5th July 2018

Waireti and I are back at the portal. It is always good to be home.

The free Ascension healing this week was given by St. Germain. Everyone on the free 12-week program received about 15 minutes of healing each. St. Germain gave healing to the crown and third eye and their connection around receiving higher communication.

We have brought back the Deva prints (260mmx 210mm). They retail for NZ$15 and are grouped with the Deva portal cards. We now include the portal of the Deva of Forgiveness. Demand has been building for them to be put up in places of work, stores, schools, and in the home. The devas can help animate their qualities in those they encounter. 

Waireti and I were in Hawaii over the last week, a place where we feel very much at home. We had the privilege of a helicopter ride over the lava flows. Waireti saw angels lining the flow of the lava, protecting and holding the path. About thirty masters were around the lava erupting from the Mother Earth.

Prior to this, I had an encounter with Pele. The Masters explained she was working as a bridge between the devas of the Volcano, the Mother Earth, and the Masters; she seemed to be part of all three. This is a unique role for any Master. Her energy was bright and wild and her hair was yellow and orange. She appeared to be riding and taming a vast energy. We came away with a better understanding of how the Masters work with Papatuanuku, our Mother Earth.