the 5th is an advantage. The 5 Hidden Flame oil is for after the 5th initiation and is not applied to the chakras. 

I've nearly finished an article on dimensional lives. AmayahGrace proof read it for me and came up with a few questions about understanding. If a couple of you would like to read it for me before it goes online, I would like to know if I have covered all bases. I want to know if there are any questions that arise on dimensional lives that I could answer in the article that I may have missed. I would appreciate the help. Just email me if you are interested. You 5th rays are great at this. 

We have some new healing shawls up online, all cashmere and so soft. My healing shawl is cashmere and I must confess to sleeping with it - brilliant for those headaches that seem to be part of ascension for some of us. I can be seen walking around with a healing shawl turban from time to time, a new fashion look. 

We have new crystal portals ready. Dom Ignacio and Ganesh are online and both are for healing. I just took the photos this morning of crystal portals from Isis, Mother Mary, and Pallas Athena. I hope to get them online today. 

Respect has been a topic that came up last week. There is a free Deva of Respect portal on the website if you want to copy and print it. Unlike the other prints, the free ones have a higher dpi for printing. Another common saying is, ‘Respect needs to be earned’. Not so. Respect is the right of everyone and everything just because they exist. Print off the print and put it in your home or office. Help the Deva of Respect ignite respect in all those around you.


7th March 2014

The Masters healing this Wednesday were all from the 2nd ray - Lao Tze, Jesus, and Lord Lanto. It was a day of joy and lightness of being. I hope all of you on the healing list got a good dose of Joy. 

Today we have Metatron, Osiris, and Susan’oo working together. They generate a nice does of power out to humanity as a trio. 

The Jesus Love and Life shawls are back. 

I have nearly completed the Dimensional Lives article; thank you to all the beta readers and the wonderful, insightful questions you came up with. This helped improve the article greatly. The questions are in the article itself if I have responded directly. 

We have two additions to our Portal family – Cree and Onyx, two five month old rescue kittens. They called to Waireti for several days to come find them, and with guidance from the Masters, where to find them became simple. We stood amongst about thirty kittens and cats and were overwhelmed by the calls. So, I said the ones for us had to come and sit at my feet. And there was Cree, our little ginger. She is a 3rd ray soul and has the gentlest nature. Onyx is a pure black, 1st ray soul who was in a cage, but he made it known that he was ‘our’ portal cat once released. Let’s just say that cheeky mouse is no longer sunbathing on the deck! 

We had some visitors to the portal and one of the comments was that we weren’t what they were expecting. Ascension is serious business and that is the way we are expected to be. Don’t think we are quiet and devout and talk in quiet voices like in a monastery. Ha-ha, that is not us. We laugh, can be loud, and are ourselves. AmayahGrace put a quote on Facebook last week that she saw when walking along a street, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. That is what ascension is about. Be yourself as you Ascend. Don’t try and be what you think you should be or act how you think you should act, just be you. And in this truth, you will Ascend a lot faster. Pretending to be something you aren’t will slow your ascension process down quite nicely. 

We recently received some feedback on the protection grid from a lady in Canada. She has been using the oils for some time, but only recently decided to get the Masters Protection Grid. This is what she had to say about it: 

"All I am going to say is, I feel like a different person now. I have to get to know myself again, to get to know the real me. I am much calmer and balanced. Whatever the grid has done has made a big difference. I am finding I am even sleeping better and deeper too. This is a great opportunity, for now I will be able to get some work done and also connect to spirit on a more balanced and stable level. I can't wait to see what happens next. What a gift this is, a gift of peace of mind." 


9th March 2014 

The article on Dimensional Lives is available in the article section. 

Our ascension tally is changing, 15 have passed the 4th initiation, 8 have passed the 5th initiation, and 3 (nearly 4) have passed the 6th initiation. 

We have new crystal portals online - Isis, Pallas Athena, and a Mother Mary one that is yet to be photographed. It is quite small, pocket sized. 


13th March 2014 


Wednesday was a beautiful healing day. Dom Ignacio led the healing and was accompanied by four Archangels - Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. All five of them sang the healing. It was stunning! This is what they do in the Astral Healing, either an Ascended Master or an Archangel uses the energetic vibration of their stunning voices to to help shatter the grit and dross in the astral body. During the healing this week, the Master and Archangels were working on all the bodies, not just the astral. Dom Ignacio has a stunning voice, but then he is of Angelic origin.  

The Masters promote an Astral healing with Waireti for several reasons. One reasons is to remove all of the grit that accumulates in the astral body. Grit is formed every time you visit the astral plane, have a creative thought, or take drugs of any type, to name a few examples. The grit in the astral body then forms a barrier. Your guides are beyond the astral body, so they often find it hard to communicate through this debris. The astral grit barrier can then contribute to depression, feelings of being alone, and physical, emotional, and mental illness. It is amazing how clear and clean you feel after this clearing session. 

We've had a few questions come in about the Dimensional lives article. I have added them into the article. It is a complex topic.  

Other questions that were asked this week were, can our rays change in our lifetime?  We have observed instances. We have seen a person's soul ray move from the 5th ray (green) to the 3rd ray (pink). This took a couple of years to occur. The rays don't change overnight. First, the soul ray was just green, then it started to get some pink in it, then it was 50/50 for a while, and then we noted it was completely pink during a chakra reading. So it’s a process. We have not noted a change in the other rays, but then we haven't been looking at that level. The other time the rays change is at the 6th initiation when all of the rays turn to the colour of the ray of the Higher Self over the space of a couple of weeks.


21st March 2014 

The Ascended Masters Jesus, Melchizedek, and Hilarion presided over the Healing day this week. Jesus was there for Joy. How many of you go day after day without a spark of joy? Hilarion worked with truth and inner truth. One of the greatest sorrows in the world is when we lie to ourselves. How can anyone Ascend without living in personal truth? Melchizedek gave healing around perseverance. Many of you need this trait to move forward. Persevere with your endeavours and don't give up. 

We’ve had a visit from an unknown Master who came to work with a young man who has passed the 6th initiation. She recently reappeared for us to learn more about her. Her aura is a turquoise green spiral, accented by white fill. She didn't present in any way other than her colours. She is a 5th ray goddess, but not of our planetary system. She seemed to feel there was an awareness of her in this system, but this isn't where she normally works. She told us she was here to work with all of those who pass the 6th initiation in their process of balancing and aligning their god and goddess energies at that level. This is done at each initiation, but each step is refined into perfection as we Ascend. Her name? Still working on it.  

My double crown has returned and with it has come a higher level of knowledge. I’m sure you noticed this with the article on the Dimensional lives. When I have time, I will update the other articles. For those of you who are new to the site, I had two crown chakras, one for the Masters to utilize in purity and one for me. Since I passed the 6th initiation, these double crown chakras have gone away. They have now come back, upgraded for my new vibration.  

I get asked questions all the time about why some of the content here, usually about the Ascended Masters, differs from that of others who are held in high regard in the spiritual community. Here is part of an email I sent regarding the latest comment I received, with additions I've added for a wider reading audience: 

There is much conflicting information out in the world about the Ascended Masters, either in books or on the internet. This conflicting information can be so confusing and much of what is written is not original. Information is repeated from publication to publication without verification, so irregularities are repeated. The repeating gives the information validation in some way, and what is not correct becomes a truth. Most people will likely take it as truth if it’s printed, especially if the person is well known and respected.  

When we first started to work with the Masters here at the portal, we came with all of our previous knowledge. The Masters quickly showed us that some of what we knew from reading previous sources was incorrect. And while we respect all of our previous sources, we also know that to work with the Masters requires us to trust in what they told us. So, we asked them to teach us.  

Their first directive was, ‘You will know us by our colours’. Each Master stepped forward and showed us their colours. We wrote them down and drew some and you will see them on this website. They taught us about the rays, the colours of the rays, the masters with each ray, the variations in colours within the ray, and what it all means. This is turning into years of teaching. Most of what you find on this website is totally original, in that we only post what we have seen in the portal with our own dimensional sight or have been taught by the Masters directly and not from elsewhere.  

We respect everyone's right to his or her own belief system.  

I'm sure many people read what we write and think, ‘Oh that isn't right, I read different elsewhere’. So, our original content doesn’t stand much of a chance with them. (Hence the emails from people trying to re-educate us). But we aren't competing or trying to convince anyone. We write what we see and are taught. If what we write sits with your inner truth, perfect. If not, blessings on your journey. We honour your right to seek the truth that sits with your inner knowing.


26th March 2014 

Free healing day again. Thomas Merton appeared before me, not in form, but in his colours of blue and violet. With him were Melchizedek and El Morya, also only in their energetic colours. You will know us by our colours. So true. 

It’s Wednesday and the healing still continues as they work through the healing list of over 150 people. The common response when I tell people that their 4-5 months of healing with the Masters is complete is that they will miss the special connection that comes each Wednesday. The act of Waireti or I, bringing each person into the Ascended Masters’ portal for healing greatly increases the connection between the Master and client. Being in the portal creates a truly special event. 

A common theme through many of my emails over the years has been abundance. Following the general drift of: I don't have it; how do I get it? Also, the not so pleasant but very rare: How dare you charge for your services? We all have our beliefs, but why do they have to be so rude about it? The emails are always packed with a negative punch - ouch. 

Anyway, a little while back I wrote a little about abundance - bringing in the keywords Faith and Trust. I'm going to add a few more words later, but first I am going to share with you a letter I received from a lady in the UK who is flying through the initiations with us and is close to the 5th initiation. The 5th initiation is when we leave the cycle of rebirth for good. One of the reasons the Ascended Masters’ portal exists is to help you all leave the cycle of rebirth. Phew - no more coming back. Anyway, I get off track. This British lady has said to us repeatedly that she has no ability to see or feel energy. So much of her work with us has been on her trust and faith in us. I'm sure many of you can relate to what she writes. 

Here is an abridged version of her letter to Waireti and me: 

When my husband died just over six years ago, I was at my lowest ebb, due to the sheer stress of my whole family being alcoholics and having to look after them all. I worried about what was to come. I didn't have a penny to my name! 

Towards the beginning of last year, I 'found myself ' at the doorway of The Ascended Masters’ Portal on the Internet.  To this day, I have no concept of how I found it. Now I am starting to think one of the Masters must have drawn my attention to it. My first memories were of sending for my free healing and the Free Reading on my Ascension Master (Soul Master then). 

I was disappointed with my Ascension Master, Mother Mary. For me, that had a nasty connotation of a Catholic School I had to go to and I wasn't a catholic. Master Hilarion I found I was my Life Teacher and Dimension Teacher. Now this is one Master I did know. I had come across him thirty years before and I was aware of him a lot and had felt close to him for a long time. 

Somehow, I knew this was the right pathway for me. Again, I was back on the path. Money was still very tight, and still is. I was feeling that it was still the right path for me. 

I still had doubts - should I, shan't I. Then I thought, how stupid, you shouldn't even be having to think about it. If you give out, then you will also receive back.  If you trust and have faith, if the Masters want you to do it, they know all about you, so they will make it so that you can afford to do it. What is the point otherwise! 

I started with the Ascended Masters site when I was between my second and third Initiation. In ten months I had passed the 4th initiation, and hopefully the 5th in a few more months. 

I have managed to pay for everything exactly as and when I needed it. I haven't a clue how, but somehow the exact amount of money has ended up in my savings. It is all about trust and faith in what you are doing. 

A few days ago, I thought to myself, I must look at the Diary again on the Alpha Imaging website. As I looked, suddenly those words jumped out at me. You Verna, wrote the following: 

“When you cease to desire abundance, when you forget about it, when you live in the moment and when you truly trust and have faith that all your needs will be met – then abundance will arrive.” 

This is heart knowledge, not head fear. 

I got the same words as you when I started with you all in New Zealand – Trust and Faith. 

Those words have inspired me to write this.   

I have also had a feeling for a little while that one of the masters wants me to do this writing or teaching or something akin to it, as practice, maybe for what is to come, who knows. I just have to be patient and wait. It is a very gentle feeling, which sounds like Master Mother Mary. 

So, this is to show that it can be done.  -Anonymous 

Thank you for sharing from your heart. I sincerely appreciate all the emails I get from everyone sharing their experiences. Don't feel I'm too busy; it's okay to share. My response might be brief, but you are all heard. 

To expand on my writing on Abundance:

When we have something, it is ours. And because it is already ours, we cease to desire it. The arrival removes the desire. I am saying, when you know and trust that what you desire is yours, then it must arrive.

When you cease to desire abundance, when you forget about it, when you live in the moment and when you truly trust and have faith that all your needs will be met – then abundance will arrive.

We have moved into the ‘knowing’ before the arrival. ‘Know’ it and it must be so. In the knowing you have dismissed doubt and you have dismissed fear. This knowing comes from the heart. The fear and doubt comes from the mind. 

The movement from the head to the Heart is the ascension journey. It is only when we move into our Sacred Heart and then our Holy Heart and manifest our lives from this space that we truly begin to understand ascension. It is your life, manifest from the Heart.  

We’ve all heard the common phrase, ‘your heart’s desire’. What does your heart desire? Not your head, your heart.


2nd April 2014 

Learning comes from many sources. We have two baby cats about five and six months old. The girl is a little 3rd ray cat; she is soft, quiet, and gentle with the sweetest nature. The 1st ray boy cat puts the word boy into boisterous. The Masters brought my attention to their different natures and said, "People are like this; all different natures and different rays, but all given exactly what they need to Ascend in this life.“ 

No personality is greater or lesser on the ascension path. Some of you find it hard to accept that you are beautiful and berate yourselves over imperfections, believing you are meant to talk, act, and think in a certain way. I don't know where this belief system came from that those Ascending have to be quiet and unassuming. It’s so not true. Be yourself. For trying to be something you aren't will put the brakes on your ascension. The boisterous personalities can Ascend just as fast at the soft and gentle ones. 

We have had our first free animal healing session with Kuthumi - the smallest was a bird and the largest a horse- and everything in between. Kuthumi came into the portal and I presented each animal to him for healing. He enclosed them all in an energy field and then sat in meditation sending them all healing. The animals all settled into stillness around him. Beautiful. 

Today was free healing day for those that have requested to be on the free healing list. The Masters providing healing this week were from each of the 7 rays: St. John the Baptist (1st ray), Jesus (2nd ray), Kuan Yin (3rd ray), Serapis Bey (4th ray), Hilarion (5th ray), Pallas Athena (6th ray), and St. Germain (7th ray). Then Dom Ignacio stepped forward to lend his stunning voice to the healing. It is wonderful that the Masters are starting to include sound in the healing session. 

Okay, lets wander through the teachings of the week along with things I have noted to talk about. Be warned, this is a long one. 

