rays-of-incarnation.jpgThe study of the rays has been undertaken by many – Alice Bailey and Elizabeth Prophet spring to mind – both providing contradictory information. There is a plethora of information available on the internet, again all contradictory and for the most part supporting either Bailey or Prophet. Among all this confusion, we here at the Ascended Masters portal because of the Masters work with the rays, have undertaken an empirical study of the rays. We have also been assisted in understanding what we see, by the Masters themselves, but most comforting of all the evidence of our own eyes and studies. We are becoming aware of the enormity of this topic. So here we present a little of what we have discovered through personal observation and from the Masters teachings.

What is a Ray of Incarnation?

These are the energy manifestations of the attributes of God, individualised and focused within the universe and within every person. It is commonly believed there are seven rays of incarnation, but we have seen there are really eight rays of incarnation.

When we incarnate into each life, we are born with five of these rays. We see them in people’s auras. These five rays help manifest the life and spiritual lessons we are here to learn to attain within that ray. The Masters have taught those of us here at their portal in New Zealand, where to look in the aura for these five rays and how to identify them in the various energy bodies.

The Eight Rays

  • The First ray – the blue, red and silver ray – the ray of personal power vs god’s power, god’s will over the personal will, focus, direction, the masculine energy of the universe, the divinity of the god energy. The ray of the blue flame.
  • The Second ray – the yellow ray – the ray of Wisdom, Joy, Lightness of Being. The ray of the yellow flame.
  • The Third ray – the pink ray – the ray of unconditional love, compassion, faith and trust. The ray of the pink flame.
  • The Fourth ray – the white ray – the ray of harmony, harmony through conflict, inner harmony, harmony with self and others, the nexus for change. The ray of the white flame.
  • The Fifth ray – the green and orange ray – the ray of healing, teaching, truth, inner truth, the journey within to know self, the ultimate realisation that Self is the only teacher, and the journey is internal not external. To honour the truth of others as well as our own. The ray of the green flame.
  • The Sixth ray – the purple, ruby and gold ray – the ray of devotion and of the goddess. The feminine energy of the universe, the divinity of the goddess. Ultimately to live in devotion to our own Higher Self and Christ Light and the HS and Christ Light of others. The ray of the ruby flame.
  • The Seventh ray – the violet ray – the ray of change, transformation and transmutation, magic, the inner change and transformation versus external change. The ray of the violet flame.
  • The Eighth ray – the rainbow ray – the ray is all the rays combined and shown as a rainbow colour.

Of all these eight rays – we incarnate with five of them each life time. The major ray we incarnate on is our ascension ray, more commonly known as the soul ray. This is also the ray of our Ascension teacher, an Ascended Master. Not only do we incarnate on a soul ray, but we also incarnate on four other rays as well - and these govern our personality. The next most important ray is our Life ray (aka Personality ray), this is the ray that influences the life we have come to live. From here there are three lesser rays that support the life ray – the mental, emotional and physical body rays.

The Five Rays of Incarnation

  1. our Ascension ray, also know as the soul ray (this is the ray also of our Ascension Master teacher and the most important ray) 
  2. life or personality ray (this is also the ray of our Life Teacher, for many the Master they are closest to).
  3. mental body - the ray of our mental body Master.
  4. emotional body ray - the ray of our emotional body Master.
  5. physical body ray - the ray of our physical body Master.

So in effect every single person on the planet is working on five rays each life time in a bid for Mastery of the rays, whether it is conscious or not. Most of humanity are not consciously ascending nor are they striving to leave the cycle of rebirth, they continue to incarnate life after life.

Each of these five rays is also linked to a specific ray Master according to the specific shade of the ray colour. So all of humanity at this time is energetically linked to five Ascended Masters. If you want to know your 5 rays of incarnation and the 5 Ascended Masters with you, order our 5 ray reading.

The rays and the Masters with them then have variations of colour. These colours can be seen in, The Masters and the Ray colours.