earthand-moon.jpgWorld Wide Land Clearing and Land Blessing

The Masters have started a world-wide project of land clearing and Blessing.

There are Four teams of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and Devas working together to clear the body of our Mother Earth (Papatuanuku) of all that ancient and new energies that reside within her body. These negative energies are holding her back in her own ascension process.

Each group works with a single country in a three part process. First they remove negative entities from the land, from the body of our Mother Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), then they clear the land of all negative energies, ancient and new, and then they bless the land.

This process will clear and awaken ancient energy centres, clear Mother Earth's energy channels and chakras, and generally assist in her ascension process. This is an on-going task around the world which will take many years to complete.


To date the Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels and devas have removed entities, cleared the land and Blessed the lands of...

World - New Zealand, Denmark, Yemen, England, Italy, Greece, Singapore, France, Kuwait, Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, Germany, India, Argentina,Turkey, South Africa, Lesotho, Israel, Palestine and Gaza, Japan, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, North Korea, Pakistan, Central District of Russia, Romania, all the islands in the Caribbean from Trinadad and Tobago in the south to the Bahamas in the North, this includes Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Iraq, Syria, Scotland, Oman, Croatia, Bolivia, Tibet, Jordan, Vietnam, Lebanon, Libya, Ireland, Sweden

States of Australia - NSW, Victoria and ACT

States of USA - California, Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, New York, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland,

States of Canada - Alberta and Ontario

Provinces of China - Liaoning and Jilin

In Progress 

The countries the Masters are removing entities from the land at this time are...


To date they have removed entities only from the land, and are starting the clearing and Blessing process in...

Southern Federal District (Russia), Ethiopia, USA state of Minnesota and Alaska, Madagascar,  


Not Yet Started

We still need to start the process for

States of USA - Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Dakota, Ohio, West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Oklahoma

States of Canada - Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, Yukon, Northern Territories, Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

World - Bahrain, Qatar, Wales, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Albania, Austria, Fiji, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Spain, Norway, Finland, Iceland, China, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Equador, Columbia and Cameroon, Mexico - to name a few.