I often get asked, what’s the difference between the 4th, 5th, and 6th initiations? Quite a bit, but the Masters can bring the complicated down to the easily understood, as always. Ascension is all about the clearing of karma. Up until the 5th initiation when you leave the cycle of rebirth, the emphasis is on clearing your own karma, for you can't have one drop of karma left in your chakras when you pass the 5th initiation. When this happens, your chakras are perfected. So up until the 5th initiation, your focus is to clear your own karma. After the 5th, when you have left the cycle of rebirth, your focus changes to clearing the karma of all your dimensional lives. That is your focus. The karma of your dimensional lives is cleared through your perfected chakra system. This clearing happens at a rate faster than clearing your own karma, thanks to those beautiful shinning chakras you will then have. 

After the 6th initiation, when all of the karma of all your dimensional lives is cleared and your Higher Self has become an Ascended Master and is anchored in your physical body, the focus is no longer on you and yours, but rather the Higher Self, who then focuses on the external world. Anyone entering the rather large energy field of the Higher Self in body then receives the gift of some of their karma being cleared by the Master in a body. So, the 6th initiation is about clearing the karma of others.   

We ascend through our chakras by the clearing of our karma; first our own karma, then our dimensional lives, and then the karma of those around us. The Ascended Masters out of body can't do this, only those Masters in a physical body. This is one of the reasons the Masters are here to help in the ascension process, because those who pass the 6th can help with ascension in a unique way. 

But let me be honest here, it isn't fun and it isn't easy. Passing others karma through your system for clearing means you often feel out of sorts and a little out of balance. Illness can occur, but this can be dealt with fairly quickly. For example, I was driving a few weeks back and came to a roundabout when the man in the car crossing my path turned and looked me in the eye. With the look, some of his karma was transferred to me. It took about an hour to move it to the stage where it didn't feel incredibly uncomfortable. This is a daily occurrence. Those of you who come to me for healing always get a little karma taken before the session begins. We aren't talking huge karma, because most karma is yours to pay, but a little karma is cleared for you. 

As I said in a previous entry, there are only about 35-40 Ascended Masters working with people via their rays. You can see, with so few Ascended Masters why they need help and why they want more feet on the ground. If you are reading this, there is no reason that you can't be one of those who pass the 6th initiation. At first, ascension becomes about helping yourself leave the cycle of rebirth, then it becomes about helping your dimensional lives (your extended family), and then it becomes about helping others. 

A few people have asked over the last month or so about protection grids for children - Is it okay? Will the Masters do it? The answer is yes. The Masters are building an upgrade system into protection grids for children. A 2 year old child will need a different type of grid than a 14 year old would, so the Masters ensure the grid is upgraded as the vibration of the child changes. As always, parents are deemed to be the caregiver of the child when they are under 14 years old. At 14 years old, however, they are no longer a child and are deemed to be coming into their power, so they must decide for themselves regarding any service provided by the Ascended Masters. You can read more here - click here

For those of you who don't know where the Sacred Heart is, I will repeat a technique I wrote up a little while back. The Sacred heart is an essential part of the ascension process. AmayahGrace says, "There is a part of you that knows exactly where both the Sacred Heart and Holy Heart are." Of course, AmayahGrace is right. Our Higher Self is connected to the Sacred heart, it must be so.  

Try this technique: 

Go into a meditative breath.

Take your attention or awareness to your physical heart. Feel it beating.

Then take your attention to your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, just bring your awareness into this space.

Then raise your awareness to the space in your body just above your heart chakra. No preconceived ideas, no expectations - just be. Just sit in this space with awareness. This is the Sacred Heart. Do this daily. In time, when you have passed the 4th initiation, allow your inner knowing to move you through the Sacred Heart to the Holy Heart - this is the pathway to the 5th initiation.  

Thanks to all who bought the healing shawls and emailed me saying they are so much better than the photo; you can see photography isn't my talent. I am hoping to upgrade to a system that will enlarge the photos for you to see the pictures more clearly.   

Lastly, I want to address the issue of electricals blowing out. Over the course of your ascension process, many of you might experience, a blow out of your electricals, i.e. light bulbs, stereo, car electrics, etc. This is nothing to be afraid of. This is just your vibration reaching a frequency that reacts with your electrical units. It doesn't last for long. Your vibration will rise more and this will stop happening. It is annoying and can be expensive, but know it is actually you. Take it as sign your vibration is rising.


14th April 2014 

Sorry for the late diary entry. We are working to create a new format for the diary in which we can archive posts. My new article on the Ascension Master teachers is in the article section. 

Last week’s healing was with Pallas Athena, Lady Nada, Hathor, and Isis. Plus one person received healing from Mary Magdalene.


23rd April 2014 

Here we are in the new format for the diary. This allows the diary archives to be accessed as requested by a few of you. I have been putting all of the old diary entries into the new blog format, starting from 2010. There were earlier entries, but they have been lost in the ethers of cyberspace. I thought his was going to be a boring chore, but it wasn’t. I realize I have forgotten so much. The creation of the portal by the Ascended Masters was truly a wonderful time. All of the Masters were new and it was exciting to meet them for the first time. Now we are all rather blasé about them, a bit like family. 

So, back to the routine. The Healing Masters this week are St. John the Baptist, Melchizedek, and Lao Tze.

Celebrations are in order as more ascensions continue. AmayahGrace has passed the 6th initiation. Her Higher Self is a 3rd ray being, so AmayahGrace has moved to the 3rd ray, the pink ray of Unconditional Love. Her rays are now 3-3-3-3-3 and her colours are a beautiful mid pink. We have also had others pass the 5th initiation and 4th initiation. I have yet to update the initiation counter on the front page, but I will soon. 

For those of you who have completed the 7 ascension Flame oils and are asking what now, you might like to try putting the blue, pink, and yellow flames on the heart chakra at the same time. The three-fold flame (the flames of the first three rays) will give you a deep experience. 

We have had lots of questions in the last few weeks. Here are a few of my responses to these paraphrased questions. 

What is the message from the Masters at this time?    

The message is, as always, change is occurring for our planet. As our planet Ascends and her vibration rises, humanity will find life harder and harder, hence the need for everyone to raise their vibration with the Mother Earth (Papatuanuku). The higher your vibration, the less turmoil there will be in your life. On the flip side, the harder life is, the less energy, desire, and focus you will have to Ascend, as all your attention will be on the 3D world and life. So keep up with the Violet Flame oil, it will help you. Having a protection grid will also help you immensely, as there are negative forces at play through the entire planet that want to turn people’s attention away from ascension. Nothing like 3D diversion. 

Since all karma is cleared at the 5th initiation, does this void a person's birth chart predictions because it is based on a person's karma and how the planets were aligned at the time of his or her birth?  

Yes, quite correct. The birth chart becomes null as you have ceased to be part of the Earth. The Mother and your Earth Star have been removed and replaced by a celestial star, the star of the Father, so you are not bound by the movements of the Earth in the solar system. Rather you have transitioning into the world of the Higher Self. The influences that are at play there are beyond my knowledge base. 

What is the difference between an Ascended Master’s shawl and an Ascended Master’s crystal portal?  

A crystal is a portal and a shawl is not. The crystal is continually active with the Masters energy flowing through it. For the shawls, the masters have constructed energy into the shawls; their energy is contained in the shawl and it is finite. The crystal portal is in constant flow and the Masters can adjust the energy according to your need and their will. 

Now to change the topic. Everyone comes to us with a set of beliefs. We have found over the years that a faith and belief in the dark side holds a person in the lower vibration of the dark, whereas faith and belief in the light raises a person’s vibration into the light. Your vibration is what you believe in most. For some, their fear of the dark side creates a greater belief in the power of the dark than the Grace of the Light. It is against these fears of the individual that the Light has the hardest battle. How do those who are trying to help humanity Ascend help the individual let go of their fears and become a warrior of light? The courage to change and let go is not something everyone has. There are challenges on every level of the ascension path. 


30th April 2014 

The masters for today’s healing are Jesus and St. Germain. Now that's a fun pair. I suspect healing day will be serious but will have a few light moments in it.   

We have Poseidon in the portal at the moment. He isn't around very much at all. He stands there with his trident. I often wonder if the items some Masters carry are just to help us identify them, or if they really do carry them around. Anyway, he is there with is trident, looking remarkably like many statues and paintings - large build, mature age, and thick hair, almost like it might be something other than hair, and a draping of clothing rather than clothes. Why is he here? Well, it wasn't to chat to me! He indicated to me he was working with the mammals and creatures of the sea across all dimensions. There was an outpouring of love and he seemed to be interconnecting dimensional energies. 

While I don't see as well as Waireti, I do see and know what is going on in the portal and I see and know the Masters with people. In the past, I have just seen the Ascension Master/Soul Ray Master, but now I can see the Personality Master too. So, as I'm Ascending, my abilities are growing. I'm not going to list them here, but it is nice to see when we passed the 6th that we do start to become the greater being. 

The ascensions via the Ascended Masters’ healings and oils continue. The tally at this moment (that I am aware of) is: 17 have passed the 4th initiation, 9 have passed the 5th initiation (all karma cleared and off the cycle of rebirth), and 4 have passed the 6th initiation. What I really enjoy is seeing the young ones Ascend. Half of these I just mentioned are in their twenties and thirties. What wonderful years of service they will give humanity and what beautiful beings they will bring into the world as children. This is how some Ascended Masters will take on physical form; they will be born to mothers and fathers in which the physical and spiritual vibration is very high. Masters will birth Masters. 

One of the puzzles I have thought about is why some people Ascend quickly and some slowly. We can have two people at the 2nd initiation at the same level of ascension; they can both have the same healing from the Masters and use the same oils and one will reach the 4th initiation in a year and the other will just be passing the 3rd. Why is this? We are all different of course, with different lessons, karma, etc., but I have been searching for a comprehensive reason. This is what I have found to date. Thanks to those who shared their personal experiences until the light bulb went off. I'm sure the Masters put each person there to share their story so I would have proof. 

Reasons for not Ascending quickly are:

  • Stuck in the story. This is one of the reasons the Masters don't give details about what they heal. When something is gone, it is gone. What is passed is passed. Holding onto a story, an event, a pain, a hurt - whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual - will create an anchor that holds you firmly in place. You won't go anywhere until you release and forgive. Hence AmayahGrace’s wonderful forgive and release healing, the Ascended Masters Deva of Forgiveness oil, and The Deva of Letting Go oil - all designed to get you out of the story and start walking forward. Some of you get stuck in the story of others as well, which is a double anchor. 
  • The group. We Ascend individually. We all must clear our own karma and no one can do it for us. As they find their spiritual path, many become attracted to the spiritual world; they join groups and go to workshops because they are so pleased to find people who think and feel like them. And this is wonderful and perfect. Groups and workshops feed the soul and give love and support when needed. But for some, they never quite belong to the group and they never quite fit in. These are the ones that are Ascending quickly. They are giving attention to themselves, not the group. For some, the group becomes the beginning and the end of their ascension process. They feel that to look beyond the group is to be selfish. They feel ascension is putting yourself above others and only indicates ego, and they can sadly reject and judge those who leave the group. That is okay because that is where they are in their ascension process. The ones who got as far as using the Ascended Masters’ products and healings, but aren't moving quickly, are the ones who have a foot on each path - the group and Ascending alone, committing to neither. Choices need to be made. This is not saying people can't belong to groups or go to workshops, it’s just about where your focus and allegiance is - to self or to the group. 
  • Holding people back. Some people are slow to Ascend, not through any fault of their own, but rather by those around them. Those who follow an active ascension path can be seen by those around them as strange, different, off the path, or mentally unstable. These family, friends, and even a group will believe it is their right to impose their will on another and will energetically anchor the Ascending person to them. This energetic anchor then holds an Ascending person in place as they are Ascending with a very heavy weight on them. This can be remedied with the cutting of ties. Always cut ties with love. Thank them for caring for your welfare so much, but know that we all have our own path to walk. Respect all. 

Another issue the Masters had us looking at over the last month or so is children. 

 As you know, Waireti has dimensional sight. Over the years she has witnessed many deaths. She says some people die and pass over for a period of rest while others take their last breath in one body and take their next breath as a newborn baby - last breath, first breath, and no break in between. We have observed that for some people this can mean a carryover of personality traits- anger or frustration in the small child that was part of the last life and has no place in this new life. This can be diagnosed in many ways in the young of today. We have observed entities can jump from the dying body to the newborn, so small children can have entities, which is contrary to what I have always believed. The Masters have done several protection grids for children and past life healings over the last month or so. These help allow the child to be who they were meant to be in this life and not have the influence from past lives and entities. The unusual part of these healings is that the Masters go forward into the future and place the grid on the adult and ease the grid back into the present. As the child grows, their vibration unlocks and upgrades the grid to its adult potential. Aren't they wonderful! 

Blessings on your week sweet ones. My love goes out to you all.


7th May 2014 

Healing day once more. When I stepped into the portal there were two groups of Masters - the 2nd ray Masters of Jesus, Lord Lanto, and Kuthumi standing to one side and White Tara on the other side by herself. I was told all of those stepping forward for healing today would go either to White Tara or the 2nd ray Masters. As I presented each person, the Masters stepped forward to claim people; in several cases both teams stepped forward. A little conversation occurred and then the person would go to one of the teams. Discussion occurs even at the highest levels it appears. 

I awoke the other morning aware of the arrival of a huge white angel on the lawn. He was so white he sparkled. As I drew close to have a better look at him, he showed me his body was as white as his wings. Then he showed me his dark hair. I didn't get a name, but then I am reminded of the thousands of angels in each host and all the different hosts. How can we expect to know them? There are as many angels as there are people on the planet. He then proceeded to work with my Higher Self. 

Which leads me to the next visit. I was over at the neighbours and took a shortcut home through the apple orchard, only to know that Sanat Kumara wanted me in the portal. Again, it wasn't me but my Higher Self that he actually wanted in the portal. Ha-ha, there’s no room for ego at the portal. 

I've had several emails this week from people sharing their ascension process - the highs, the lows, the understandings, the process. No one expected an answer. I'm happy for them to do this for it allows them to talk freely about what is occurring for them in a safe way - nothing right or wrong, just that is happening. The writing and the emailing also adds to the realization that this is real and it's happening to me. This is a joy to me, for I get to watch the process of people Ascending. I see their hearts open and the revelation of their light from the mire of dross and karma. What a joy!


16th May 2014 

I'm a bit slow this week. The healing masters this week were the 2nd ray Masters. The portal was all yellow as Jesus, Kuthumi, Lao Tze, and Lord Lanto worked their healing magic. As they gave healing over 24 hours to those on the healing list, other Masters were working in the portal. Sitatapatra was giving healing to someone having a personal 24 hour session. The young girl spun high in the portal like the fairy on the Xmas tree; a very gentle session. 

