7th November 2019


Today I want to introduce the Ascended Master Serapis Bey to those of you who don't know him. I was first introduced to Serapis Bey when he came in close. I started to experience double breathing, or rather my breathing seemed to have a shadow or an echo. It was his way of saying, this is me, and I am here with you.

He’s had many past lives in Egypt. He often appears with a white headdress in the style of a Pharaoh (across the forehead, behind the ears, and across the shoulders). He wears a white robe. His hair is black. His eyes are black. His nose is hooked, and he looks Middle Eastern.

He is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray. This is the white Ray of harmony through conflict.

Today he is showing me a Sacred Temple; a place of prayer, devotion, contemplation, and stillness. Within the temple is a large, black chest. It is bound by metal bands and metal studs. As I look closer, I can see these bands and studs are a universe. I ask to see inside, but he tells me this box is found within the Sacred Heart of everyone. For within it, is the Holy Crystal of ascension. For those who are ready, the box is opened, and the crystal is revealed. Some already know and see their Holy Crystal. For others who have passed the 6th initiation, the crystal has received all of their past life records and moved in its new form out of their Sacred Heart and into the Celestial Star beneath their feet (that was created at the 5th initiation). The celestial star containing the crystal then migrates up through the chakra system to reside above the 12th chakra. The person is no longer part of the Earth but has moved into universal consciousness.

For those of you who are yet to find your Sacred Heart or your Holy Crystal, look at the torus page. There I write about finding the Sacred Heart behind your own heart chakra. The journey of ascension is an inner journey, and that glorious journey begins in the Sacred Heart.

Thank you to the Ascended Master Serapis Bey for bringing this topic to the fore this week.