9th April 2020

Hi, I hope you and yours are all safe and well as we move through these days of life with Covid-19.

I wrote these words many years ago:

“When you cease to desire abundance, when you forget about it, when you live in the moment, and when you truly trust and have faith that all your needs will be met – then abundance will arrive.”

This mindset is so needed in these times. I am a firm believer in this way of living. I found myself alone at 50 with no means of income other than a fledgling website and a belief in the Masters. I trusted in me and my abilities, and never once in all those years since did I ever doubt they wouldn't make sure I had enough. I have always had enough money to pay every bill and just a little spare. It's not about money, it's about living without fear. This didn't mean I sat back and did nothing and waited for a miracle, that was never going to happen, but I trusted the efforts I was making would be assisted. When my first huge and unexpected bill arrived for several thousand dollars related to worker’s health protection, I nearly died of fright. I phoned the agency up and they looked at my classification and changed it, and the bill decreased somewhat. Then I asked the Masters for help, and before the due date, enough money had arrived to pay the bill. I never doubted the money wouldn’t arrive, but I did my part too. Together all was well.

Trust, faith, and the belief in this way of living requires surrendering your fears, surrendering them to any higher power you believe in. And then know to the core of your being with faith and trust that your endeavours will be supported and your needs will be met. Fear will always put limits on your potential and your well-being.

I finally have the new healing shawls online, they make a lovely colour pallet. I keep ordering these larger shawls because they are soft, large, easily washed, and can take some serious use. Permanent healing is imbued into them by Mother Mary, St. Germain, and Dom Ignacio. The healing is for emotional, mental, and physical issues. The healing shawls are comforting, supportive, and healing. Children can have their own healing shawl if they are having issues you feel might be helped by the shawl.