The 6th initiation occurs when the 5 hidden chakras - 8th chakra to 12th chakra are activated (this occurs naturally between the 5th and 6th initiations) and when the chakras 9-12 change to rainbow in colour. When this occurs the person will have no more dimensional lives, the Higher-Self will be anchored in the Holy Heart and the person has mastered all their fears. They will be coming to the realisation the lower-self is merely a construct of the Higher-Self and in this realisation the ego will be lessening.

The process of the 6th initiation can take between 3 weeks to several years from our observations to date. Each person is unique.

Here is the process for those beginning the 6th initiation.

  • For those who make it to the 6th initiation by themselves, then all dross in all the bodies needs to be gone for the initiation process to end, otherwise the initiation never ends. (All karma was cleared at the 5th) but dross can still remain in the bodies and be created after the 5th initiation. Part of the delay in the initiation process is the dross in the bodies. Those ascending with the Masters here at the portal have the advantage of having worked on this as part of their ongoing ascension process.
  • All dimensional lives are gone - of all the lives (dimensional souls of the Higher-Self) have returned to the Higher Self, you are the last one standing.
  • The Soul Seat can vibrate – you might feel it physically
  • Your personal crystal in the Sacred Heart receives all your past life records. It changes shape and colour and drops into the Celestial Star below your feet (The Celestial star is the new name for the Earth Star after the 5th initiation).
  • The Celestial Star turns from apex down to apex up.
  • The Celestial Star with the crystal disappears from beneath the feet and begins it's migration to it's final position above the 12th chakra.
  • A one centimetre thick skin appears around the Etheric body (this is to hold the physical body in form once the initiation occurs). This skin stays permanently to keep the physical body in form; otherwise the body couldn’t sustain the vibrations. I suspect the body would cease to exist. The skin may be one colour for the initiation and then change eventually to the colour of the ray of the Higher-Self. The Higher-Self is on its own ray.
  • The 8th chakra starts to pulsate. The 8th chakra is blue.
  • At the initiation the chakras 9-12 are all rainbow coloured.
  • The Celestial Star with the crystal appears in the soul seat – this can take some time between leaving its prior place beneath your feet. For some it travels up the chakras, one by one and for others it disappears to reappear in the soul seat. Where is goes between leaving the earth and arriving in the soul seat we don’t know. Waireti can’t see or find it in its transition.
  • The ray colour of the Higher-Self starts to merge with the aura on an emotional and mental body level. This will be your new ray of incarnation and will eventually be your one total colour.
  • The actual initiation occurs. The Higher-Self anchored itself in the Holy Heart and prepares to integrate into your lower form. At this time the 5 rays of incarnation of the initiate are removed, as all lessons are learnt, within the confines of those 5 rays with their Masters. These 5 rays are replaced with the single soul ray colour of the Higher-Self. In my case yellow (2nd ray)– my Higher-Self has a pale yellow ray colour and so this colour is seen in all my 5 rays. Though I did not determine this colour till some months after the initiation when it was shown to me by my Higher Self.
  • The Higher-Self is now your only teacher. The previous ray Masters have stepped back. All the Masters step back as teachers.
  • The Core Star (the doorway to dimensional lives) ceases to exist and is no longer part of the energy system of the body. There is no longer any link to other dimensions in this way.
  • The Celestial Star with the crystal leaves the energy centre of the soul seat and eventually appears above the 12th chakra, apex down. The Celestial Star keeps the Higher-Self and lower self in body. The initiation is over. You have passed the 6th initiation.
  • The soul seat becomes a vortex. All past lives are cleared and the record of them moves to the Celestial star for storage.
  • The 8th chakra has become the chakra of the next initiation.
  • A spinning disc of light appears between the crown chakra and the 8th chakra.
  • There may be a period of deep grief – at the initiation itself when the rays are changed, it means the death of an identity or a construct, and your rays contribute to who you are. The changing of the rays heralds in the rise of the Higher-Self and the bowing or submission of the lower self. It is also means the loss of the support team. It is just you and the Higher-Self. The Higher-Self is now your only teacher. This is a time of great change and upheaval.
  • The process of integrating and understanding the new rays is an ongoing process. Each Master has their own colour and the nuances of that colour apply to them as Beings. For you it will mean the start of an ongoing process of learning the nuances of your new ray in regards to your Higher-Self.
  • The assimilation continues for over a year. Do we feel any different? Yes and no. Life continues as normal, so routine and life help to feel normal, but there is the sense of separation and loss from old self. It is hard to put into words. I type, but I observe the typing, it's like life is on autopilot. Do I feel more connected to the Masters - no not really, the level of connection feels the same. But in saying that there is a gorgeous feeling of divinity that appears and goes – Higher-Self of course. There is a sense of peace.
  • The Higher-Self over the couple of years or longer will slowly merge into your form. The Holy Heart has a magnetic pull on the Higher-Self. The integration can be noticed The Higher Self descends and this can be noted as a percentage. When the Higher self is 100% in the Holy Heart the 7th initiation will begin.
  • Your Higher-Self has a teacher – he/she may step forward to introduce himself to you. My Higher-Self has Ares as his teacher. The teacher will also be on your new ray so is a further confirmation of the ray you have moved to.

