7th March 2019


Amen Bey has completed his portal painting. You can see it here. Feel his energy, he is a powerful Master. He is a 4th ray Master. The 4th ray is the white ray of harmony through conflict. Amen Bey is one of the Masters that works with Archangel Michael nearly every day. Like Archangel Michael he is a warrior against the dark. He is tall and thin and has a number two haircut with a thin, chiselled face. His eyes are almond shaped and aquamarine with a black rim. He carries a rapier sword and wears a black waisted coat that swings rather like a whirling dervish coat.

His aura is clear at the centre leading to white in the middle with an edge merging from soft apricot to burnt orange. His energy is very still and contained. 

Here at the Ascended Masters portal we always have our focus on ascension.

Those who are ascending are continually working to bring balance and harmony to their lives, to clear dross, to clear issues, to change and remove negative patterns of thought and behaviour. Those ascending in Light do a lot of work on themselves.

So keeping this in mind I have been asked to give an idea of how the Masters healings and products can help with certain life issues that make ascension a low priority for some, even though they feel the pull to ascend. Some life issues can become all-consuming, and so ascension, while possible becomes impossible. Ascension takes a back seat to life, when really ascension will help them with life.

Every month I see people choose life issues over ascension when it doesn't need to be an either/or choice.

I have made a list of possible issues and suggestions.


The desire to have children can be at the core of our being, and yet for some this never happens. The pain can be great. First I suggest -

A protection grid. Entities can sit on the lower torso and work at preventing conception. They feed off the despair and monthly anguish. Your suffering is their food.

A past life healing. This may be a pattern that has repeated in countless past lives and is now being repeated.


We are ascension healers and not health healers. I'm sorry we can't help. Cancer is living and growing. Healing energy does not kill. Healing energy often feeds the growth of cancer. My only suggestion is use Violet Flame oil. This will help clear the dross from your chakras and perhaps help you to then clear the life issues that may have contributed to the formation of cancer.


Abuse is a common deterrent to ascension, as it keeps people in fear and despair. Abuse has many layers for healing. I suggest these oils

- Deva of courage oil

- Archangel Michael oil - personal power

- Protection grid - entities feed off fear and despair.

Self Worth and Self Esteem

It can be a common misconception to not feel worthy of ascension. Or some have others on a pedestal and feel they can never aspire to be like them. Everyone has the right and the ability to ascend in this life time if that is their choice. Ascension is a conscious choice. I suggest:

- Lady Nada oil - Inner Child

- Archangel Michael oil - Personal Power

Financial abundance

It is very common for people to say I'll work on my ascension when I am more abundant. Ascnesion doesn't work like that.

Follow the personal practise of Heart based thoughts, Heart based actions and Heart based speech and you will slowly get there all by yourself.

And now to change the topic, we have new Healing shawls and Ray shawls online, come and have a look.

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