Thursday 6th February


I feel it's time I introduce you to my Higher Self now that we are approaching the 8th initiation.

Funny story, about 20 years ago, I went to a workshop around getting to know your Higher Self. I'm sure some of you have been to something similar. At that time, I had passed the 2nd initiation, meaning I still had about 50-60% of my karma to pay. We went into a directed meditation, and our Higher Self was to be walking towards us. A warrior woman rode in on a white horse and had a purple cloak. I erroneously thought for the next 15 years or so that my Higher Self was female. Once I passed the 6th initiation, it came as quite a shock to learn my Higher Self is male. Who I thought was my Higher Self, was actually Pallas Athena coming to lend me her strength through some tough times.

Up until the sixth initiation, we have a team of Ascended Masters around us. They walk with us, and support and guide us in place of our Higher Selves. Our Higher Selves give us into their keeping. Then at the 6th initiation, we are given into the care of our Higher Selves and the Ascended Masters retreat. Our Higher Selves have between 15 and 27 souls they oversee - these are our dimensional life brothers and sisters. The Higher Selves' role as the creator of these souls is to oversee rebirth placements, death, rays, life lessons, karma and ascension. Our Higher Self respects the Ascended Master boundary and doesn't come close to an individual soul until the 6th initiation. Many of you aren't at the 6th initiation and still feel you know your Higher Self. All I ask is that at the 6th initiation, you keep an open mind to other possibilities.

After four years moving from the 7th to 8th initiation, my Higher Self has now been a Master in body for four years. He has acclimatized himself to this dense world and now works independently of me. He resides in my Holy Heart, but I know he is also walking with some of you. When you email me to say you feel me close, that is my Higher Self. He is now a Master in body. And this isn't just me, there are forty people who have now passed the 7th initiation. Their Higher Selves are Masters in body. And there are another thirteen or so people who will pass the 7th initiation in the next few weeks and months.

I had the hardest time knowing my Higher Self's name. First I just started calling him Bob, then I included “My Higher Self" to bring him closer, and now we have settled on Maru. Maruata means the dawn of Maru. His actual name has no words, it is light, colour, sound, and symbols. To bring his name down to this reality is impossible. And the same applies to all of the Ascended Masters, their names are merely a means of identification in this reality. They are so much more than the limits we seek to place on them.

If Maru appears to you in his aura form, his aura is a pale yellow centre leading into a pale pink, and at the rim is a pink copper. If you see him in physical form, he presents at about 5'10". His hair is brown, long to the neck, and his eyes are brown. He has high cheekbones and a firm jaw. Sometimes he wears a white T-shirt with the sacred heart image on it. He also has bare feet. In personality, he is a cross between Hilarion and Jesus. He is warm, comforting, and yet serious. He is also on the warrior aspect of the yellow Second Ray, so he can swing a protective sword if asked. He fits in well with Archangel Michael, Ptah, and Amen Bey as warriors.

He and the other newbie Masters are working as a group to help humanity.

Before I go, I must share we have upgraded the website so you can submit product and healing reviews. To do this, you must be logged in to your account and have purchased the product you are reviewing. The review section is on the full page for the product at the bottom of the page. If you have previously sent us a product or healing review, we can't load these on your behalf, so it would be lovely if you could spend some time to resubmit your reviews in this format.