7th June 2018

Welcome to our new website.

We are so thrilled it is here and so quickly to. A big thank you to Sheila from Limitlessly in the States who was the web developer who made it all happen. And thanks to Geoff at Aline graphicsfor the Banners. I hope you like the new product graphics, I had fun creating them.

Bear with me as I learn the new system, and as we discover any broken links that happened in the transition. But most of all enjoy the energy!

We have added a new page "Ascension Techniques". We have bought all the techniques the Masters have shared with me over the years and some knowledge into one place. This is all free to use. 

Apologies to those who may have been emailing me this week and got no response. We have had mail issues with the changeover. Some mail got in, some didn't, some went and never arrived, some bounced back. It has been a nightmare. Ifyou were affected by this please don't think us rude, resend your email. 

Try our new "search" on the website. This is my favorite aspect of the whole site. The search when clicked on fills a whole page. Search results come back as store or content. So if your search Trust, it comes up with two items in the store and 18 items in the content of the website. I'm easily pleased!

For the last two free healing sessions St Germain was a week ago and this week we had St John the Baptist and Jesus. St Germain gave healing around change and St John and Jesus gave healing around tempering your personal will with wisdom. Our personal will serves ourselves first, wisdom helps us to see the bigger picture and include others welfare in the expression of will. 

An example might be, a mother can want a child to be safe and so places limitations on the child's participation with friends away from the home. Yet a dose of wisdom and seeing the bigger picture, sees her personal will pulled back for the greater good of the child. She sees he needs these experiences away from her protective umbrella to grow in his personal power. 

Will tempered by wisdom is a great lesson and the Masters healing contributed to allowing this for those on the free healing list.