Love spray


Love spray is to help those 

  • who want to increase Love in their lives
  • who want to be open to giving and receiving Love
  • who want to improve realtionships
  • who want to love themselves unconditionally
  • who want to improve their healing abilities

This spray was created by the Ascended Masters in the Ascended Masters' portal here in New Zealand.

Use twice daily in the aura to create change, not just periodically.



As a result of the spray my relationships are improving. It definitely increases love - both for others and self-love, which itself is a healing experience. Canada

My relationship with my husband, which is my most challenging relationship by far, has been lighter and harmonious. Always a plus and I put that down to the spray. I definitely think the spray has opened me up to receiving self love and love from others but also increased my ability and desire to give and spread love to everyone and thing I come in contact with. New Zealand

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