The Ascended Masters portal was built by 108 Ascended Masters , Cosmic Masters, Archangels, Devas and Elohim. Of this group only 42 choose to walk with humanity as Ascension Ray teachers at this time. An Ascension ray teacher is linked to a person’s ascension ray / soul ray. The ascension teacher walks with a person for life (rarely changing). They are there for one reason only – Ascension.

Ten years ago most of humanity did not have an Ascension ray Master. The old adage applied – “When the student is ready the Master appears.” Now in these times with the Mother Earth herself ascending, these Masters have stepped forward to help all of humanity ascend. Every single person on this planet has an Ascension Master walk with them, regardless of their level of karma or initiation level.

We have over 7 billion people on this planet in body at this time, and only 42 Ascended Masters walking with people as Ascension teachers. Of course there are other Ascended Masters and Cosmic Masters assisting, but they have not stepped forward to take on the role of Ascension teacher. These teachers are connected to people via their soul ray.

The Masters are pushing for those who are willing, to actively work towards their own ascension and pass the 7th initiation. The 7th initiation is when a persons Higher Self comes into their form to become a Master in Body. This then gives the Masters much needed help by having Masters in body. They call these emerging helpers their “feet on the ground”.

42 Ascension Master Teachers

The 42 Ascension teachers are on one of eight rays, just as all of humanity are divided into one of these 8 rays. Though the division both ways is not equal.

Here are the 42 Ascension Masters. Your Ascension teacher is one of these.

First Ray – the blue, red and silver ray of God’s will and power has El Morya, Melchizedek, Metatron, Moses (Lord Ling), Osiris, Sitatapatra, Chananda, St John the Baptist, Thomas Merton, Vishnu and the Elohim Hercules.

Second Ray – the yellow ray of Wisdom, Joy and Lightness of Being has Jesus, Kuthumi, Hera, Amaterasu, Lord Lanto, Krishna and Lao Tze.

Third Ray – the pink ray of Unconditional Love has Dom Ignacio, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Paul the Venetian and Ma’at.

Fourth Ray – the White ray of Harmony through Conflict has Amen Bey, Serapis Bey and Inanna.

Fifth Ray – The green and orange ray of Healing, Truth and Knowledge has Amaryllis the goddess of Spring, Ganesh, Hilarion, Ptah, St Anthony of Padua and Susan’oo.

Sixth Ray - the purple, ruby and gold ray of the goddess and of Devotion has Hathor, Isis, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Eros and Portia.

Seventh Ray – the violet ray of transmutation and change has St Germain.

Eighth Ray – the rainbow ray (all of the previous 7 rays) has White Tara and Pele.

If you want to know your Ascension Master connected to your soul ray and the Masters with your 4 other rays we have a 5 ray reading and 5 Master reading

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