Sanat Kumara talked this week about abilities. Many erroneously believe that ascension brings gifts. Sorry, if you haven't had it before, then it is likely you won't as you Ascend, though the gifts you have will get stronger and will compensate for gifts you don't have.   

The possible abilities or gifts are:  

Clairvoyance - Both types, seeing the future and seeing energy, colour, beings etc.

Clairaudience - Hearing across dimensions and realms

Clairsentience - Feeling energy 

Claircognisance - Deep inner knowing

Clairalience - Smelling energies

Clairgustance - Tasting energy 

As you Ascend and move into your Sacred Heart and Holy Heart, you will manifest from these centres. This is where your abilities will be honed. When you feel energy from the heart, you will pick up a depth of awareness you couldn't before, as with all the other gifts. This depth then creates an awareness of the other gifts. A simple example: I feel an angel by the portal (clairesentience). I know the angel is all white (claircognisance) and that has given me the inner picture of a white angel (clairvoyance). Though the clairvoyance was a by-product of the first two gifts, if the first two abilities weren't present then there wouldn’t have been clairvoyance and the angel would have gone unnoticed. This is a simple example, but Sanat Kumara calls it seeing from the heart.  

Be kind to yourself. Don't wish for what you haven't got but hone the abilities you have.


21st May 2014 

Today is a special healing day being a 7th ray and 8th ray healing day. On the 7th ray we have Omri-tas, the Cosmic Master of the Violet Flame. We also have Ra-mun, a previous Chohan of the 7th ray and St. Germain, the current Chohan of the ray. The 8th ray goddess White Tara joins them. This is a day of change for those on the free healing list. 

I want to share the new items in the store before I move onto Pallas Athena, past lives, and the portal. Remember that we have upgraded the graphics, so you can move your cursor over the individual photos to see a larger image. 

There are new crystal portals online for Hilarion, Jesus, Mother Mary (2), Lord Lanto, Kuan Yin, and El Morya, as well as the big Cosmic Masters Chananda, Eros, and Shiva. Most of the Masters (like El Morya, Eros, and Lord Lanto) have specific requirements of the Holder. Some of the others, like Kuan Yin, just ask for a heart connection from the Holder. 

When I say Holder, I mean the person who steps forward to hold the crystal portal in sacred trust for the Master. These are Sacred objects and must be treated with the utmost respect. The Masters have created doorways in these crystal portals, so the Holder must be aware that the Masters’ energy will be flowing at a powerful level into their home. This is not a decision to be made lightly. 


The Ascended Masters’ portal is moving into its ‘running like clockwork’ phase. The Masters have put all the systems in place and they come and go, working with each other and humanity as needed. In the earlier days, they were making the oil (like the Violet Flame) and manifesting crystal portals for Waireti, myself, and others in order to help us in our ascension process. The portal was a place of wonder for us. And it still is, but we have just gotten so used to it that we forget to share the beauty and the extraordinary events that occur here. The Masters creating a crystal portal was once an event of awe and now I place them online as if it’s normal. It isn't. It is a miracle each time the Masters make a portal and it is a miracle each time the Masters make a healing shawl. 

For those of you who haven't read far on the website, the Ascended Masters’ portal is not of the Mother Earth, like the Sedona portal, but rather it was created of the Father by the Masters and bought down to Earth to reside for a while within the Mother. It took the Masters three years to build the multi-dimensional mansion of a portal. There is room upon room, levels, grand halls, healing rooms, arrival areas, and meeting rooms. The portal is a place for the Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Deva, Elohim, Archangels, and angels from all dimensions to meet and work in their bid to help humanity in their ascension. Read more here. 

Pallas Athena came with a purpose the other day while I sat at my desk. She wanted me to impart some information to her chelas. A chela is a pupil of a Master. 

Pallas Athena

Those who have Pallas Athena as their Ascension Master will have either a purple, ruby, or gold ascension/soul ray. These are the colours of those who have a 6th ray soul, the ray of the goddess and of devotion. These colour shades vary from 6th ray Master to 6th ray Master. For example, a Pallas Athena purple ascension /soul ray is a different shade to an Isis purple soul/ascension ray. 

Pallas Athena spoke of the following, with a bit of paraphrasing on my part as a few days have passed and I didn't write it down: 

Those on the purple aspect of the ray with me (purple soul colour) are the warriors of the ray and they won't be afraid to stand up for their own truth and those truths they believe in. They look to the exterior world for their soul ray lessons. Those on the ruby aspect of the ray look internally for their soul ray lessons. They are the contemplatives and scholars and the exterior world does not attract them. Those with the gold soul ray are few. They are the high priestesses and high priests of the ray and they are part of the inner sanctum of the ray. They know devotion is the truth of the ray, devotion not to an external being, but to the goddess/ god within. The colour of your 6th ray doesn't make you less or more than all others on the ray, it is just a path of your Higher Self's choosing for you. 

Past Lives

We have all had past lives. If you are reading this, we can assume this isn't your first life in human form. From our observational research, we can see most of you who are actively seeking ascension have had between 15,000 and 25,000 lives. A lot of clearing has to occur to leave the cycle of rebirth and have no more lives in physical form. All karma must be paid (yes, all of it) and all past lives must be cleared of dross. That is where we get the term ‘old soul’, because some people can spend up to a 100 lives actively seeking to leave the cycle of rebirth, actively clearing their karma, and clearing their past lives. In the old days, these are the ones with whom an Ascended Master would walk with to assist them in their final push for ascension.  Now, in these times of ascension, the Masters are providing these healings and making these oils, crystals, shawls, etc. to get humanity over this enormous hurdle. For most of humanity, if you passed the 3rd initiation in one life, you might pass the 4th initiation in the same life. Hence, the slow process of ascension and the thousands of lives needing to be cleared. Now we have people moving from the 2nd initiation to the 4th initiation ranging between ten months and two years with the Masters’ help. This is a miracle. We are seeing it takes about a year between passing the 4th initiation and the 5th initiation with the Masters’ help, oils, and healings. The 5th initiation is when the person has cleared all of their karma and leaves the cycle of rebirth. 

The Masters will not be here helping at this level forever. They have a limited time here and the portal has limited time. We are talking years, not centuries. So, these crystal portals and healing shawls will greatly help your ancestors in the years ahead in their ascension process.


28th May 2014 

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste. 

Healing day is a 5th ray day - the green and orange ray of healing, knowledge, and truth. The 5th ray Masters Hilarion and Ganesh stand side by side dividing those stepping forward into two groups - those that hold trauma within them from this life and those that hold trauma within them from past lives. Everyone likely fits into both groups, but each person received the Masters’ chosen aspect for the first 15-20 minutes today. 

One of the common questions I get asked is, what is the difference between all of the initiations? This question sort of makes me go into a panic as the answer is nearly a book, but then the Masters make it easy of course...Karma. So here is the clearest response: 

When you have cleared 20% of your karma, you pass the 1st initiation. The 2nd initiation means you have cleared 40% of your karma. The 3rd initiation means you have cleared 60% of your karma, the 4th initiation 80% of your karma, and at the 5th initiation you have cleared all of your karma and have left the cycle of rebirth. This of course is too simple as there are many variables. When you leave the cycle of rebirth at the 5th initiation, you will have had between 15,000 and 25,000 lives, so karma clearing isn't happening very quickly, mainly because we make karma every day with our thoughts, words, and actions. Each initiation also indicates a level of understanding; qualities attained, lessons learned, fears overcome, etc. The opposite of karma is Light. As the karma is paid, it is replaced with light, so the less karma you have, the more light you have in your chakras. In reverse, when you create karma, you lose Light. This, of course, is only applicable to the level of 5th initiation Light; we can call the 5th initiation the base line of light. From the 5th initiation on, the light gets brighter and brighter as you Ascend. Which is why it’s hard to look at some of the beings that arrive – they are so bright! Their energy is so powerful we can barely cope.


4th June 2014 

Healing day was a day of Truth - personal truth. Pallas Athena and Hilarion were the healing Masters. Hilarion is the Chohan of the 5th ray - the green ray of truth, knowledge, and healing. Pallas Athena is a goddess on the 6th ray, though many want to put her on the 5th ray, as she is the goddess of Truth. Her aura colours are the purple and ruby of the 6th ray. Those of you receiving healing this week will have healing around personal truth. 

Waireti has agreed to contribute to the diary each week. For those of you just finding the site, Waireti has dimensional sight and sees all.

This week she writes: 

I offered to facilitate a healing for Verna because she had been complaining about saggy energy. Saggy energy is often a result in people that are driven in their work. We agreed I would facilitate the healing last evening. Verna lay down for the healing. Masters were arriving to be a part of the healing before I entered the Portal. St. Germain was literally herding them into lines. About a hundred arrived to take their part in the healing for Verna. Verna’s energetic body was lying in the Portal almost like on a rack. Under St. G’s guidance, the Masters all took their turn filing past either side of Verna and literally stitched her energetic body back up, kind of like energy darning. Truly amazing. The healing was 35 minutes. After the healing, when I asked Verna how she felt, she replied ‘pinned’.  

Yes, my energy has been feeling slack. I saw it like a pear shape instead of oval. It was like my energy was sagging around my knees - ha-ha. Waireti told me it is common in people who are driven. I prefer the term focused! I was truly touched and humbled to see and know that so many Masters were there for me. The 108 Ascended and Cosmic Masters who built the portal all contributed to the repair of my energy field. It was a bit like a face-lift…instead it was an energy lift. LOL. For the last few days I’ve had a line of a Brittney Spears’ song running through my head... they all want a piece of me. Now I know why! 

Waireti asked me last week, ‘when did you wake up’? Many of you will understand the question; it's like saying, when did you consciously know truths? The greater spiritual community perceives humanity as being asleep, as most of humanity isn't consciously aware of ascension or their spiritual movement forward. They aren't aware of the collective truths that those who are ‘awake’ know to be truths. 

So, this bought us to the question, can you unconsciously Ascend? As always, yes and no. Most of humanity is unconsciously ascending as they pay their karma, but each person comes to a point in their Ascension process when they wake up and they consciously make efforts towards their ascension from there. So, is there a karmic line we cross and wake up? From my observations, no. I've seen people awake before the 3rd initiation and people not awake after it. But I haven't seen anyone pass the 4th initiation and not be awake. Can we come into body awake? Waireti says yes; she sees it a lot with babies and then they close down at about two years old to reawaken later in life. 


8th June 2014 

Waireti and I have been talking about emotional and mental body healing for some time. Waireti had a chat with the Masters to see how they felt about this and was given the go ahead. So today we sat down with the Masters - specifically St. Germain, Kuthumi, Hilarion, and Archangel Michael - and listened to what they wanted and how it would unfold. I must say, I learned some things today! Who knew the mental body of each person has a unique pattern like a fingerprint? 

St. Germain will lead the emotional body healings and Kuthumi will lead the mental body healings.

Ra-mun is here reminding me to say, these healings aren't just for those prior to the 5th initiation, but also for those who have passed the 5th initiation. To pass the 6th initiation, all the bodies must be totally clear of all dross. Not one cell of negativity can remain in any of the bodies.   

I'll put the links here to the new healings and you can go read more about them yourself. Just click on the links  - Emotional Body healing and Mental Body healing.


12th June 2014 

The portal glowed yellow and white this week as Serapis Bey and Jesus healed those on the Wednesday healing list together. We all have issues, both internal and external. With all conflict comes a heaviness of being. As Serapis Bey addressed the issues of conflict, Jesus helped to lighten how everyone was feeling.  

I was sitting at my desk earlier in the week when I was notified someone big had arrived in the portal. Sometimes they want me in the portal as feet on the ground for work they do, this time it was to let me know what was occurring. Archangel Chamuel (archangel of the 3rd ray) had arrived to work with a host of 3rd ray angels. They were here to bring the 3rd ray flame of love to the earth. He showed me the pink flame surrounding the entire planet. The Ascended Masters’ portal allows them to come in closer to humanity. Archangel Chamuel shows me that he holds humanity in his heart. Open your heart to Archangel Chamuel and welcome the pink flame into your being. 

Waireit's turn:

I was driving home last week and saw an ambulance traveling at speed towards the hospital. Now, imagine Jesus and three yellow angels on top of the ambulance holding on to what would normally be red flashing lights. The lights were now flashing yellow – Jesus’ influence. Beautiful to see. Blessings to the occupant of the ambulance, you were in good hands.

I was sitting watching my dog Iris last week and noticed how her emotional body was out of kilter and blocked. It is her 9th birthday on Friday, and as a gift to her, I will be facilitating a healing for her with Kuthumi.

Yes, it is common for angels to be with ambulances. If only we all knew how much the angelic world helps us.  

I was asked when do we start to clear karma? Clearing meaning to lessen the karmic debt, as opposed to paying karma. This is a good question. 

We come to our first life in human form with karma. 

Here on earth there are two groups - angelic and reptilian. Everyone on this planet has their roots in either group. Waireti sees half of humanity with a single angel wing or a reptilian shadow. So, the original point of creation and having no karma goes way back to the time when the alpha and omega flame were one. At the time of splitting into two separate beings, karma was created for the first time - the primal scream - and from then on karma was created through all life forms with sentience. 

When we start to clear karma depends on the point when we start to create good karma as a being and when we start the movement into light and ascension. 

Ascension occurs through the chakras. Those first few thousand lives are spent manifesting from the base chakra (security and survival). With time, the lives move into the sacral (sex, relationships), then solar plexus and self…thousands upon thousands of lives have been lived to get to this level of manifestation. Then there are thousands of more lives of making and paying karma daily. It seems impossible that a life is lived when the tide turns and the karmic debt paid is greater than the karmic debt made. The nature of humanity is more predisposed to making karma daily with their thoughts, words, and actions. In all of these lives, karma is created. At what point does a single person start turning to the light, thinking beyond themselves, and consistently making good karma? This is why we say that ascension is a personal journey. And why some people can pass the 5th initiation after 15,000 human lives and others after 25,000 human lives. That moment of change is different for each person. 

We have new healings - emotional and mental body healings. I talked about them in a mid week diary entry.  


19th June 2014 

Portia led the healing team this week; joining her were Serapis Bey, Isis, Lady Nada, and Pallas Athena. Lady Portia isn't seen much in the portal, so it was lovely to know she was leading the session. Serapis Bey shone brilliant white; his light continues to grow and expand. The Lady Masters all worked on the purple aspect of the 6th ray through the healing. The 6th ray is the ray of the goddess and of devotion. The purple aspect is the energy of external devotion (external lessons), so the Masters were helping heal you in your exterior world. This was coupled with Serapis Bey (harmony through conflict) also looking at your exterior world. So, look for healing that occurred for you that day in areas of how you act and speak in the world, lessons in respect (a forerunner of devotion), attitude, creating your own reality, etc.

