Protection grid expansion from the Archangels


The seven Archangels - Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Amethyst have stepped forward to give another layer of protection to your current protection grid created by the Ascended Masters.

The protection grid from the Ascended Masters is to remove entities, repair your aura and create a grid that protects you from entities attaching to feed off your aura and influence you via this connection. It also protects you from psychic attack from people who wish you energetic harm.

This additional protection from the Archangels is their contribution to help protect you from external unknown forces from the astral plane and universal negative forces that exert negative influence towards you and the planet. In the session they will also extract anything placed in your aura with ill intent such as implants.

The Archangels grid sits beyond the Masters protection grid and looks like a light filled weave of multi-colour threads. Each if the Archangels contribute one of the colours each.

The Archangels grid does not protect you from people and objects in physical.

Beside protection the benefits are clarity in energy, thought and understanding and a clearer connection with guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels and your Higher Self. There can be a sense of upliftment. Your gifts may be clearer too. 

This session occurs in the Ascended Masters portal. It is a distant session. Either Verna Maru-ata or Waireti will bring you energetically into the portal for the session.

Once the grids are created (usually within 72 hours of the order), you will be emailed. 

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2 Reviews

Hans Lee 11th Sep 2021

Unknowingly Blessing

The very morning when I woke up, I felt very light and sudden change of awareness of my actions. The realisation became strong.
This happened when I wasn’t aware of the healing had took place. I realised only when I received the messages, telling me about the healing had completed.
A few days after healing, the awareness and realisation became clearer. And I’m drew much closer to my Higher Self. My Higher Self seems to speak louder. Everything seems confident and simply beautiful.

Tara 2nd Sep 2021

Incredible upgrade!

I have had the original protection grid from the Masters for almost 8 years now and just got this expansion grid a few days ago. I am a 7th initiate. I am blown away by the abundance of newfound energy I have flowing through me and my increased clarify in communication with my Higher Self (which was already very clear)! To say that I feel uplifted is an understatement. It is like I have been given an extra battery. Everything has become very very clear and I feel my Higher Self even more than before. My Higher Self is working through me on a big project and I feel a larger capacity to complete the task - more than ever before. I have also noticed that I have zero interest in some habits and activities that I was previously doing before the grid, I know now they were not serving me and were likely an outside negative influence. What a blessing. Thank your archangels, Verna, and Waireti, this is an incredible service to humanity!

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