Mary Magdalene Ascended Master PortalAscended Master Mary Magdalene works with the energies of the Divine Feminine. She stands with those who need warrior energy to deal with issues in their environment. She is also assists with fidelity - fidelity to partners, family and friends.

Mary Magdalene Ascended Master PortraitMary Magdalene is best know for the life she spent with Jesus. But in another past life Mary Magdalene was Sarah, the wife of Abraham in a previous life. Abraham was a previous life of the Ascended Master El Morya. So Mary Magdalene has been both a revered and despised woman of Christianity. She truly is a warrior woman - she coped and through her adversity learned to love all of humanity, and so ascend.

She is a Master who is strong, yet gentle. There is humour and laughter – yet show her injustice and she stands ready to give her support. If there is an external battle – bullying, abuse, any type of external attack and she will help when asked.

If she were to appear to you in her physical form she has dark hair, a round face, and eyes widely spaced. As seen in the painting above. This is the closest painting I can find to her form. Her skin is darker.

Mary Magdalene is working with the Elohim Aloha. Mary Magdalene has recently also formed a working relationship with the Ascended Master El Morya, to help those who are in personal crisis, finding their personal power, fighting external battles and have chosen Gods Will over their own freewill.

If she is your teacher and you are a 3rd ray soul, then you will have the qualities of inner strength, openness and compassion. Your soul colour will be a magenta pink.

Mary Magdalene Ascended Master AuraMary Magdalenes' aura colours are mid to strong pink aura with some magenta - as seen to the right. She is working on the 3rd ray, the pink ray of unconditional love.

Mary Magdalenes portal painting as shown at the top is available as a portal card or portal print. Her energy flows from it 24/7. It is wonderful to have the print sending energy into a room, or place the card on a chakra and receive the Masters energy directly into the chakras.


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