Since I mentioned a week or so ago that all the world’s population has either angelic or reptilian roots (it appears to be a 50/50 split), I've had questions. This just is what it is. Neither group is good or bad, or higher evolved than the other. Each just is. All are intermingled - families have both angelic and reptilian members. Your friends and teachers are both. There is nothing to be gained from this knowledge in these times, other than understanding a grieving process that can take place for some when they grieve for a home beyond this world (missing their angelic or reptilian origin). 

How can you tell who is who? Waireti sees either a single wing on the angelic group, two wings (very rare), or two nubs. Many of you might even be aware of a single wing on yourself or others. For the reptilian group, she sees a reptilian shadow. You might be aware of this in yourself or others as well. 

Hilarion  stepped forward this week (last week too) with something to say. Sometimes I'm so busy that I'm not as attentive to them as I could be, but they know this and keep reminding me. He wants me to talk about dross as many of you find this word a little hard to understand.  

Think of dross like dust and dirt. In our daily life, we are active. We perspire, bacteria is collected, and then we shower and we are clean again. Also, like dust…it slowly accumulates and when we wipe it away there is a dirt mark on the cloth. Energetic dross is just the same, it accumulates in our chakras and energy field. Dross is our negative thoughts, our feelings, and our personal rubbish, from this life and previous lives. It is created daily and it never stops forming. Dross is our energetic rubbish.  

Forgiveness clears some types of dross. Violet Flame clears other types. The Emotional, Mental, and Astral healings will clear dross from the bodies and other healings will clear dross from the chakras. Dross is one of the causes for people not Ascending, as dross prevents karma from being paid and released. 

The other issue Hilarion wants addressed is clairsentience - the ability to feel energy. Many of you reading this will have it to some degree. So, lets explore the different degrees.

  1. Some have no clairsentience ability at all. They can't feel energy.
  2. Some can only feel energy to their own level of ascension - they can't feel energies higher than them, only lower. So, they are great at picking up negative energies, but have little awareness of higher energies like the Masters. These are the ones who are more inclined to have a greater belief in the dark side because they can feel it and know it. 
  3. Then there are those that only feel energy higher than them. These are the ones that believe totally in the light and feel the world is beautiful because their energy experiences are beautiful. They have no ability to feel the dark side. Their limited clair-sentience makes them feel safe and keeps them from being fully aware.
  4. And then there are the people who can feel all energies, both higher and lower than themselves to various degrees. Think of this as degrees of a circle moving away from a person - a small circle is a small ability and a large circle is a large ability. 

There are issues that can arise with all of these levels. When someone can't feel a specific type of energy due to their personal limitations, they then don’t believe, not thinking the issue is with them and their ability. For some, seeing is believing (or not). For others, feeling energy is believing or not. There is much on the side of light that is beyond the ability of many to see and feel, just as there is much on the side of darkness that is beyond many people's ability to see and feel. This doesn't mean that both great darkness and great Light don't exist and have an influence on our realities. 

Those who do not feel or see and yet still believe are rare. Blessings to them.    


24th June 2014 

Lady Nada and Hilarion are leading this Wednesday's healing day with the Ascended Masters, with Ptah and the Japanese god Susan’oo joining them. The major focus of this week’s healing is healing the Inner Child. The Masters are addressing personal truth within the healing process, as the story can make the reality appear greater than any event. They are also addressing the inner child as the warrior, not the victim, and addressing the release of the inner storms that rage in many. 

The universal healing symbol was the first digital channeled piece I received from the Masters, a training piece from them. The Masters have layered the healing into this graphic. Print it off to use as you like. It is 300dpi. This channeling came before I met Waireti and we started our mission with the Ascended Masters. 

Let's talk first about spiritual Missions. Many of you have a higher purpose, a mission that you are here to fulfill. You will know, suspect, or still be waiting for the awareness to arrive. It isn't enough to wait for the mission to arrive; there needs to be preparation on your part. Don’t let your ego get in the way. 

For Waireti and myself, our preparation meant getting to a certain level of ascension so our energies were clear enough for the Masters to begin to work with us. We both had to work on being grounded and yet still be able to take off into other realms at a moments notice. Being grounded means opportunities aren't missed, signs are seen, connections are made, and people are met and recognised. I wish the protection grids had been around back then, life would have been so much easier. Instead, we both had numerous battles with the dark side trying to stop us, both in the physical and on other levels. 

So how can the Masters help you? How can they make your preparations for your mission easier? Here are a few examples:

  • Protection grid - this will keep any psychic and dimensional attacks away. The dark side does not want anyone of the light to succeed.
  • Grounding oil - to keep you present and in your body.
  • El Morya - an excellent Master to keep you focused, so many loose track of their mission.
  • Astral, mental and emotional body healings - the clearer your energies are, the clearer your guidance will be from all levels.
  • Violet Flame oil - to help clear the dross form the chakras so karma can be released and so your vibration rises. 

Waireti is talking this week about a few things. Instead of writing she is talking to me and I am writing for her: 

Archangel Michael is working in the portal a lot these days. I have also noticed an increase in his presence with children - enough of a rise for me to take notice. He is there to protect them and assist them in their young lives. Archangel Michael is a protector angel and a fighter of battles. If your child sees an angel, Michael has black hair and dark eyes, two white wings, and he carries a long, silver coloured sword. If your child is having a tough time at home, at school, or when they sleep, tell them they can call on Archangel Michael. Archangel Michel leads the team that builds the protection grids. 

I also want to mention roadside shrines. As I was driving the other day, I noted a shrine on the side of the road for someone who had died there in a road accident. The unusual energy of the flowers caught my attention and then I saw eight Masters appear, letting me know this was a topic they wanted mentioned. When someone builds a shrine at the side of the road and maintains it, they are creating an energy that holds the deceased here on a specific level. They are doing a disservice to the person who has passed over in their next incarnation because they are maintaining ties and holding them here in the old life while they are beginning a new life. The deceased is being divided between two lives. For example, when a person dies at ninety, they will have lost many people in those ninety years. Some of those people may have had three lives in those ninety years, so to energetically hold onto someone is to do them a disservice in those three lives. Letting go is such an important part of the cycle of death and rebirth. Honour the life, but don't damage the soul - there is a difference. 

Waireti often talks about death and rebirth. She has mentioned many times over the years how she has seen a person take their last breath in one life and their first breath in their new life, with no rest in between. Yet others get to rest for twenty years or more. An aunt and my grandmother both had many years of rest before they came to me to tell me they were being reborn and where. Look at those you know who have passed over and be sure to gently let them go with love. For those who are young, be sure to honour them, not as the child they are, but as a soul who has had many lives and once more returns on the wheel of rebirth. 

I woman from England sent me an email, but I realised she was talking to all of you, not me. With a bit of editing on my part, I have posted an abridged version below: 

When I first started with Ascended Masters, I got very frustrated as I am one of those who doesn't feel energies. I nearly left the Ascended Masters and did have a break for a short while. Having left for a short time, I suddenly felt a very deep sense of loss. My daughter was worried about me and I didn't know where to turn. She said, bite the bullet mum and go back, you belong there. So I did, and realised that the darker forces had been trying to get me to turn away from ascension. There had been other incidents of this. So, one of the first things I did was to have a protection grid installed and that stabilised me so I could begin to see the wood from the trees!

We all have subtle abilities. I realised one of mine was Telepathy. I have to tell you, whatever stage you have reached and however little you may know, you too will have an ability of some sort, you just have to have confidence and recognition. It just comes to you one day.  So, I have now reconciled myself to knowing that I will never be able to feel energies. We are all different and require different things.  

I received another e-mail today from a lady who has passed the 5th initiation in the States. She had a healing shawl, but sadly it was left in a hotel bed and has not been returned to her, so she bought another healing shawl from us. She was surprised how the new healing shawl felt so much different to the first shawl. Ha-ha - of course. The Masters are masters of change! Waireti’s healing shawl feels completely different than mine. To me, mine feels so much better than hers. And she will say hers feels so much nicer than mine. All of the healing shawls on the website have a base energy, but they will adjust to your energy once you receive them. The base energies are also different; one will suit you more than others. As an exercise, look at the healing shawls and go through them one by one to see which vibration feels best for you. You will be surprised at the differences in vibration, even though the base healing line is the same. Those of you who have a single shawl for family use will find that the energy of the shawl adjusts to the energy of the collective group. This is one of the reasons healers need a work shawl for all their clients and a personal shawl just for their own use, as a personal shawl will adjust to their energy. Otherwise, the energy of the shawl will stay as part of a collective.


2nd July 2014 

Wednesday once more - Waireti submitted over 150 people to the Masters in the Ascended Masters’ portal for free healing this morning. Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Vesta, and Dom Ignacio (all 3rd ray Masters, the pink ray of unconditional love) stepped forward to give healing to the 150 people they are holding in the portal via their hearts today. To support this healing today, the portal is a swirl of every type of pink you can think of. The healing theme today is love and compassion for all - including self. What a battle we humans have with loving self and feeling compassion for self. 

What a blessing it is to have the Masters work for humanity in this way. The graphic here is the portal painting of Vesta, goddess of the home. There is a larger version free to print at this link. Hilarion tapped me on the shoulder while I was working the other day and he asked me to put the following in the diary. 

Hilarion says:

Are you a follower and put people on a pedestal? Are you a detractor and put others down? Or are you both, praising some and denigrating others? Be neither, for both are detractors from your own path. Look only to yourself and your own inner journey.  

I'm so pleased he asked me to write this last Friday, because today I got a newsletter from someone both praising a known name and denigrating others and I was saddened by this. Reading Hilarion’s words again now, I wonder what damage is created online and through email. Yet people accept this as the normal way of existence - this is the way the world acts. What a sad world it is when people feel the need to put others down in order to raise themselves and others up. Remember, there is neither a right path nor wrong path - there are multiple paths on the ascension journey. Respect all, love all...a lesson for all. And as Hilarion says, look to your own path. 

Waireti and I were watching the news the other night and she commented on the politician that was on the screen. She noted the negative entities with this politician were so many that she couldn't begin to count them. Which explained the backward policy changes this politician was suggesting. I then began to wonder how many of the world’s politicians have negative entities with them. Waireti reminded me 4 out of 5 people have entities. Later that night when talking to the Masters about it, they took me above the planet, showed me the earth, and gave me the eyes to see the blanket of darkness over the earth. This blanket of darkness was the entities swarming over our beautiful planet. A silent, dark enemy holding humanity back from their ascension. If you have an entity with you, your ascension is slowed and limited. What a cunning plan from the dark side - quiet, silent, and influential in keeping the light from growing. Think of all those lights dimmed. No wonder the Masters are now standing with every single person on the planet and no wonder Archangel Michael stands with so many children. This is why the Ascended Masters’ portal is here and that is why they are here to help you Ascend with them at such a fast rate.  

A person of light is a beacon for entities, as their light shines in the darkness. After my little trip with the Masters, I can see the battle plan of the dark side is to dim the light of humanity. Humanity doesn't even know there is a silent siege going on. Grrr - where's my sword?! I hope this makes you want to fight too and not turn a blind eye.  

Questions, questions, questions ... they keep coming, ha-ha. Here are a few from this week that were and are asked repeatedly: 

Will it not suffice if I alone just ask the Ascended Masters to do everything prescribed on your site? 

Of course, you can ask the Masters for help. Many do and I suggest you do - that is how you will come into your power. What makes the healings here different than what you ask the Masters for yourself is the vibration of the Ascended Masters’ portal. In these healings, I bring you into the higher vibration of the Ascended Masters’ portal. You are bought into their pure and sacred space that exists for the Masters across many dimensions. This means the Masters are doing the healing in their own place, to which I have bought you, rather than you trying to bring the higher vibration of the Masters into your world.   

What is so different between a protection grid and me invoking the Violet flame each day?  

Anything you do will only ever be achieved to the level of your own ascension. You are limited by your karma, dross, and entities. The Masters work and create to their level of vibration and their level of ascension. The protection grid is created by the Masters and is permanent; it doesn't need maintenance by you. You are free to put your energies into other areas.  

Does what I wear alter my aura and affect your ability to read it? 

No, not really. At the level we work at, we are looking at the rays and these don't change. Waireti is looking at everything, sees the outside influence at work, and adjusts accordingly. What does affect our reading of the rays or energies is when you send a photo of a group of people - then their energies get intertwined. We prefer photos of people standing by themselves. In most cases though we try and work around it.


9th July 2014 

This Wednesday’s healing Masters were Melchizedek, El Morya, and St. John the Baptist - all first ray Masters. The portal is a beautiful mix of blues. They are healing today around the issues of personal power, balance on all levels, and focus. They are also healing around personal will over another’s will from both aspects - the person placing their will on another person and also the receiver, bringing them more into their own power so they can stand up to those forcing their will onto them. Power and Will both require balance and respect. 

The Masters Osiris, Cha Ara, and Quetzalcoatl were together in the portal on Monday night, all working to help raise the vibration of humanity. They were then replaced by a group of seven Masters, each from one of the seven rays. They were following from the Cosmic Masters’ work. 

 We have seen another person pass the 5th initiation. I am in awe! She consistently used the Masters’ products and healings for a little over a year and rushed from the 2nd to 5th initiation. We are blown away by the speed this occurred. But then she focused on the Masters, their healing and products, and freely committed to the daily process with the Masters. The 5th initiation is when we leave the cycle of rebirth and no longer have to come back into body life after life. 

One of my spiritual teachers long ago told me to always keep my level of ascension to myself. Why? Ego. So, I duly followed this advise without question, as many of us blindly follow a teacher for a while in the beginning. Then as we gain greater light, we begin to see the gaps and question what we are taught. I came to realise that in these times of transparency and authenticity, the days of hiding and being hidden are part of an old energy paradigm. These are the days of ascension. We don't have time for pretending and hiding, or even false modesty. Your authenticity will show others that ascension is achievable for all and not a myth of ancient texts for the few. It is okay to have a voice and speak out about who you are and what your ascension goals are. If fear holds you back, then that is something you will have to overcome. Any fear we have must be faced at some time and overcome - it is part of the ascension process. Between the 5th initiation and the 6th initiation, all your fears will be tested. Something to look forward to… 

Now I don't want to keep too much on the topic of negative entities, as it has been mentioned several times in the last few weeks, but it is something Waireti and I feel strongly about, so she has written on the topic from her perspective. As many of you know, she has dimensional sight and sees all. 

Waireti writes: 

I am now starting to regret that I offered to write a weekly diary slot. It's not that I don't want to engage with all of you beautiful people, but writing is not my strong suit and I prefer to talk. Verna did say she would write if I talked, however here's my own attempt...

