More questions answered

Question week.

Questions about the Ascended Masters and Ascension are always present for all of us. As we ascend, we question what we know against what we read and are told, and this, in turn, requires verification from a trusted source. I hope you see us as a trusted source. Waireti and I are the biggest non-believers. We question much of what is shared on the internet and social media, and don't get me started on the conspiracy theories. The spiritual community is a prime target for these because we already see the world in a wider sense. For many, the line between reality and conspiracy can become blurred. All I can say is, be discerning and don't be gullible. I have people question me about the reality of ascension and the Ascended Masters, and that is fine, that is people trying to make sense of my reality. They are asking questions. But I, in turn, need to ask questions about new topics that come into my awareness and not just believe them because they appeared on Facebook and were shared by a friend. Be discerning, and fact check from quality sources. I fact checked something today, and it kind of looked okay, but when I looked at the author, the magazine he supposedly worked for didn't exist. Red flag. So, check not only the facts, check the source as well. Misinformation is an industry. Misinformation creates chaos. In light of my blog last week on the Fourth Ray (the ray of harmony through conflict), we can see conflict is being created all around us in the most subtle of ways. But now onto the questions.

There's so much pressure on my head. I feel so much unmotivated...I feel like a zombie.

The pressure on your head is an ascension symptom. It means your vibration is higher than your environment, both internally and externally. When we unconsciously ascend, we aren't aware of our light increasing. This means we aren't aware of our energetic bodies and the dross (rubbish) and blockages in them, and so we aren't clearing them. When the bodies aren't cleared, it is like wearing a heavy coat. The weight and the pressure can be felt. So, I suggest you get all your bodies cleared. Look at our healings - we suggest (in order) the Astral body healing, mental body healing, emotional body healing, and then etheric body healing. This order is suggested because each body lies under the other, so when the outer body is cleared, the Masters can get to the next body easily. Here is the link to our healings.

I haven't seen my Ascension Master in meditation, though I see other Masters.

This is a tough one because it requires action. Are you ready to ascend? The Ascension Master appears when a person is ready to ascend - when you are ready to lay aside all other paths and only focus on ascension. In these days of information and practitioners, we can confuse a modality for a path. When someone visits many different healers and goes to many workshops, they can think they are actively ascending, when in reality, they are running around without direction. It shows ascension isn't understood. Ascension is an inner journey. It means laying down all the confusion and choosing to ascend, choosing to make this your last life, choosing to take the inner journey. Many might say they’ve done that, but in reality, they haven't let go of the support system of multiple modalities. They haven't determined they are solely responsible for their ascension. They aren’t saying this is my ascension, my path, and my inner journey. And when this realisation comes and this decision is made, you will see the Master. You know the saying, “When the student is ready, the Master appears”? It should be, "When you are ready to ascend, your ascension Ascended Master will make themselves known." The Master has always been there.

My kundalini rose, does this mean I am enlightened?

The kundalini awakens for the first time between the second and third initiation. It arises with a sense of bliss, usually in mediation. A feeling of oneness with all can occur about the same time. This leads people to believe they have attained enlightenment, and so they feel they are further ahead on the ascension path than they really are. Ego steps in and it all becomes a journey of misdirection for some. I urge anyone who has experienced this to leave the kundalini alone. When you reach the 5th initiation, the kundalini rises of its own volition to the 8th chakra. This occurs without fanfare and without bliss. This is because the chakras and the channels are clear. This is a bit of a letdown for those who have experienced bliss and continue to seek the bliss. Ascension in the Higher Initiations is about letting go, and this means letting go of the desire for bliss.

I will try and keep these question segments going each month until my blog ends in December for good. Then I hope to start on a book about all these interesting spiritual topics.