6th May 2020


We are thrilled to announce the return of the Ancient Grief healing.Grief catches us unexpectedly, and for the most part, we cope. But there is that ancient and deep grief that has no foundation in our current lives, a grief we struggle to understand, and yet is part of our very being. This may be linked to your original home; for many, there is the awareness of a connection to your origins (angelic, reptilian, or faerie) or a far-off planet. This ancient grief may manifest as low-level grief that is always there, a deep yearning that accompanies the grief, or even unexplained physical pain. This healing session will be conducted by four Ascended Masters and Waireti. This is not a channeled session. Waireti will bring you into the Ascended Masters’ portal and hand you over to the Ascended Masters who will conduct the healing session within the portal. This is a deep session.

Waireti is now working with us in a closer way; she is taking on more of the healing sessions. She continues her astral healings and has taken on the mental body sessions and now the Ancient Grief healing sessions.

We are working on bringing the diary archives to you in different formats so you can download them to read on different devices in your own time. This means we are re-reading a lot of the old entries. The topic of Ascended Masters in body arose again. The following is what I wrote in 2010 with current updates and additions. This helps to describe the difference between the new Masters emerging and the incarnation of a known Ascended Master.

How can you tell if a person in body is a Master?

First off, let’s just give a base of reference for the two terms. An Ascended Master is a Being who has lived lives in a physical body and has, through their own efforts, raised their vibration and therefore their consciousness to a level beyond the 5th initiation, andno longer needs to be reborn in body. They have no more karma, desires, and attachments pulling them back into physical life. An Ascended Master in body is exactly the same, but they have chosen to come back to this dimension in a body to ‘walk among the people’.

So how can you tell? Well, that's the hard part. All Ascended Masters have a white band at the edge of their aura. So, if you see auras, you will know them by their white band. This is where the term ‘Great White Brotherhood’ came from. You can also rely on your inner knowing. But for the most part, most Ascended Masters here in body are going about their business in a very quiet manner, and they aren't out there saying ‘look at me’.

October 2017: As of yet, I haven't seen or heard of an Ascended Master in body. Many have made claims, but the dullness of their aura and the karma in their chakras shows us they are pretenders or just misguided. The higher I ascend, I feel it is virtually impossible for a Master to lower their vibration to this denseness as to manifest a body in this dimension.

May 2020: I still haven’t seen a Master in body as described above. I am now aware though, through observation of the continued ascension of Waireti, myself, and those who have passed the 6th and 7th initiations with us, that new Masters can emerge. I’m not talking about the person who is ascending, but rather the Higher Self of the person who is ascending. As part of the ascension process, the 6th initiation starts a long and slow process of the Higher Self descending into the Holy Heart of the initiate. At the 7th initiation, the Higher Self of that person is then a Master in the Holy Heart of that person and can manifest their energy through them. These Higher Self Masters are new Masters. To explain more, Jesus the Master is actually the Higher Self of Jesus the man. The Higher Self has just taken on the name of the lower self of one of that soul's lives. And the same principle applies to all Ascended Masters. These times of ascension sees these Higher Selves able to descend into the Holy Heart of the Lower Self.