I have noticed that there is a huge increase in entities on and with people. There is also a vast increase in what I would call land-based entities (these are entities that hook into the land). I took specific note over this last week and made a point to look and count - I would say that at least 90% of people that I 'saw' have entities attached. Entities steal your light and your power. They influence your emotions and thoughts and their attachment often results in physical disease. They enter through holes/tears/cuts in your auric field. They can leap from person to person, or from animals or inanimate objects to people. I don't mean to scare you or create fear (because entities love fear and negativity), but I feel it is something humanity in general and those consciously Ascending need to be aware of. And don't think ascension helps you leave them behind… the higher your vibration, the brighter the beacon to attract the dark and the greater their desire to prevent your ascension. It is time for people to wake up. Spiritually, the alarm is ringing – ‘Wake up!’ 

Waireti and I have talked about what we all can do. We are also talking to the Masters about what we all can do ourselves. At the moment, we have nothing to suggest besides the Protection grids.Archangel Michael has something brewing, but no solution. I asked about sound and toning as a means of defense and got shown that the dark side has sound too, so all we do is create a sound battle. Back to the drawing board. The Masters are working away, but I feel there must be a human solution too. Sometimes I feel we are too dependent on being told what to do, when perhaps it is up to us to address this issue ourselves.  

I also want to talk more about the land-based entities Waireti mentioned. These are entities that hook into our Mother Earth to slow her ascension. These entities are not people who haven't passed over; these are entities that have never had human form. When we do a house clearing and blessing with the Masters, the Masters will often clear one from the land beneath a person’s house. The land entity’s presence has nothing to do with the vibration of the people in the house, but will have an effect on those living in the house. Perhaps, if you feel able, you can clear the land beneath and around your homes yourselves as your way of contributing to the huge problem.


16th July 2014 

Another healing day is here. Waireti presented all those on the healing list for healing to the Ascended Masters in their portal. Jesus presided over this week’s session and he was the only Master present. And then Waireti laughingly said, oh and all the Yellow ray angels that are filling the portal Healing Temple too. The angels are toning to break up a specific dross in each person that will help them move forward, and in some cases, let go of what holds them back. Once the dross is leaving, Jesus then sends healing - a winning combination. 

Each one of you has several Ascended Masters with you. Not one person on this planet walks without a Master or Masters at their side. It was not always like this, but in these days of ascension, the Masters have made it so. There are many many Masters, but we have only noted about 38 that stand with people as part of their 5 rays for life. Other Masters come in as temporary teachers, but they come and go. 

Following up on this, many ask, ‘How do I connect with my Ascended Masters and Ascended Master team?’ Long ago, the Masters gave me the Torus technique for this purpose. You can read how to do it at this link. Some find it easy to follow and others not so much. The principle behind the connection technique is that it utilises the connection of Divine Mind, Sacred Heart, and soul - first with yourself and then with the Master. In this higher connection you are moving up into the Master’s vibration and they also move closer to yours. This higher connection also works well with groups, in that you all are meeting in your divine minds, divine hearts, and soul. This then elevates your groupwork to a higher level. When you read and practice the technique, don't over think it. Just trust that the higher aspect within you knows how to do it.  

Waireti has written this week: 

As I sat at my desk this morning, I heard the 'bang' as you do when a bird hits the window. Sure enough, a Kingfisher was stunned on the deck. I thought, oh what to do... when along came Iris, my chocolate Labrador. I sat and watched while she gently picked up the bird in her mouth and carried it to Kuthumi in the portal, gently placing the bird down (not dropped). I cried. The energy was unbelievably beautiful.  

Later in the day the Kingfisher had flown away. 

This is so like Iris. She is a loving, caring, and attentive part of our family. When someone is sick or sad, Iris is always there giving her love and support. 

We have had offers of help and support from several people regarding ways humanity might address the entity issue. They are diverse and reflect the rays of each person.  

While we acknowledge that the light and dark exists in all of us, and all come under the large banner of God's creation, here at the portal we see battles. We see Archangel Michael, Amen Bey and Ptah battle all types of dark energy life forms - high and low. We learn by their example. And while we might say all of creation is one, we must acknowledge a battle rages. First on a personal physical level within ourselves - via bacteria, viruses, cancers, etc. Our body fights with our white blood cells and fever and we support it with modern medicine and an assortment of alternatives, but still a battle occurs. We fight within ourselves on emotional and mental levels too; the dark energy already residing in our lower selves battling with the light we all have.

Entities are part of the ongoing battle that occurs in creation. And while we can acknowledge the dark side is part of creation, we can't give into it, or welcome it into our environment. For to welcome any dark energy into our system, energetic or otherwise, is to invite trouble and negate the advances into light we have made.  

If we can say no on any level to negative energies and still stay in our hearts and be love, it allows us to be in our power and our light. 


24th July 2014 

This week’s healing day was with St. Germain, Serapis Bey, and Sitatapatra. Waireti did the presenting and held the healing connections. We had a 7th ray Master for change (St. Germain), a 4th ray Master for harmony through conflict (Serapis Bey), and a 1st ray Lady Master (Sitatapatra) a warrior goddess. We can see this week’s healing was about healing the battles that go on within us, creating change within, and coming into a state of inner harmony from this change. A big session! 

For those of you who don't know her, Sitatapatra was the Master teacher of Gautama Buddha. She is a first ray protector goddess. She is on the red aspect of the ray. Her aura colours are a clear centre leading out to white, then a red band and a white band at the outer edge. If you see her, she is usually dressed in red with an open white parasol. We most commonly see her standing with people on the physical ray of incarnation. These people will act with the purpose of the warrior. They will be courageous and yet act with the integrity of the goddess.  

At the moment, I'm away from the portal As I stood in Starbucks, (yes, they are everywhere!), Mother Mary made herself known to me as she stood with the lady in front of me in the queue. Then Ganesh stood behind the counter with the man taking orders and St. Germain waved…Thomas Merton, Pallas Athena, and the list goes on. It was one of those light bulb moments - I was amongst my portal family and had been all along. They walk with all of you, so as I walk down the street, I am walking with them too. When I pass you in the street, I pass them too.  

Learning- always learning.


30th July 2014 

Today is another rainbow healing day in the portal. Seven Masters stepped forward, one from each ray: Melchizedek (1st ray), Jesus (2nd ray), Mother Mary (third ray), Serapis Bey (4th ray), Hilarion (5th ray), Pallas Athena (6th ray), and St. Germain (7th ray). They tell me that the healing this week is occurring on the life ray of each person. So, if you have a first ray life ray, then Melchizedek will be sending you healing today. Jesus will be healing 2nd ray life rays and so on... 

If you want to know your 5 rays of incarnation, we offer this as part of our Seeér services. Click here to read more.  

Well, I am back at the portal. Phew! I usually sleep with my astral crystal by my bed, but while I was away I found the need to just sit with it to clear my astral body through the day. I was amazed at how clear I felt within minutes of holding it.  

While I was away, we had an ‘arrival’ at the portal. It is a rare event. From time to time the Masters manifest something here. It is usually a crystal, sometimes a shell or a metal object. Once we had gold leaf all over the portal. This arrival is from Jesus - it is a portal of his energy. It is a shell - thick, white, and with unusual markings. At the moment, I don't know who he intends it for, but all will be revealed when he is ready. Seeing that it came when I was away, I suspect it is for Waireti to determine who it is for. These arrivals are always for one specific person and are very special. A gift from a Master. Too precious for words. 

We have been here at the portal for several years now working with the Masters. Some of them are such a part of who I am and what I know and do, I forget to share them. So here are a few:

  • If you need emotional balance, call on St. John the Baptist. My kids laugh at how their mum is a crier and sometimes I want to keep the emotions in check. St. John has helped me on many an occasion.
  • El Morya for focus. Got a job to do at work and it needs all your attention? El Morya will help you keep on track. Great for those sitting in an exam. A 24-hour healing with El Morya around exam time is a proven help.
  • In pain or physically sick? Call on Dom Ignacio. He is the best!
  • In trouble? Call on Jesus. He is also great at helping me find things, though I only call when I'm in need. It feels wrong to ask him for minor things.
  • Kuthumi for healing the animals.
  • If I'm trying to cope with something that just seems too big, like grief, I call on Hilarion. His heart is massive.
  • If life is changing and you are trying to hold it together, call on St. Germain. He will help through times of change. 
  • If you feel like you are walking in circles and can't find your path, then try the perfect path technique from Sanat Kumara. Here is the link.
  • Protection – Call on Archangel Michael, Amen Bey, and Ptah.
  • Art or any creative project - Paul the Venetian.
  • Healer Masters. Well all of them are healers, but the ones that stand out are Serapis Bey, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Hilarion, Ganesh, Pallas Athena, St. Germain.


6th August 2014 

Today we have Dom Ignacio and Thomas Merton taking the free Wednesday healing sessions. What a lovely duo. Both are very active here at the portal, especially with the paid healings. 

In his last life, Dom Ignacio was St. Ignatius, Loyola founder of the Jesuit order. Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk in his last life. Both men had lives of devotion and contemplation. In the healing temple today, there is a true feeling of being in a temple. As they bring each of you forward for healing, there is an energy of devotion, love, and an honoring of each of you that is just special. 

The Perfect Path technique has come up over the last few weeks. I mentioned it last week and gave a link to a technique from Sanat Kumara as to how to check for yourself and put yourself on your perfect path.  

The Perfect Path is important for those who have cleared much of their karma - for the Perfect Path is about God's will, not your will. It is about your highest good, not your greatest desire. The higher you Ascend, the more your Higher Self will call for you to move to your perfect path and to answer the call and the Will of God. Up until that time, the perfect path technique will help you be all you can be. Sanat Kumara didn't give this technique without a very good reason. 

A little word from the Masters, “Believing in ascension doesn't make you advanced.” 

Waireti and I have talked much about this topic over the years. At the end of the day, ascension is only about clearing your karma. The less karma you have, the more light you have. When you have zero karma in all seven chakras then you have 100% light, both in radiance and vibrancy. When you have 100% radiance and vibrancy in your chakras, then you have passed the 5th initiation and are off the cycle of rebirth - this really is your last life. The process being: the less karma you have, the higher your vibration and thereby your consciousness rises. Ascension is not about knowledge, experiences, or feelings. These do not clear karma. 

And finally, we have a Facebook page just for all those things that help in ascension from around the website, about the Masters, and of course the portal. Just another way to stay connected to us. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/ascendedmastersportal  

We have started a closed Facebook group (AmayahGrace is administrator) for those who have passed the 4th, 5th and 6th initiations. The Masters have prodded me to do this for some time, mainly so you can all be a support for each other as you go through these huge changes, and also so you can meet each other. When you pass the 6th, you will be part of a unique group. Who knows what’s in store for you as a group, mini groups, and as individuals. The Masters want you to know each other in all your different corners of the world. I will be emailing these people, but if this is you and you don't hear from me, just send me an email.


14th August 2014 

Healing day this week was conducted by Lady Nada and Thomas Merton. Lady Nada is Chohan of the 6th ray - the ruby, gold, and purple ray of the goddess and the divine feminine. Thomas Merton is on the 1st ray - the blue, red, and silver ray of God's will and power and the divine masculine. This week’s healing was about the divine masculine and feminine, the god and goddess energy, and the mother and father energy - into which each client was brought in as the child. Healing occurred for the inner child and the wounded child within you all. Rather beautiful really. 

Waireti's turn: 

I was sitting in a waiting room, and because I have dimensional sight, I could see the place was packed with guides, Ascended Masters, entities, negative energies, relatives, pets, and friends who have passed over - and that was before I looked at the people sitting there waiting. I look at people in their entirety without their awareness. Over time as we waited, I watched their colours change with their mood and thoughts. I actually love looking at bodies of light and swirling colours and assessing growth and change for individuals, though this often means I don't see the physical person, what they look like, or what they are wearing. I would have loved to give each person there a healing shawl. The whole world needs a healing shawl because when anyone puts on the healing shawl, healing happens and it happens on all levels. Plus, things in the auric field that need to go get zapped, people’s colours get brighter, blockages are cleared, and energy lifts. Look at the healing shawls, these are a must for every man, woman, and child. 

Quetzalcoatl came into my awareness the other day saying, “look at me”. You will know us by our colours, is the common phrase of the Masters and he was showing me his auric colours. He is a 6th ray Cosmic Master and his aura is gold and ruby with clear parts. I drew his energy field, which you can see here. The white parts within the energy field are actually clear. The 6th ray is the goddess ray, the ray of the divine feminine. His energy is strong and masculine and yet contained and complex. He is very powerful and a vast Being. I wondered if he had a protector role, but that thought was shattered in seconds, as those on the 6th ray are quite capable of taking care of themselves. Pallas Athena and her sword appeared to make sure I got that clear. His role is balance. This vast Being helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies within the entire ray - a little glimpse into the complexities of the rays. 

The tally for those passing the 4th initiation with the help of the Ascended Masters healings and oils has reached 21. 


20th August 2014 

Healing day again. This one is a little different. On one side, we have Jesus doing his thing -all laughter and the lightness of being. On the other side, we have serious Pallas Athena. Those receiving healing either went to Pallas Athena or to Jesus. Jesus is healing the parts of you that are resistant to fun and joy in your life. At the moment, he's singing a fun song as he heals (this is so like him). Pallas Athena is more serious and is healing areas of self truth. When we believe the lies we tell ourselves, this just burdens us. So, when we come into our own personal truths about ourselves, we can lighten our energy and come to joy in that way. The Deva of Joy is present in the portal for healing day too. 

The goddess Ma'at has stepped forward. She is a 3rd ray goddess, the ray of unconditional love. Like Isis and Hathor, she has Egyptian origins. She presents with black, shoulder length hair, a fringe, and jeweled ribbons in the front. She wears white. She can be mistaken for Isis. Her energy is one of love. When I connect with her, my heart expands and her love fills me. She is a balancing force within the 3rd ray. She indicates she is close to Vesta, goddess of the home. Together they bring the energies of love, balance, support, nurturing, and safety into the home.   

The Masters have never brought up the topic of ego to us. This is because the Masters know ego is part of the human condition. If you are in a body, then you will have ego. They see us and understand that it is part of our humanity, and while we may seek to lessen it, it will appear. When we are annoyed at others, the cause can usually be found in ego. In all the healings the Masters give, nothing removes ego. As we Ascend, we can only hope that we begin to recognise our own ego, and in the recognition, step back and modify our behaviour. 

We had a few questions arise this week: 

Receiving hand - Really there are no rules around the receiving hand. For some, it is the same as their writing hand, for others the opposite. With the grounding oil, the instructions are a drop on the receiving hand, so some of you may be unsure as to which hand. We are happy to look at your hands and tell you which is the receiving and which is the sending hand. 

3rd initiation - We were asked how many have passed the 3rd initiation in the world. A big question. Most of those who initially come to us are between the 2nd and 3rd initiation, so our knowledge at that level is biased. But in looking out to the world and humanity, Waireti guesstimates about 2-3% of the world population have passed the 3rd initiation.  

