December 3rd 2020


We have loaded new healing shawls and a lovely soft pink Third Ray shawl in the store. Come and have a look.

This week we conclude our series on the rays with the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray is the ray of change. It is the ray of surprise and the unexpected. It is the ray of magic and transmutation. It is the violet ray and the ray of the Violet Flame.

Qualities of the Seventh Ray

Positive – observers, whimsy, unexpected, different, courageous, trusting, open to change

Negative – off-balance, changeable

Colours of the Ray



Ascended Masters – St Germain, Kaiya

Cosmic Masters – Omri-Tas, Ra-mun

Elohim – Arcturus and Victoria

Archangels – Archeia Amethyst

How they can help

St. Germain – He will help with change within yourself.

Kaiya – She will help you fight for change, external change.

Omri-Tas – He is connected to mystical mystery and magic.

Ra-mun – He is the Master of initiations.


Expect the unexpected with Seventh Ray people. They like to see the world from different perspectives, viewpoints, and even places. They aren't explorers in the true sense, they are more observers of the world and of people.

They have courage. They have the courage to change and the courage to leap into the unknown. A leap of faith occurs quite naturally to them. They are quite serious people, with a touch of whimsy. Expect the unexpected even here.

They are open to change, both in their external world and internal self. They don't have rigid thinking or beliefs. Their motto might be, ‘Just because you knew me yesterday, don't think you know me today.’On the negative side, they can be off-balance within themselves, never quite managing to find a stable foundation. Their lesson is to find balance, internally and externally, while leaping from one tight rope to the next, just to see what the world is like from that perspective.

The Seventh Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

How can the Masters help you help yourself through their products?

Through their portal cards. Put these portal cards on a chakra and the Master’s energy will flow directly into your chakra. These portal cards are direct links to the Master.

St Germain oil – for change and transmutation

Violet Flame oil – to help with clearing dross in your chakras, and so assists with easier payment of karma.

Seventh Ray Shawls - These shawls bring in the perfect energy of the ray to help you move through your limitations on the ray.