5th November 2020

Namaste, I hope all is well with you.

Sometimes we need to come back to our basics. For us at the portal, that is and will always be the Ascended Masters. They are around us so much they are part of our reality, but most people don't even know who they are or that they are standing beside them sending love and support. Every single person on this planet has a team of Masters walking with them and supporting them throughout their life. I have been bought back to this core truth recently with the wounded child, teen, and adult healings the new Master Maru-ata has been giving. I have watched a person’s team of five Ascended Masters gather around to support the session and to support Maru-ata, often their voices joining in song as they send their support. As the world battles away both externally and within themselves, I find myself wishing everyone knew the Masters were there with them, along with their angels and guides. It is a gift to yourself to know your team of Ascended Masters, for when you open your heart to them, they can give you even greater support. Here is the link to the Five Ray Readingwhich will tell you your 5 Rays of Incarnation and the 5 Masters walking with you.

The Wounded healing sessions have been a huge success, and I am now booked until the end of January for these sessions only. My other healings have places available in November and December. For the wounded sessions, Maru-ata takes me back in time to two of the person's past lives which affect the wounded child, teen, or young adult the most. I am usually looking at the person and their world and have access to their feelings and pain. It’s a bit like a TV with sound, thoughts, and feelings. It is pretty intense. These sessions aren't available through the store, you can only access them via the diary entry on October 14th

Most of all, know the Masters are supporting you and everyone to move towards your own light.