9th August 2018

St. Germain and Melchizedek were waiting for me in the Ascended Masters portal today. The portal was half violet and half dark blue. The 7th ray and 1st ray were represented by each Master; the Masters bring the magic of change from the 7th ray and the focus and determination from the 1st ray to the healing experience. This makes for a powerful ascension healing session.

Our website is discovered weekly by those looking for a foothold on their ascension ladder. With the realisation and excitement comes a plethora of questions. This site is vast and it can be hard to find the answer to the one burning question. Please use our search facility; it will help guide you. Most of all start reading. You will understand more and hopefully the blinkers fall away and you will begin to see the bigger picture and your place in it.

Here are some of this week’s questions. They are questions that address misconceptions that many have about ascension.

Doesn't being anchored in love, my higher frequency and brighter light deter dark forces? Why do I need a protection grid?

This is a common misconception. I am light, therefore I am protected. The error in thinking here is that the dark forces and entities are afraid of light. They don't fear light. They don't fear. They have no souls. They have no feeling. Their mission is to dim the light within humanity. Your light is a beacon to them, like a neon sign in the darkness. With their mission in mind, they come closer to attempt to sway you from the path. Their mission is to dull your light, increase your negative thinking and actions, and increase your judgements. They want you to create more karma and they want to slow your ascension or reverse it it many cases. The Masters' protection grid gives you a chance and gives you a breather from what is happening in and to the entire world. The grid provides a chance to ascend unhindered. This is a very simple explanation of a complex issue. You can read more about the Protection grid here.

Do the oils accelerate your spiritual evolution and ascension more than working with the heart and with your Higher Self?

The oils are created by the Ascended Masters in the Ascended Masters' portal. Each one of these oils is a little miracle, for it has been manifested by the Masters into a base oil that has been prepared through alchemy for the Masters' energy. The oils create change, supported by your own efforts to be heart centred. Everything we provide here is to support change and to support you in your ascension process on your own personal path. Here is a link to see all the oils.

The one error in thinking here is that the Higher Self is involved. Each Higher Self has many dimensional lives experiencing life at the same time. Anywhere between 12 and 18 dimensional lives can be active at once. The Higher Self creates the life, the lessons and the opportunities, but once your first breath is taken your life choices are yours. There is no interference. Guidance comes from your guides and the Masters. The Higher Self only becomes involved with an individual’s life at the 6th initiation. The belief and practice of connecting to a Higher Self before the 6th initiation opens the door for pretenders from the dark side to step forward. Humanity has ego, and ego provides an open door for gullibility.

This leads me onto another topic that the Masters have been pressing me to mention. I talk about it every year and nothing changes. I feel like a lone voice in the crowd.

The topic of fake news is very evident at the moment. The spiritual community thrives on fake news, fake channels, and fake beliefs, always believing them to be true. Not only does the spiritual community thrive on it, it is built on it. As I said the dark side only has one mission: to dim the light. False information is a wonderful way to turn people away from the path.

Here is an excellent example.

Do you believe you are a star seed? Do you believe your home planet is elsewhere? Then for 99.9% of you, your path has been altered. 99.9% of the people alive today on this planet today have Earth as their home planet. This isn’t to say that many haven’t had lives on other planets, but the belief of a different planet of origin other than Earth has achieved a disconnect from the Mother Earth. Your love and focus has been shifted to an external planet, not the one that feeds you and nurtures your Earth Star and into which your Higher Self birthed your Earth Star. This is a subtle way to dim your light. The ego is always eager to support someone’s belief they are special and the dark side fosters this.

How can the Masters fight these erroneous belief systems, created by false Ascended Masters and Archangels pretending to be who they aren’t? These fake beliefs received from channels are then spread by newsletters, Facebook, conversation, mediation groups, the internet, and books. Once it’s printed it must be true? Lies are spread and believed as fact by the many, more than ever before. 

A good example from the last American election was that St Germain was overseeing Mr Trump. Not true. But how many spiritual people voted and still place their faith in him based on an erroneous channel that spread quickly through the spiritual community. How do we put out the wild fires that are affecting everyone in the spiritual community? Especially when they don’t even know they are the victim of entity driven fake information.

Discernment in all things.

Note this, the Masters rarely say more than a few words or sentences. An entity or fake Master is verbose, they talk and talk.