April 2021


I hope all is well with you.

I received this download the other day from the Masters for my fourth initiates group.

Your Sacred Heart is the source of your unconditional love. When you feel love or send love, it originates in the Sacred Heart. When your heart chakra turns from green to pink, it reflects the changes occurring in your Sacred Heart and your transition towards the state of unconditional love. The more you embody unconditional love, the deeper your connection will be with your Sacred Heart.

When your Sacred Heart reaches a threshold of unconditional love, the Holy Heart starts to awaken. The Holy Heart is where your Higher Self will anchor at the Sixth initiation and it will be the means of Higher Self sending love through you to all.

So, look at the Sacred Heart as becoming a pure channel of love - first to emanate from you and then as a pure pathway for your Higher Self to utilise when sending love from the Holy Heart through the Sacred Heart and out to humanity.

I hope this helps you become connected to your Sacred Heart as part of your higher and inner being.

If you have visited the home page of my website recently, you might have noticed each fortnight we are changing the banner. The images are always changing, but the message remains the same, “Your Path, Your Power, Your Ascension.” We are here to support you, but the path, the power, and ascension are yours. This can be scary for some, preferring to bow to others to lead them along a path, and that is fine. But the time comes when we leave the teacher, remove the training wheels, and stand in our own power. Scary, but necessary. There comes a time when even the Masters step back, and then it is just you and your Higher Self ascending together. But that is with the higher initiations. We are here to support you as you ascend into your power.

We have bought back the Wounded Child, Wounded Teen, and Wounded Adult healing sessions with Maru-ata. He is joined by four Ascended Masters and an Archangel. In these sessions he travels back in time. For the Wounded Child, he starts at the moment of your birth and proceeds forward, week by week, clearing the blockages and healing the trauma from birth to the day before your 14th birthday. For the Wounded Teen, he continues the process from the day of your 14th birthday to the day before your 21st birthday. For the Wounded Young Adult, he clears the blockages and heals the trauma from your 21st birthday to the day before your 30th birthday.

We have had amazing feedback.

"I feel very tranquil, serene, and energized and things just get done." - Netherlands.

"The energy shift is real. I can’t wait to see how my daughter’s life unfolds free of these ties that were affecting her. Every person on the planet could benefit from this healing. Thank You!" United States

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We have some new fine wool healings shawls online. They are so soft! These are imprinted with healing for physical, emotional, and mental body issues by the Ascended Masters Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Dom Ignacio. We also have the potluck seconds healings shawls back. These are full healing shawls, but the shawl itself has a minor imperfection or flaw.

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Blessings on your month ahead,

Verna Maru-ata and Waireti