The Masters have let it be known "you will know us by our colors."

A Masters colours are a reflection of their individuality and their ray of Ascension. The colors might look ordinary in the graphic, but in reality they are bright, luminescent and sometimes pearlescent. The graphics are only a representation.

The Masters are grouped according to their ascension ray.

First Ray - The Blue, Red and Silver Ray of God's Will


Second Ray - The Yellow Ray of Wisdom


Maru-ata means the dawn of Maru. His actual name has no words; it is light, colour, sound, and symbols.

If Maru-ata appears to you in his aura form, his aura is a pale yellow centre leading into a pale pink and at the rim is a pink copper. If he were to appear before you with a physical persona, he presents at about 5'10". His hair is brown, long to the neck, and his eyes are brown. He has high cheekbones and a firm jaw. Sometimes he wears a white T-shirt with the sacred heart image on it. He also has bare feet. He sometimes carries a sword. He is a Second Ray Master. He relates to the warrior within the greater ray of wisdom and joy. Compassion and love for humanity are part of his being. He also identifies with creativity and beauty within Love. His personality is a cross between Hilarion and Jesus. He is warm, comforting, and yet serious. He fits in well with Archangel Michael, Ptah, and Amen Bey as a warrior. He is working with humanity to ease suffering.


Third Ray - The Pink Ray of Unconditional Love


Fifth Ray - The Green Ray of Healing and Knowledge


Sixth Ray - The Ruby, Gold & Purple Ray of Devotion & the Goddess


Seventh Ray - The Violet Ray of Transmutation and Change


Eighth Ray - The Rainbow Ray