ascension-rays.jpgSome of the placements of the Archangels, Elohim, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters and ray colours will differ to other publications. Here at the Ascended Masters portal the Masters say, you will know us by our colours. The placement is based on the colours we see with each being. Some of the ray colours will differ as well. These we have been shown and taught by the Masters, now at the 7th initiation we see the colours clearly and seek to clarify past errors.

The First ray

Attributes - the ray of personal power vs god’s power, god’s will over the personal will, focus, balance, purpose, direction, the masculine energy of the universe, the divinity of the god energy
Colour – blue (divine masculine) red (divine feminine) and silver (divinity of the ray)
Flame - Blue
ArchangelArchangel Michael. The next two are different to other sites, we place them here because of their ray colours - Archeia Charity (her aura colours are blue and silver) Archangel Uzziel (his ray colours are many shades of blue)
Elohim – Hercules and Amazonia
Ascended Masters - El Morya, Melchizedek, Moses, St John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, Chananda,
Cosmic Masters - Metatron, Osiris, Sitatapatra, Vishnu and Mahakala

The 2nd ray

Attributes - the ray of Wisdom, Joy, Lightness of Being, patience, perception
Colour - yellow with a hint of orange (divine masculine of the ray) yellow (divine feminine of the ray)
Flame - yellow
ArchangelArchangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine
Elohim – Apollo and Lumina
Ascended Masters - Jesus, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and Lao Tze.
Cosmic Masters - Amaterasu, Krishna, Helios, Manjushri, Ares

The 3rd ray

Attributes - the ray of unconditional love, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, creativity, faith and trust
Colour - pink, bronze (divinity of the ray)
Flame - pink
ArchangelArchangel Chamuel, Archeia Faith (we place her here because her ray colour is copper, this is a 3rd ray colour) Archeia Hope (her ray colour is a soft pink).
ElohimHeros and Amora
Ascended Masters - Dom Ignacio, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Paul the Venetian, Ma'at
Cosmic MastersLakshmi

The 4th ray

Attributes - the ray of harmony, harmony through conflict, inner harmony, harmony with self and others, the nexus for change.
Colour - White
Flame – White Flame
ArchangelArchangel Gabriel
Elohim – Purity
Ascended Masters - Amen Bey, Serapis Bey
Cosmic Masters - Inanna

The 5th ray

Attributes - healing, teaching, truth, inner truth, the journey within to know self, the ultimate realisation that Higher Self is the only teacher, and the journey is internal not external, to honour the truth of others as well as our own.
Colour - green (divine masculine of the ray), orange (divine feminine of the ray)
Flame - green
ArchangelsArchangel Raphael and Archeia Ariel (her ray colour is orange with a wash of bright red)
Elohim – Cyclopea and Virginia to these we add Elohim Astrea, (her ray is orange with a thin white edge) and Elohim Cassiopea (her ray is orange with a thin yellow edge).
Ascended Masters - Hilarion, Ptah, St Anthony of Padua, Cha Ara.
Cosmic Masters - Amaryllis the goddess of Spring, Ganesh, Susan’oo

The 6th ray

Attributes - the ray of devotion and of the goddess, the feminine energy of the universe, the divinity of the goddess, ultimately to live in devotion to our own Higher Self and Christ Light and the HS and Christ Light of others, inner strength,
Colour – purple (divine masculine of the ray), ruby (divine feminine of the ray) gold (divinity of the ray)
Archangels – Archangel Uriel and Archeia Aurora
Elohim – Peace and Aloha
Ascended Masters - Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Isis, AnubisEros, Quetzalcoatl and Portia.
Cosmic Masters - Hathor

The 7th ray

Attributes – the ray of change, transformation and transmutation, magic, the inner change and transformation versus external change.
Flame – violet flame
Archangels – Archeia Amethyst
ElohimArcturus and Victoria
Ascended MastersSt Germain
Cosmic MastersRa-mun, Omri-tas

The 8th ray

Attributes - all the rays combined.
Colour – Rainbow
Flame – one of the hidden flames
Archangels – Archangel Zadkiel (his ray colour is rainbow)
Elohim - Elohim of the 8th ray (no name)
Ascended Masters - Maha Cohan,
Cosmic MastersWhite Tara, Sanat Kumara, Horus, Zaruthstra