Waireti didn't get to write her piece this week, but she did tell me there has been another planetary shift. The Mother Earth has shifted a little on her axis. From this shift, she is seeing new colours that she has never seen in the last week or so. She also says it has made everyone feel a little off balance and tetchy. Equilibrium will return. 

Blessings on your week.


27th August 2014 

Waireti presented those stepping forward for healing to the Masters this week. She reported Mary Magdalene and Melchizedek were this week’s Master healers. They were healing around personal power and the power to be found in love - love of self and of others. Mary Magdalene is coming to the fore more in the last few weeks, especially with the mental and emotional body healings. 

Please don't think the emotional and mental body healings are a reflection on your emotional and mental state. Rather they are about clearing the blockages and healing the patterns within these bodies. All physical body illness manifests as a result of blockages in either the mental or emotional body. This unbalance is transferred to the etheric body and then onto the physical body, so look at these healings as part of a health maintenance plan. But the greatest benefit of these two healings is towards your ascension process.  

Feeling tired is an ascension symptom, but it can also be caused by others feeding off your energy. Children and the elderly are the most common groups to pull and feed off the energy of others. Caregivers at both ends of life can be adversely affected. Of course, there are adults who also are energy vampires; they are often recognised when you feel exhausted when they leave. 

To prevent this from happening, an easy solution is to give energy freely - not yours, but energy from a higher source (God or another name you attribute to higher energies sources). When you give energy freely this way, you are not being depleted. Be in your heart, connect with your heart to God, and allow the higher energy to flow through you when in contact with others. Giving freely removes the battle for energy. 

Doing this will also help you to be in your heart much of each day. The side benefit of this is you will begin to move from the mind to the heart. Ascension occurs via the heart. 

One question that has arisen repeatedly this week is - what is the 5th initiation? This initiation occurs when you have cleared 100% of your karma and have no karma left. This means you then have left the cycle of rebirth and no longer have to return to body.  You have no more lives to live in a physical body. The initiation is the marker that this milestone has been reached. 

We now have 23 people to pass the 4th initiation with the Ascended Masters with their healings and ascension oils. 

For those new to this website, we have a photo of the blessing stone on the website. The Masters will bless water daily for you - just print the photo off and place a bottle of water on it daily. The Masters ask you drink the water within 24 hours. It takes about 8 hours for them to prepare the water in this way, bringing it to the strength that you would get if it was placed directly on the actual blessing stone here at the portal. 

We have been asked for a different technique to get into the Ascension Temple. The Ascended Masters portal is created by the Masters for the Masters; this is where they work for humanity. So knowing many of you want to enter and cannot, they have created an Ascension Temple to the side that is for you to visit and meditate in. Often there are various Masters there willing to spend time with you in your ascension.  

For those beginning to work with the Masters, I suggest the torus technique. It is a simple and effective connection technique with your ascension Master. Click here for the torus technique. When you feel comfortable with this technique, ask your ascension Master to take you to the Ascension Temple.

The issue for many here is they have been to various channelings and heard various Masters…supposedly. The astral is full of charlatans who make claims to be an Ascended Master, when they aren’t. There are many gullible people out there who are too willing to channel a Master, so please be careful when you connect with an Ascended Master, that you are actually connecting with the real Master and not a charlatan from the astral plane. The way around this is to look at the Ascended Master portal prints. These will help you to connect with the true Master. 


3rd September 2014 

Today the portal is so full of Masters, many who are working on earth healing with Waireti and I. It was a joy to recognise Maha Chohan and White Tara, two 8th ray Masters. Maha presented like a waterfall of gold energy; beside him, White Tara was all white with gold sparkles. This is not their usual form; it felt like they both were in party mode. The healing is for ‘don't take yourself so seriously - lighten up’. 

I was asked a very interesting question a few weeks back. Why do so few people actually see Jesus’ face? Many see an outline or just a bright light (like me), but apparently a few see a face. I asked Waireti why this might be and she was surprised. She sees Jesus very clearly and didn't realise others didn't see him. So I put the question out to Jesus. Ha-ha - the Masters rarely respond quickly. To get the full and correct response, usually understanding needs to be achieved by me in many ways before the response drops in. In this instance, think of it like a zig-saw puzzle - all the knowledge pieces are there except for one and once the last knowledge piece arrives, everything falls into place and I wonder why I didn't get it in the first place. So, stay with me as I reveal each piece of the puzzle to get you to the answer about Jesus and his face. Here are the pieces:

  • We all have a Higher Self.
  • That Higher Self is on the path of ascension.
  • That Higher Self has many streams of consciousness.
  • These steams of consciousness are each linked to a soul - one stream of consciousness to one soul.
  • Each consciousness has many many past lives.
  • Each consciousness of the Higher Self exists in a different dimension.
  • Each stream of consciousness finally leaves the cycle of rebirth. So by the time each stream of consciousness leaves the cycle of rebirth, the Higher Self has hundreds of thousands of lives in its awareness.
  • Now we look at just one single stream of consciousness. We will call this stream of consciousness ‘the Jesus stream’.
  • The Jesus stream has had many many past lives - all of these culminating in this Jesus stream of consciousness leaving the cycle of rebirth (5th initiation).
  • When the Jesus stream of consciousness passed the 6th initiation, this consciousness merged with the Higher Self and became part of the Higher Being.
  • Jesus’ Higher Self is the Ascended Master and it is Jesus’ Higher Self that continues on the path of ascension.
  • So, the Being we see in the portal is not Jesus, but the Higher Self of Jesus.
  • The single life as Jesus is just part of the entire tapestry of hundreds of thousands of lives of that Higher Self.
  • So why don't we see a face? The Higher Self of Jesus has hundreds of thousands of faces to call upon - why limit himself? Or herself? Just because your last life was male or female, don't limit your Higher Self to your sex.
  • The reality is, the Higher Self of Jesus has no face, there is just colour and light. 
  • Jesus’ Higher Self is telling everyone that he is so much more than just one single life.
  • So, ALL of the Masters we see in the portal whom we see a face and call by a past life name are also just presenting an image we are comfortable with - a place of recognition. 
  • Jesus’ Higher Self is asking us to look beyond the limitations of understanding we have and see the bigger picture.
  • This is another reason why the Masters say, “You will know us by our colours”. These are the colours of the Higher Self, the true Master, not the single life limitation we place on each of the Masters’ Higher Self.
  • So, when we refer to the Masters by name, it is also to give a name we can pronounce and recognise, for the names of the Higher Selves of many of these Masters are sound, light, or colour and don't fit within the limitations of our understanding and vocal capabilities. 

This leads also into the understanding of ego. 

This arrived from the Masters: 

Think of yourself as a fishbowl (ha-ha). Into this fishbowl, put a goldfish. The goldfish is your ego. This is the human condition; we all have an ego. As your vibration and consciousness rise, the fish bowl gets bigger and bigger, but the goldfish remains the same size. This is the human condition; the ego never gets bigger or smaller, it just exists. But as you Ascend, the influence of the ego gets less and less. So, it is not about taming the ego goldfish, but Ascending beyond its influence. But like the goldfish that puts its face to the bowl, it can look bigger than it is and get more attention than it needs. Note to self: don't feed the goldfish. When you start to merge with your Higher Self at the 6th initiation, the ego comes too. Yes, Higher Selves have ego too. But now imagine your goldfish ego in an ocean. It exists and its influence is present, but in a tiny way as to be barely noticed. 

So instead of battling the ego, stop feeding it. And when you see the ego of others place itself against the fishbowl wall, note it is the ego at play and don't get annoyed or cross at the person. Note it is the ego and look beyond the limitations the ego is placing on them.  

28 have now passed the 4th initiation with us. The numbers are rising quickly. 

Also, one more person has passed the 6th initiation. What an absolute joy. We now have 5 people who have passed the 6th initiation with the help and guidance of the Ascended Masters. Not too far from now I hope to be writing 28 have passed the 6th initiation and hundreds have passed the 4th. You can be one of them, there’s no reason why not! 

A question came in about the Deva of Courage oil, but my response here can be attributed to any Deva oil or card. 

The Devas are the animating force of all life.  

When you light a match, it is the salamander (the deva of fire) that gives the animating force to bring fire into existence. Anything that needs an animating force to come into creation has a deva at its source. Therefore, the Deva of Courage oil is the match that animates courage within you, just as the Deva of Love is the animating force for Love. You then have a relationship with these devas and they work within you.

The Ascended Masters’ part in creating the Deva oils is to bring the Deva and the oil together, so the oil can come into creation in a pure and powerful way. Have a look at the Deva oils - they are quite amazing.


10th September 2014 

Lady Nada stood alone in the portal today for healing day. She received each person from me with a wave of gentle love. Today she heals past lives when self esteem was at its lowest. How we feel about ourselves is often burdened by the past life memory and karma. So, in the 15 to 20 minutes she spends with those I presented for healing, she will work with you to heal the past so as to also heal the now. 

Archangel Michael has made some protection pendants, bracelets, and stones for those who want him closer and in their energy field.


19th September 2014 

This week we saw the gentle group of Mother Mary, Dom Ignacio, and Thomas Merton perform the healings on all those we presented for healing. The portal was the softest pink in energy. They wrapped their love around all those being healed and just let the love filter into every cell. "Love is all there is." 

I was recently on a long-haul flight and have another in a couple of months. I dread these, just because of all the energies on the plane and then the jetlag. Last time I flew, I took my Healing shawl and covered my body with it, sometimes going so far as to pull it up to cover my head and face. After doing this, the flights were not the usual ordeal and jetlag didn't occur at all. For one of the flights, I slept eight hours straight - a minor miracle in itself. So, consider using your healing shawl when you travel.  

The Masters have a major project underway. I hoped to be able to tell you about it today, but they still aren't complete. They are into their third week of working on this project with meticulous attention to detail.  

The Elohim Arcturus, one of the major contributors to anchoring the Ascended Masters’ portal, is in the portal at the moment. He sends his love to all of humanity. He shows me that each person exists within their own reality; he meets you there in your reality and envelops you in his love.


24th September 2014 

It’s healing day and here we are again. The Masters healing today are Pallas Athena, Isis, and Lady Nada. The portal is many shades of purple. This healing was around issues of personal power and inner strength.  

Last week I mentioned a huge project underway by the Masters. In the past, Waireti noted the rising numbers of negative entities with people; 4 out of 5 people have negative entities. She also noted the rise in negative entities in the earth; in some places she has noted as many as twenty per inch. Poor Mother Earth. So, we went to the Masters and asked for solutions.  

They indicated to us that they could remove the entities from the ground in New Zealand over time. So, we arranged that they would remove the entities in a specific area. We suggested a 150km length by 50km section of New Zealand. This included two cities and nine sizeable towns. For those in New Zealand, these cities are: Hamilton, Tauranga, Cambridge, Matamata, Raglan, Morrinsville, Te Puke, Huntly, Ngaruawahia, Te Aroha, and Katikati, inclusive of the sea on each coast. The Masters accepted the challenge ahead. 

Over a period of three weeks, a large Ascended Master and angelic team (led by Archangel Michael and joined by Amen Bey, Ptah, Jesus, and Maha Chohan, to name a few) created a huge net. The net was like a protection grid in that an energy current moved through it. When they were ready, the net was cast and it contracted down to duffle bag size within seconds. All of the spaces in the net disappeared and then the net and the Masters disappeared from the portal. Millions of entities were gone within the ground over that huge area - not one remained! The Earth in this area is crystal clear. There is a lightness within the land and a breathing space for Papatuanuku, our Mother Earth.  

Wow! Amazing! We will continue to work with the Masters to clear all of New Zealand. This is a big project. From there, we will move onto other countries.  

We now have 33 who have passed the 4th initiation with the Masters help via their healings and oils.   

Which reminds me, the Masters have been helping me. I recently lost my phone. After searching for it with no luck, I asked for help. They manifested it onto the dining table where both Waireti and I had stood and discussed where it might have been. The white phone stood out on the dark wood clearly for me to see. Thank you Masters. The next aid was given with my accounts. I like to pay bills as soon as they arrive, then I don't have to remember to pay them. I paid one bill and duly filed it with the date of payment scrawled over it. The next day, I entered the office to find the bill on top of my portfolio of the Masters, which I had been using the night before. I duly noted the help and investigated what had happened with the bank. The bill had been paid, but from the wrong account. The error was corrected and the bill filed once more. These are little ways the Masters help, but so much appreciated in my hectic life.


2nd October 2014 

October! Dom Ignacio and Jesus gave the first free healing of the month in the Ascended Masters’ portal. The Masters gave healing to a single past life this week for everyone on the healing list. 

Waireti and I then followed up with Archangel Michael, Amen Bey, and Ptah for the Earth clearing (the Masters are clearing entities from the land). An Earth clearing group of Ascended Masters have gathered with these three Masters to create another net for the next area of land. For those who are just reading this diary for the first time, the Masters cleared millions of entities from the land in New Zealand last week in the Waikato region. Now they are moving north to do a cross section of the North Island (above Huntly) that includes Waihi and Paeroa, but not as far as Thames. They will start on the Coromandel on Saturday. A new group of Masters is also coming in to speed up the process; they will be working on an area north of Auckland that includes Helensville, Orewa, Warkworth, Wellsford, and the Kaipara Harbour. 

I drove through the Waikato yesterday and through the area they are working on at the moment. I knew when I hit the edge because I felt lighter and clearer. The Masters are doing a wonderful service to humanity. 

Part of being an Ascended Master is service. Part of Ascending into your divine being is service. Service is giving of yourself, your time, and your energy to help others without thought of reward. The Masters whole existence is to help humanity Ascend and they work to make life easier and clearer. Mother Teresa comes foremost in my mind as a modern-day example. She served on a huge scale. What a loving compassionate being. As part of your own ascension process, look at how you can serve. 

When we first seek to serve, we come across lessons. The world can be divided into two groups: the givers and the takers. The givers naturally serve; it is part of their being and they want to rescue. The takers naturally take; it is part of their being and they feel the world owes them. The lesson for givers revolve around not feeling used and feeling taken advantage of. The lesson for takers who are moving into service, is to not feel magnanimous and egotistical. There are huge lessons in service and the end attribute is humility. 

Chananda and Eros have asked to be added to the 24-hour healings. A 24-hour healing with a single Master is the next level up from the free healings. In the 24-hour sessions, the Master will work on an aspect of healing, usually around life patterns. It is a wonderful way to have a closer connection with the Masters and with the Cosmic Masters, like Eros, Buddha, Omri-tas, and Chananda who don't often stand with people. The list is long. Have a look at it and be adventurous. Give the Masters a go as they are lining up to help you on your path. Click here. 