So the checkpoints are -

  • The crystal in the Sacred Heart drops into the Celestial Star
  • The Celestial Star turns from Apex down to apex up
  • The Celestial Star leaves its position from below the feet to travel to the soul seat, usually up the chakras
  • The etheric body gets a 1cm skin to keep the cells of the body together.
  • The Celestial Star appears in the Soul Seat.
  • The Core Star disappears not to return.
  • The 5 rays have changed to the colour and ray of the Higher-Self.
  • The Celestial Star moves to its final position above head
  • When the Celestial Star arrives above the 12th chakra the initiation is complete.

The Process from 6th to 7th initiation

The process after the 6th initiation and before the 7th initiation is all about the Higher-Self coming into the physical body 100%. After the 6th initiation is complete, the lower and Higher-Self must co-exist as the transition occurs. Through this process the lower-self runs the body, does all the 3 D things, the Higher-Self takes this time to adjust to a world he/she has never experienced.

Remember, the lower self is a construct for this one life from a soul that has had many lives. The Higher-Self has overseen its many dimensional souls all with many lives. This soul of this lower self is the last one standing of all the dimensional souls the Higher-Self has been working with. The most important thing to remember is that you the lower-self are a construct for the purpose of the Higher-Self. (Here is a link to the article on Dimensional lives)

Once the initiation period is complete the period between the 6th and 7th initiation differs from person to person. The quickest has been 12 months, the longest is now over 4 years and still not there. This is your process, don't feel pressured, we all ascend in our own time.
The process of the 6th to 7th initiation is all about the Higher Self descending into body via your Holy Heart. So you will be doing your part and HS their part. It isn't all about you.
Your ascension is now measured by the percentage of HS in body. You will reach the 7th initiation when the HS is 100% in body.
Here at the Ascended Masters portal we do this measure monthly with those we are working with.

Having passed the 6th initiation you are now on a new ray (of perhaps one of your old 5 rays) - but now you have a colour that is specific to your Higher self. You are now on the ray of your Higher self and you have taken on this colour on all your 5 rays - ascension, life, mental body, emotional body and physical body rays. Your Higher Self will show you your unique colour and from knowing the colour you will know your new ray. This step is part of your own personal and sacred journey with your High Self. We are happy to confirm what you know, but we won't tell you.

It is also up to you to determine if your HS is male or female. Don't assume men have male Higher Selves and women have female Higher Selves. You have been either male of female in all of your past lives, but the Higher self has always been the same. You are a construct in each life.
The teacher of your Higher Self can also identify him or herself to you. They are always on the same ray as the Higher Self.