Violet Flame Spray - water based


The Violet Flame spray transmutes all negative vibration and raises vibration.

This powerful and pure spray is bought to you from the source of Violet Flame by Ascended Master St Germain, Ascended Master Ra-mun, with the Masters of the Violet Flame, Angels and Devas of the Violet Flame, and manifested within the portal of the Ascended Masters.

How is this Violet Flame spray different to the Violet Flame you can manifest around yourself? We can manifest the flame to the level of our own ascension, the Masters have manifested the flame to the level of their Ascension. Also being in water, it is now present in this dimension and so can work in the physical.

This spray is specifically made to clear the energy in healing rooms, meeting rooms, hospitals, cars and offices. It can be used in the aura of children, pets and adults. Also it will clear the energy in crystals. This is powerful.

Water based - 50ml.

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