8th October 2014 

Joy is one of the aspects of the 2nd ray. So, it was a surprise to see Ares (god of War and a 2nd ray cosmic Master) appear front and centre for this week’s healing. How can a god of War with so much power be so gentle and so full of joy? The 2nd ray is the yellow ray of Wisdom, Joy, and Lightness of Being. It's the fun ray. It shows me historical titles can so misrepresent the Being. Ares colours are yellow and silver. Silver is the masculine side of divinity, just as gold is the feminine side of divinity. Those receiving healing on Wednesday got a shake up. He showed me his vibration moving through those needing healing; it caused the cells of all bodies to vibrate faster and release unwanted dross.  

Today there are many, many Ascended Masters gathering in the portal. They are waiting for someone, like a line of reception and little conversations happen here and there. Also, my head is about to explode, which is always a sign a cosmic master is approaching or is in the portal. 

The Masters continue their service with Waireti and I to clear all of the land-based entities from New Zealand. We are told all areas north of Hamilton, except for Auckland, will be clear of land entities by this Saturday. After New Zealand is complete, we move to Texas in the USA to clear the land there. They are doing good work. 

Waireti and I are experiencing the ascension symptom of tiredness at the moment. Not just ‘plug pulled’ tired, but a feeling that the body is too heavy. Opening our eyes is an effort. There are many ascension symptoms, but at the base of all of these symptoms is the battle of the physical body to keep up with the rising vibrations as we Ascend. Our bodies are designed for a physical reality so they struggle with ascension. The higher we Ascend, the harder it becomes for our physical bodies. The physical body is the temple for the Higher Self at the 6th initiation. Prepare it well. 

Blessings on your week. May the love of the Masters surround you.


15th October 2014 

Hilarion, Ganesh, Ptah, and the Deva of Joy are in the portal for today’s free healing. The portal is green and orange swirls - every green and every orange. They seem to be having a fun day. Fun isn't something we attribute to the 5th ray; the 5th ray is the ray of knowledge and truth. They show me the heavy energy of those receiving healing - all their dross, all their pain, all their suffering. So, they are injecting some lightness into everyone - a raising of energy - and that must be fun! I hope you feel the bubbles of joy rising. 

Many years ago, Sanat Kumara taught me a technique to assist with a clearer connection with the Ascended Masters. I called it the torus technique because that is how he started the process of teaching, by showing me a torus. I have made this technique free and available via my website, but up until now it has only been in the form of written instructions. AmayahGrace has kindly gifted us a recording of the Torus technique, so now you can also hear it. It does make it easier to understand when you hear it. Here is the link to the read and hear the technique. This technique will take you into unity consciousness, so it’s great for groups to use as well. 

On my Facebook page ‘Ascended Masters’, I posted some areas that different Masters can be called upon to help with. I'm reprinting it here, as it is quite useful. Of course, all Masters help in all areas, these are just a few indicators of the Masters personal energy.

EL Morya - focus
St John the Baptist - balance and mediation
Dom Ignacio - physical body healing
St Germain - change
Mother Mary - compassion
Amen Bey - protection
Ptah - protection
Pallas Athena - personal power
Ganesh - healing of inner scars
Kuan Yin - emotional body healing
Serapis Bey - mental body healing
Lakshmi - prosperity
Lady Nada - inner child
Jesus - joy, lightness of being, healing, devotion
Lao Tze - joy
Kuthumi - moving from mind to heart, animal healing
Hilarion - healing
Isis - devotion
Paul the Venetian – creativity 

The Earth entity removal continues. The Masters began clearing entities from the Auckland area today. There are now three teams of Ascended Masters removing entities from the Mother Earth. We can feel her Joy. After Saturday, the area from Hamilton to the top of New Zealand will be cleared of Earth entities. I can't thank the Masters enough for this wonderful service.  

Last week I asked if any of you want to contribute to the Earth clearing by the Masters. We would love to receive a road map of your state or area. We had several emails suggesting internet maps; thank you for the suggestions, but we need the detail of a road map. This is a long project. It has taken the Masters about six weeks to do 53,000 square kilometers. New Zealand is 265,000 square kilometres in total. After New Zealand, the Masters move to clear the land in Texas. Texas is two and half times bigger than New Zealand, so you begin to see the detail and time scale the Masters are addressing. Hopefully they will get faster as time goes by and hopefully more Ascended Master teams step forward to help, but this project won't happen in a day. As much as many people feel the Masters just need to snap their fingers and it's done, this isn't the case. Care and attention to detail are the way they are clearing the land. 

We have more Archangel Michael flatstones and stones available for those wanting him within their auric field - chevron amethyst, lapis, rose quartz, Tibetan quartz, and cracked quartz.


22nd October 2014 

Today the Healing Temple in the portal is gold and cream - a rich blend of energy. This is Eros, the god of Love; his colours are gold and cream. Today he is working with those who have stepped forward for healing. He is working on left brain issues (the analytical, masculine side). He is helping to create the balance we need with left brain traits - not too much, not too little. 

The other day, through a comedy of errors, I was locked out of the house for about ninety minutes. So, I went and sat beside the portal, pleased at the unexpected gift of just sitting and being with the Masters. Lao Tze was there and highly amused. He entertained me with various ideas of getting inside, all of which he demonstrated and none of which I am capable of since I have a physical body. He smiled and laughed and reminded me of the simple joys in life. If you come across Lao Tze in your meditations, he is always laughing or smiling. He is likely to be wearing a martial arts type outfit or loose pants and a tank top. He is balding and his long hair is pulled back and plaited. He is a 2nd ray Master, the ray of Wisdom, Joy, and lightness of Being. He is an example of all of these. His aura is yellow shards, like a star. 

Let's move on to the basics of Ascension. This is something the Masters want made clear for all - it is simple. Ascension isn't a difficult process. 

The Ascended Masters are here to help humanity Ascend. Ascension is the raising of your vibration. When your vibration rises, so does your consciousness. As we ascend, there are milestones we reach called initiations. The goal is the 5th initiation. When this initiation is passed, all karma is paid and the person has no more lives in body. They leave the cycle of rebirth, all ties with the Mother Earth are severed by her, and the person moves into the realm of the Father. 

How do we Ascend? Ascension is about paying karma. The more karma you clear from your chakras, the greater the amount of light is in your chakras - hence Ascension. Rather like being weighted down under water, you rise closer to the surface as you release weight. Karma is your weight and the surface is the 5th initiation. 

In the process of paying karma and ascending, we also work on the attributes that help us to earn less karma on a daily basis - like unconditional love, compassion, humility, integrity, honesty, forgiveness, joy, service, etc. 

So, what have the Ascended Masters got to do with our ascension process? Well, nothing really, as we Ascend by ourselves. It's your karma and you must pay it, but having walked this path themselves, they know the pain and suffering we all endure. They look at us in our entirety. They know and see us better than we know and see ourselves, and in this truth, they see where they can help. They see our limitations, they see our blockages, they see the stories we cling to and the karma we have. They know if they clear a little dross here and heal a blockage there that our ascension process will be smoother and faster. They are doing these things via their portal in New Zealand. 

So, what makes the Ascended Masters’ portal so important? It brings the Masters closer to this physical world, close enough that they don't need to manifest a body and yet can still help. Part of the helping process is facilitated by Waireti and me; we were chosen many lifetimes ago back in Atlantis to be the ones who would be here at this time. We would help the Masters build this portal at this time and we would be their feet on the ground. To help facilitate this, Waireti received the gift of dimensional sight and I received two crown chakras - one just for the Masters to utilise. As the portal was being built by the Masters over three years, they opened a mini portal link in my sacred heart and in my hands, so I am linked into the Ascended Masters’ portal via these mini portals and my 2nd crown chakra wherever I go. This in turn gives me the ability to bring people into the portal for healing with the Masters; I am the go-between. Waireti works with the Masters in a way that is unique to her gifts. 

At the end of the day, your ascension is a unique process. How you choose to Ascend - the process, time frame, and karma - are all yours. Just know the Masters and us are here to help. 

Now moving onto healing for animals. 

Kuthumi has imprinted healing into cotton throws for your pets. They work the same way as the healing shawls. We have searched for a long time to find a suitable vehicle for Kuthumi's healing and we finally came upon these throws. They are soft cotton on one side and cotton toweling on the other. They measure just under 2 metres by 1 metre, so they will fit some large animals, but are thin enough to fold easily for smaller pets. 

The Masters continue to clear the entities from the land in New Zealand, a long task. Just to clarify, they are only removing the entities, they are not clearing the energy of the land. Also, in the last entry, I asked for donations of old maps of your state, country, or province. I meant a road map because these are gridded and show roads, towns, and cities. The Masters are clearing the land inch by inch so the more detail the better. 

For all those in New Zealand, the Masters have cleared the land of entities from Wairake (just above Taupo) to the tip of the North Island. Today they start on the section from Mokau in the west, Taupo and Gisborne in the east, down to Mount Egmont in the West, and across to below Wairoa in the east. 

Blessings on your week, may it be filled with Joy. 


31st October 2014 

Serapis Bey was the Ascended Master healer on Wednesday for the free healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal. Serapis Bey is Chohan of the 4th ray, the ray of harmony through conflict. He is continuing on from last week's healing topic of the left-brain attributes. He said left brain energy is heavy and contributes to keeping a person's vibration down. So again, the Masters are looking at the topic of ‘lightening up’ to rise up in vibration. 

Lightening up is a common theme in ascension, just because we can be so hard on ourselves. Many of those who are consciously Ascending seek to perfect the imperfect self. This is serious business to them, but as we (the collective) Ascend and pass various initiations, we are realising the perfected being is a virtual myth. The Ascended Masters are working at perfecting themselves at their level. I am shown that the issues are the same with the Masters and they deal with the subtleties. For example, someone at the 1st initiation has a lesser awareness of Love’s complexities than someone understanding Love at the 5th initiation. Furthermore, the understanding of Love by a Master is at an even greater depth than someone at the 5th initiation and your Christ Light (the Ascended Masters’ Higher Self) understands at an even greater depth. So, expecting ourselves to reach perfection while in the limiting form of the physical body is just not going to happen. We can strive to improve ourselves, but there is no point in beating up on ourselves for not attaining a false perfection we envision for ourselves. The path of perfection is ongoing and who knows where it leads and when it ends.  

Now back to the theme of the basics of ascension from last week. The Masters explain that the initiations are based on karma and light. A chakra has a potential capacity of 100% light. For most people, a chakra contains both light and dark (karma). Initiations are based on light percentages in all seven major chakras.

So, to break it down: 1st initiation is 80% karma and 20% light in each of the 7 chakras, 2nd initiation is 60% karma and 40% light, 3rd initiation is 40% karma and 60% light, 4th initiation is 20% karma and 80% light and the 5th initiation is 100% light and no karma left - meaning the person leaves the cycle of rebirth and has no more lives on this physical plane unless they choose too.  

An interesting side issue regarding the chakras and karma relates to children. On a basic level (and there are always exceptions), most children have 100% light in their chakras when they are born. Once they are born, a few things happen: the child's earth star uploads all its past lives into the soul seat and the soul continues the process of uploading into the body for the duration of the life. 

The accrued karma from all these past lives starts to gradually filter into the chakras. The karma can take up until the child is 13 or 14 years old to fully download into the chakras. The burden is less intense and allows for karma to be paid in little increments before they reach 13 or 14. A good example of a child paying karma from previous lives is breaking a bone. 

Now onto the Ascended Masters service of clearing entities from the earth. At the moment, we are working on the area south of Palmerston North and Woodville (across the island) and from there north to the Desert Road and across the island. That is inclusive of Napier and Hastings.


7th November 2014 

Wednesday saw Ganesh and Hilarion sharing the healing list. This was a general healing session. So, the Masters looked at you all individually (if you were on the healing list) and cleared and healed something they felt could leave your energy field. 

Hilarion just cleared up an issue for me that has bothered me and others for some time. I sometimes get a pushing feeling on the top of my head, like a weight is pushing down - it's Hilarion! A new way of saying he is closer and coming closer. 

We can have many Masters with us in these times. I would like to make clear the difference between the Masters you work with and the ray Masters. The ray Masters are there for you and only you - they are with you to help you with your ascension, soul ray lessons, and life lessons. These are usually not the Masters who you may work with in your healing practices, readings, channelings, etc., though your ray Master might be the Master someone else works with. So, when you ask us for your Ascension Master (soul ray Master), we are giving you the name of the Master who is there to help you in your ascension. So please don't be concerned when this is not the Master you work with in your healing practise. Once you know the name of your ascension Master, open your heart to the Master and welcome them. This simple practice will strengthen the link between you both. Don't be concerned if this is a Master you don't know or haven't heard of. 

In my emails I have the line, ‘Claim your divinity, not your humanity’. This line was given to me by Serapis Bey, the Master of harmony through conflict. An apt line as we humans battle most with ourselves. We judge and berate ourselves for our humanity. By our very nature though, we are human and we are fallible. We will have emotions and we will have negative thoughts. Not one of us is perfect or will ever be perfect in this human form. The divinity within us is not this physical being, but rather our Higher Self, and on a deeper level, our Christ Light. The Masters are asking us to claim our potential and not focus on that which we cannot change. Our humanity will always be our limitation, so be kind to yourself as you Ascend. You will have kinder thoughts, the love will rise in you and emanate out, and the joy will bubble up as you Ascend, but you will still experience anger, grief, suffering and negative thoughts. Be kind to yourself and others when you or they act, speak or think in a way you feel is not worthy of the aspirations of divinity. We cannot escape our humanity, for it is our training ground towards perfection and it provides the battlefield of knowing right from wrong and light from dark. 

Many of you are experiencing anger as you Ascend. Anger is a pure emotion. It is an emotion of truth. There are four pure emotions: anger, joy, sadness and fear. So, don't berate yourself for feeling in truth, though to act negatively on any emotion (pure or otherwise) usually means we are creating karma. So again, be kind to yourself for having human feelings. The battle ground is how you deal with what arises within you. 

We have a new selection of healing shawls online - light and soft wool, cashmere, cotton, modal, and silk. A few are light enough to be worn as scarves when out and about. There are also two new crystal portals - a St. John the Baptist crystal portal Waireti calls ‘exquisite energy’ and a Melchizedek crystal portal, which we both admit is ‘powerful’. 

The Masters have completed removing the entities from the North Island of New Zealand and now move to the top of the South Island. They have started new teams working in Texas, in the U.S. They have cleared entities from the earth in west of Texas in the region of the city of El Paso.


20th November 2014 

Sorry for the delay. Waireti and I are out of New Zealand, and while the portal and the store are all still working, finding the internet and time to stop and write isn't as easy. 

First to the Wednesday healing. Last week we had St. Germain and Kuan Yin. This week we had Dom Ignacio, Thomas Merton, and Mother Mary facilitating the healing in the portal. 

