Portia, Ascended Master Portal

Ascended Master Portia is a 6th ray Master, the ray of the goddess and of devotion. The 6th ray has the colour of purple, ruby and gold. Her portal painting has a touch of green in it, reflecting the influence of the 5th ray and the aspect of truth that is part of many of the Masters of the 6th ray. Personal truth is part of personal power; when we stand in our truth we stand in our power. Portia also has some influence from the 7th ray, the ray of change. For Portia to stand with you, there needs to be an element of change and the ability to stand in truth and take on the qualities of the goddess.

Portia also represents the fragility of the divine feminine. In all of the rays, there is one aspect that appears strong but can be fragile in reality. Portia herself is strong and balanced, but she will walk with those who have this fragility to bring them into a place of strength and balance. Fragility can mean scattered energy; she can help you gather this scattered energy back to the self.

Portia, Ascended Master AuraHere are the Ascended Master Portia's aura colours.


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