Past Life Healing - distant healing


We are all on the cycle of rebirth and we have all had thousands of lives. In our chakras, we store the pain, suffering, dross and karma from these lives. This baggage we carry keeps us from shining as the Beings of light we are. These Masters will help you clear some of the burdens you still carry, and in doing so, release you from many of the burdens you carry in this life.

We have two past life healings -

  • The 1st past life healing you order is to help you rescind and nullify all past life vows and contracts that originate in negativity and darkness. Vows of light are not affected. El Morya, Dom Ignacio, Jesus and Hilarion preside over this session. This is a suggested healing after receiving the Protection Grid.
  • The 2nd past life healing you order will be to clear the dross (rubbish) held onto from past lives. The Ascended Masters St. John the Baptist, Kuthumi, Kuan Yin and Lao Tze will step forward in the Ascended Masters' portal to clear the dross from hundreds, if not thousands, of your past lives in this Past Life Healing session. 

These 30 minute distant healings will be initiated in the Ascended Masters' portal by either Verna Maruata or Waireti. After your purchase of this service, send a full length recent photo of yourself using our Contact page. We ask for recent photos facing the camera with space above the head and below the feet. 

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3 Reviews

Vanessa Mendez 18th Apr 2021

1st Past life Healing Session

The most beautiful and peaceful healing session I have ever experienced. I felt immediately lighter, clear and joyful.
An enormous weight was lifted out of my soul and replaced by love and gratitude.

Tara 28th Jul 2020

Miraculous Results!!!

Prior to my 1st past life healing, I suffered from constant insomnia (for decades) and various other symptoms related to complex post traumatic stress disorder. Trying to sleep and even just getting ready to go to sleep has always been a completely exhausting ordeal for me daily. Panic attacks, hyperventilation, vomiting, waking in the night screaming, and constant vivid nightmares reliving abuses of the past were my everyday experience. I had been working on this for 18 years with no relief. I have had a torn lung as well as a broken rib simply from the intensity of the episodes all with no outer physical cause. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on every therapy possible, trying to improve myself, “let go”, do shadow work, forgive those who harmed me etc.

I had the first past life healing a little over a week ago and I am still adjusting to even believe how dramatic the results are. All of this is completely gone!!! I was just hoping for the smallest bit of relief and didn’t even imagine this outcome as possible. It’s like my memories have been wiped out completely. I feel like I have been unplugged from a dark system. I am still integrating the fact that I have gone almost my entire life without getting proper rest I deserve to function. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed to connect with Verna, Waireti, The Masters and grateful to receive their loving support. I cannot thank them enough! I highly recommend this service, and all services from this site. If you are thinking about receiving healing from these beautiful souls, be assured you deserve it!

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