At the moment, Waireti and I are paying a flying visit to Britain for family reasons. And while our time is limited, we listened when suggestions were made to visit Avebury and then Glastonbury. We have never visited either and had heard much about these places. Here is what I discovered and what Waireti saw. 


I felt the energy about 15-20 minutes before we arrived. It was exciting. A spiritual adventure - many of you will know exactly what I mean. We were met by a family friend who has been visiting the stones for over twenty years. As Waireti said, this was my place. I ‘knew’ and saw the flows of energy between the stones, or rather the Devas. Each stone is placed where a Deva resides, and even in the places where there is no stone, the Deva is still present. The Devas are both male and female and are individualised. The energy lines of connection connect as a whole and in smaller groups. There are connections of energy above and below the ground. Like a chakra system, there are hubs of blue energy through which lines of energy meet and travel. In the centre of the system is a single hub of energy, which is overseen by a single Deva. I would call him a grandfather Deva, but he is really much more than this. All I could ask as we walked around was why? Why was it created? It was sad to see the road through the centre of Avebury, though Waireti confirmed it didn't seem to alter the flow of energy at all. 

What a brilliant and sacred place. The Devas reside there. You can feel them, touch them, and commune with them. So sacred. So special. Waireti walked around with her mouth open the whole time. 

There is an avenue of stones to one side. I could see this was not energetically linked to the stone circle and was added by later inhabitants of the area. Waireti confirmed this as well. 

Silbury Hill is also close by. We could see this had a blue column of energy running from way above it down into the earth in a central column. What this means or does was not forthcoming from the Masters, though it appeared that the hill was a containment for the energy. 

The next adventure was meant to be Glastonbury. We were disappointed. The Tor had no visible energy except for a line from the top of the Tor to a single spot in the Abbey. As we got closer to the Abbey, I began to feel the same pull I felt in Avebury. I expected to find Devas in the Abbey grounds, but there was nothing. I did manage to find the single spot which linked the line of energy from the Tor to the Abbey. This was in an obscure place under a wall foundation. Here a vortex of energy went down into the earth and linked through to Avebury. Waireti wasn't interested in Glastonbury at all. She did confirm she could see a faint line of energy from Glastonbury to Avebury and the vortex of energy down into the ground. To me it was quite strong, but perhaps that was because I had stood in both spots (Avebury and Glastonbury) within 24 hours and could follow the flow of energy. 

We would like to see another stone circle perhaps on another visit to the UK and see if there are energetic similarities. 


29th November 2014 

We are back at the portal. It is so good to be here. Words can't describe the sense of peace and tranquility that encases us after the frenetic energies of the last few weeks. The plants in the portal have doubled in height (and the weeds have tripled in height…always the way!), but this brought out a plethora of fairies. They are delighting in the wild growth. The Masters embraced us with their loving energy and all was well in the world. 

Healing was given to those on the healing list by Hilarion and Serapis Bey this last Wednesday. The green energy of Hilarion and the pure white energy of Serapis Bey gave a fresh feeling to the healing. Clearing and renewal were the energies of the session. 

Where to start. Waireti and I would be portal hermits if we could, so while we’re away, it is always a joy to see the known…St. Germain sitting balancing on a fence as we whizzed by in car…Jesus at bus stops. We had out eye out for angelic hosts while in Britain, but we only had the privilege of seeing one host. One of my family members lives near Highgrove, Prince Charles’ home. We saw a beautiful host of golden angels over his home and estate. No wonder he likes to stay close to home, with these beautiful beings watching over him and his land. 

While in the UK, my sister expressed concern that she might have a negative guide (her term for a type of entity). What a brilliant way of looking at it. Her negative guide was making suggestions to her that was contradictory to her light and her innate inner way of being. Thank god she was alert. One protection grid is now in place.  

Over my lifetime, I have seen negative guides take control of people’s life, giving instructions on what to eat, where to live, how to act, to give up work, to leave relationships, jump through hoops, etc. - all suggestions contrary to the welfare of the person involved. The person involved usually believes this is a well-meaning guide when it is a form of entity (a.k.a a negative guide).  

You are the boss of your life. You get to choose how you live it. Don't surrender your freewill to the power of any being, for you are a Being in your own right. Be in your own power.


4th December 2014 

Hilarion and Pallas Athena - forest green and royal purple blended in harmony - were in this week’s free healing in the Ascended Masters’ portal. They step forward to give healing to those on the list on the issues of self-truth and being truthful with self. Wow, that's a big one. To look at one’s self in truth and acknowledge our own flaws and lessons, and in in knowing ourselves in truth, loving ourselves unconditionally. We are hardest on ourselves. We can all be great at seeing the flaws in others, but in ourselves, not so much. It takes courage to come into a place of truth, so today’s healing includes the Deva of Courage, for without the animating force of the Deva, courage wouldn't take hold within us.  

As you know, I have passed the 6th initiation. The tests continue as they always do on the path. The latest one was minor and major all at the same time. From time to time I get an abusive email. Up until now, I've been pretty good at minimising the effects, but abuse is abuse. I had one this week and I felt nothing/zero. There was nothing there at all. Then I heard my Higher Self start to laugh. It was rather lovely really, but I must admit to being mystified as to why. It was the laugh of a proud parent - Verna finally got it. The test was to have no feeling, reaction, or judgement to a negative experience. I'm told that was a huge leap forward and allowed my Higher Self to come further into body. There will always be people who want to attack and vilify us the higher we Ascend. The lesson is not to get caught in their story.  

Just as a reminder, the Masters are clearing the entities from the Land, not the energy. So, the negative energy from battles and past events are still in the land, it’s just the entities that are going. Perhaps the Masters will get to the energies eventually. One step at a time. All of New Zealand has been cleared of land entities except for Stewart Island, which they are working on at this time. They are also working on Texas in the United States and have cleared the western most section from El Paso in the west, to a line running south through Kermit and Fort Stockton down to the border.


10th December 2014 

The Ascended Master Hilarion is contributing to this week's diary via my second crown chakra. 

The Healing Masters this week are Mother Mary and Jesus, with a singing support trio of Archangel Michael, Dom Ignacio, and White Tara. The healing this week is between mother and child and the trio are singing in the change. The healing today is for all those children present in the healing (which is everyone), for we’ve all had or have mothers. In turn, this healing is for all the mothers who need healing with their children. 

The topic we are addressing this week is the Ascended Masters and their place in the cycle of ascension.  

There have been Beings of Light since the beginning of creation. The original Beings of Light watched over the various groups of life, waiting for the moment of consciousness towards ascension. It is from these emerging groups of life (in all the universes, in all the galaxies, and across all dimensions) that the Ascended Masters began to emerge. An Ascended Master is someone who leaves the cycle of rebirth through their own efforts and is no longer bound to a physical life. 

As these early Ascended Masters progressed through their ascension, they became Cosmic Masters, gods, and goddesses. As time passed and they Ascended even further, they returned to the source of all Light. Now those original Beings have been gone from awareness for a time beyond comprehension, but the process of ascension still remains. The process of ascension continues with new Masters arriving and others moving back to the source of Light, in an ever-flowing stream of ascension. 

When did you first have an association with the Ascended Masters? Since the beginning of your creation. For they are always aware and always watching those who come behind them. The Masters are not a new fad, they have always been here as those who show the way. They are known in past lives as the gods you worshipped: Ra, Shiva, Vishnu…and then the demi gods: Pallas Athena, Isis, and Anubis. There are also those that have Ascended in the last three thousand years or so: St. John the Baptist, Buddha, and Hilarion. Even more recent is Thomas Merton in the last 45 years or so. The list is long. You will have no conscious awareness of many of those on the list, but they all know you, in the oneness of all. 

When did you first know them in your past lives? Perhaps when you first worshipped, for all worship has to do with a higher power that is familiar. Perhaps it was when you listened to stories of the ancient ones, for stories of the Masters were present all through time…stories remembered, forgotten, and created anew. The cycle of life and ascension are always intertwined and always continue. 

The project of clearing entities from within our beloved Mother Earth continues. New Zealand is completely clear of entities within the body of the Mother. Entities still exist above the ground, but she is clear below. The next step is to clear the energy of the land of New Zealand, for the entities are not the energy. This is done with the permission of Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), for it is her body. When the land returns once more to its original purity, the land will be blessed by the Masters and this place of purity will be reclaimed by the Mother. How long before it is complete? Thirty days from beginning to end, or as St. Germain says, 21 days plus 9 days.  

The Masters continue to work on clearing the entities from the Mother Earth in Texas and now they are starting on Hawaii. Remember, this is removing the entities from both places, not the negative energy. After Hawaii, the Masters move to Denmark. 

Clarification was requested around the mental body.  The mental body, the mind, and the brain are all different. The mental body is where our patterns of being are stored - patterns of thinking, patterns of behavior, and patterns of energy flow. Blockages in the mental body affect our thinking behaviour and energy flow. We all come through with a mental body pattern that is unique and perfect for us to complete our life lessons and karma.


17th December 2014 

Pallas Athena, Isis, Lady Nada, Inanna, Amaterasu, Sitatapatra, and Vesta are the seven goddesses in the portal today. Healing day is goddess day. Each of those on the free healing list has been assigned to a single goddess. The 15-20 minutes of healing they receive comes from a single goddess, not all of them. 

From the beginning of my spiritual journey in my early teens, I started to read spiritual books. These books ranged from deep and esoteric, to psychic phenomena, to healing, to angels, and so on. These ranged from ancient texts, to texts from the 1800’s, to current concepts and ideas. I realised everyone had a voice and every voice was different. Truths differed from book to book. By my mid-twenties, I was at the stage where I would pick up a book, know if the vibration was high, and ask my Higher Self for the truth I needed to see. Of course, the book would open at the right page. But today, with YouTube, kindle, and social media, the voices are so loud and so long that there is no way to flip to a page and extract what is needed and relevant. The seekers of today have a very hard time sorting through what is relevant to them. I feel that the more that is said, the less that is heard. The voices of truth are getting lost in the sea of mediocrity, hype, and mis-information…fad following fad, fake truth following and building on the last one, creating a mountain of misinformation.   

I say to everyone: be discerning. Learn to sift through this information and reject instantly what doesn’t sit with you. How does it make you feel?  Do you feel lighter just by reading it or hearing it? Trust in your inner voice. Listen to the heart of the person speaking, not their head. In turn, listen to your own heart.  

As I grew older, I stopped reading spiritual books as the journey within was giving me the answers I was seeking. My guides, my Higher Self, and most of all my Ascended Master team helped to direct and teach me. In turn, this gave me the freedom to not conform to a single belief system or set of truths. It also gave me the freedom to throw away a lot of beliefs that no longer sat with my Highest good. 

This was when a Master said, “All the knowledge in the world doesn’t get you one step closer to God”. The Master was referring to the journey within, the ascension path, and the ascension into your own Christ light. The pathway to ascension is within the Sacred Heart and then the Holy Heart, not knowledge or fads.  

Look at those you are unsure of - are they speaking from head or the heart? Your heart will show you. When they speak from the head/mind, they have a long way to go. When they speak from the heart, then they have something for you to listen to. It might not be a truth for you, but it is always worth the time. Learn to know who the heart people are.  As your vibration rises and you pass the higher initiations, the heart people will be the ones you are drawn to. Trust in you! 

The project of removing the entities from the body of the Mother Earth continues. All of Denmark will be complete by this Monday. Hawaii is complete now. The Masters have indicated they will start the process of clearing negative energy from the land and blessing the land for Denmark and Hawaii from Wednesday of next week. Texas continues to be cleared. The Masters will have cleared entities from the earth from the El Paso border to the line from Crystal city in the south to Quanah in the North of Texas by next Monday.


24th December 2014 

This is my last diary entry for 2014. The next entry will be around January 7th 2015.

 Thank you for sharing this past year with us. Waireti and I have, as always, met so many people throughout the year, some briefly, some we have gotten to know well, and others are old faces continuing their ascension journey with us. Some of you come to read and just be in the energy of the website, but we feel your energies and know you are there. Regardless of who you are, our love goes out to you always. We hope you all will continue to grow and Ascend with us and the Masters, as we too continue the ascension process with them. 

The healing Masters this week are Jesus and Dom Ignacio. They have a very interesting suction energy going on, like they are pulling those energies that are stuck from each person. 

I had the most feedback ever regarding last week's diary entry. I'm glad so many of you got something from it. There has been a saying circulating for many many years, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” I'd like to change it a little... “You are the one you have been waiting for.” 

With all the external spiritual information that bombards those on the path, it is easy to see others as more advanced, more knowledgeable, more prepared, more aware, more awake...the list goes on. It is easy to put these people on pedestals. This week Jesus showed me the pedestal being knocked over and everyone on a flat surface. This is so true. No one is greater or lesser; we are all students and we are all teachers. Jesus said, "When the heart opens, the ears open too." Meaning when in the heart, we hear the teachings of others around us - our children, our friends, a chance encounter. Be open to the universe being your teacher and you in turn being part of that universal school of equality, where everyone is both student and teacher. 

From time to time I share snippets from emails I get. This latest email comes from a lady in Britain: 

 I was gazing (as I often do) at the Masters’ energy/colours on your website and guess what!? When I looked at Pallas Athena’s ‘picture', her face formed! I looked away, thinking I’d imagined it, and when I looked again, her face was still there!  WOW!  Lots of vivid colours, like orbs floating from the ‘picture’. Same with Hilarion - especially vivid pink, which surprised me!  Needed to share that, cos it’s so exciting the way the ‘portal pictures' keep ‘evolving’ as time goes by, always showing something different. 

The pictures referred to are portals for the Masters energy to flow through 24/7. Much good can be received by just sitting in front of them. You can look at them on this page, click here.  

Waireti and I can feel the energy of change around us as 2014 draws to a close. The Masters are stepping it up and so we too need to step up to stay in the flow with them. At this time of commitments with family, we are also juggling alone time with the Masters as they indicate what they want us to do. I'm also aware that I only sent two newsletters this year - an indication of how busy we are. As of this moment, I know 38 have passed the 4th initiation with us so far and 12 have passed the 5th initiation. Those numbers will increase by 2 more within the next few days and weeks. Some of those who passed the 5th initiation this year are racing towards the 6th initiation next year.  

To end this year's diary, I can say the Masters have started the clearing and blessing of the land in Denmark and Hawaii and they will be finished by the 26th of December. A lovely New Year's present to the people of both these lands. New Zealand still continues in the process of clearing and blessing the land and Texas is still in the process of the Masters clearing the land-based entities from the land. They are now working on the area from Wichita Falls to Marble Falls and back to the west, meeting the border of the land that had been cleared of land-based entities already. 

Blessings to you all this holiday season - marked not by a religion, but by the open hearts of you and everyone else around the world as your love goes out to many. In doing so, you all Light the world in a very special way. May your Love continue to be a Light for many. 


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