31st October 2018

The Masters who stepped forward for last week's free healing were El Morya, St Germain and Hilarion. They gave healing as a group to each person regarding a life that impacts their current life. Each person received about 20 minutes each from the Masters. 

This week's healing session was led by Thomas Merton, Melchizedek, and St. John the Baptist. All those on the free healing list are in a row in the portal. The Masters are organizing them so there is balance in the row, ensuring all arms are in and everyone is facing forward. A bit like being on a roller coaster before it takes off. Enjoy the ride, there is going to be some shattering. They tell me they are breaking some of the old self-imposed life barriers, the 'I can't',  'I should not', 'I must not'...

I have added two new pages to the website "Who is my Ascended Master?" and "How to connect to the Ascended Masters."

I was writing an email today and I wrote "Look at how you are talking to yourself. Always treat yourself with kindness, compassion and forgiveness." I write this a lot. We are hardest on ourselves. Remember we can create karma by how we treat ourselves. Loving self requires kindness, compassion and forgiveness. Try it. 

I was asked to explain the cycle of rebirth. Reincarnation is a common concept in ascension. The cycle of rebirth is also the cycle of reincarnation. The premise being, each life leads onto the next life and we are reborn again and again due to our karma. To accept reincarnation as an inner truth is part of ascension. To leave the cycle of rebirth means all karma is paid and there is no next life. When this happens we call it the 5th initiation. This means a person's chakras are all light and no karma.

After that while still in body a person can go onto the higher initiations.

In the last few days three more people have entered into the 7th initiation. The initiation will take 2 to 8 weeks for them. Once they are out of the initiation, their Higher Selves will be fully present in body. 

This must all seem strange. We have beginners look at this website not understanding reincarnation and in the next breath I am talking at an advanced level about those passing the 7th initiation.

New healing shawls are going online this week and we are introducing ray shawls slowly over the next month. For those who have had a 5 ray reading, or know your ascension ray and ascension master, these shawls will help bring the perfection and clarity of the ray into your energy system. The ray shawls are made by the Ascended Masters, Cosmic Masters, Archangels, and Devas of each ray. 

On our sister website we have introduced a new page called  "In Service". Here we tell you of some of the high service work the Initiates are involved in.