February 2021


I hope you are well and happy in your part of the world.

I've just finished a distant healing session with the Masters in their portal. At the end, a group of angels came in and started to sing. Glorious. Such a gift to the person receiving the healing and for me to be in their energy. The angels appear quite often just to sing in the portal and often at the end of a session. For some sessions, there is always an angel present. Just lovely.

This month I have published an article to the Alpha Imaging website on The Higher Self. It took many years to write, as I had to ascend to a point where I could understand the downloaded information. The article explores the Higher Self from its creation and how it fits into the ascension of each of you. I also answer questions from ascending initiates on different aspects of the Higher Self like twin flames, dimensions, soul creation, internal connections, and the Ascended Masters.

We have some new healing shawls online. The healing shawls are created by St. Germain, Mother Mary, and Dom Ignacio. More colours in the lovely and soft oversize shawls (100x200cm), and then some patterned linen and cotton ones (75x180cm). There are also healing scarves. These are 55cm wide to be easily worn around the neck. (55x180cm).