5th September 2019


The series on the Rays comes to an end today with this final segment about the Eighth Ray.

It is commonly thought there are only seven Rays and the Eighth Ray is a hidden Ray. But we can see this isn't the case, as there are many people with the Eighth Ray as one of their five Rays. It is a very active ray within life and ascension. The other misconception is that the Eighth Ray is special. It is just like all the other rays, not greater or lesser. It is different though.

The Eighth Ray is called the rainbow Ray. It contains within in it a part of the seven previous Rays - blue, red, silver, yellow, pink, copper, bronze, white, green, orange, purple, ruby, gold, and violet. A person who has the rainbow Ray for one of their five Rays will have a mix of these colours, for it is within those colours that their ascension and life lessons are contained. Their lessons come from everywhere, everyone, and every ray. It is a Ray of unity and oneness, for it is inclusive of all.

If you are on the rainbow ray, you won't have the defined lessons that we see in the other rays. There are so many lessons within each ray and then to define which apply to you can be difficult and challenging. It is only in living that the lessons are revealed.

This inclusiveness can be found in Eighth Ray people. Their major lesson then becomes about inclusion and acceptance of everyone.

We have some exciting new products coming soon from the Masters. Beta testers are giving us enthusiastic and positive feedback. They will be in the form of a roll-on, and are for Pain, Headache, and Sleep.

AmayahGrace has written a blog about her experience as a healer during the free healing sessions the Ascending initiates give once a month. It is a beautiful experience and gives a deeper insight into what happens in these torus healing sessions.