7th February 2018


Are you finding your dreams have been weird? Are you having thoughts that just aren't yours? Are you suicidal and aren't sure why? Do you feel entities are attacking you more? Are you receiving a greater number of awful phone scamming phone calls, abusive emails? Are you feeling like the dark side is getting darker and the light has to work harder.

There is an explanation.

In phase one of their plan, the Ascended Masters have closed the gates, holes and doorways between the astral plane and here. This means the entities that have made the astral plane their home are trapped on either the astral side or this side. The entities on this side are angry and creating havoc. They are attacking those of the light in greater force. But don't be too concerned, because phase two from the Ascended Masters has been implemented. They have created thousands of black holes attuned only to entities, and entities are being sucked out of our existence. They are being returned to sender. It will take a while, but they are being removed. Waireti has seen entities suddenly disappearing out of our existence. 

The third phase is also underway. Many years ago the Masters put an energy grid around our planet. This grid is now being filled in. And for phase four there appears to be a layer being placed between the entities astral plane and ours. The Masters are being helped in their work by the 19 who have passed the 7th initiation with them. We are all working to help humanity.

The issue that is probably present in everyone's mind though is the never ending fake news, scams, extortion, and abusive emails. How many of you have received phone calls from people pretending to be your internet provider, email provider, bank or other utilities, trying to scam you out of your money? The elderly are usually affected the most as they don't live in a daily world of fraud and deceit. And these are very real people creating fear and chaos these attacks. We can't blame entities, evil does exist in the world and it resides in humanity. It feels like the battle of light and dark is being fought within humanity and as always, the dark side is being subtle and devious.

Humanity needs its light workers more than ever to shine their light out on the world. Humanity needs us to take the higher ground every time. It is easy to descend into the dark world of anger, verbal abuse and retaliation. The dark side seeks to create chaos, so we need to maintain balance and light. Keep your thoughts, words and actions at the highest vibration you can. 

If you need help look at our Harmony spray. This will help bring you into a start of Harmony and balance in a world of chaos. Harmony and Light go hand in hand.