Wounded Teen distant healing


The teens years can be traumatic for many of us.

This session is for you from your 14th birthday to the day before your 21st birthday.

In this distant healing session the Ascended Master Maru-ata supported by four Ascended Masters and an Archangel, will take you into his healing temple, there they travel back in time to the day of your 14th birthday. Then week by week to the day before you were 21, Maru-ata will heal and clear all the blockages and issues he encounters. Verna will be the physical anchor and link between you both. She will monitor the session for about 15 minutes and then she stands back and Maru-ata continues with the Masters. The session can be two hours long. 

This is not a channeled session, Verna creates a direct link between Master and recipient.



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