Ma'at Ascended Master PortalMa'at is a third ray Ascended Master. The third ray is the pink ray of unconditional love.

Ma’at is an Egyptian goddess. She is here to help with balance – balance within ourselves. Once we are balanced on all levels through all of our bodies, then we can start present ourselves on every level in Truth, in other words - be authentic.

Ma’at is here to help those who need help in this balancing process and so lead them to their own inner truth and their own authentic self.

Ma'at Ascended Master AuraShe has an aura of soft pink, with deep pink insertion at the top.

Ma'at has shoulder length straight black hair with a fringe. She has jeweled ribbons hanging at the front of her hair, she wears white all the time.

She is working at this time with the Ascended Master Maha Chohan.


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