30th June 2020

Hello again,

The Masters are wanting me to talk about them in terms of their rays and what they bring to humanity with their ray energy. Generally, people see the Masters as beings of light and think they are quite homogeneous in terms of how they work, the difference being how they look or their auras. This isn't the case. The Masters all bring a unique vibration to their work, and together, they become a symphony. In my next diary, we will begin with the wonderful First Ray Masters.

This week I have a few things to share.

The annual archive of the weekly Diary is now available in download form for you to read on your tablet or e-reader. Downloadable files are PDF which all devices can open, MOBI is for kindle, and EPUB is for E-readers. Each year of the diary is now a mini book. This format makes it easy for you to read past years in your own time. We have 2010 to 2019 available for download. Click here to access the downloads of these Diary mini books. To find them later, they are in the 'More' dropdown menu.

We received this wonderful review of our Roll-on for pain.

“I just couldn't be without this product. My partner who has CTE due to hundreds of concussions from his rugby days just loves it as well as it takes the pain away that he gets in his head and nothing else has ever done that.“

One of the new 8th Ray Masters, Sam, is sharing his abilities. He is using his singing voice and instrumentals to create the vibration those he steps forward to help will need. He is also being assisted in his work by the angels. His music is so immense, it fills the sky. Call on Sam to help you through music. Just beautiful. You can find more on Sam here.

I am also asked by the Masters to share some of the work of the Higher Initiates. Brad, Sheila, Tammy, and Courtney have joined forces with the Ascended Masters to help Light workers and their business. They call it Business Light Expansion. Many lightworkers find it hard to break into the industry. Maybe they just get stuck, they know they need to start but just don't know how, or maybe it's all become a bit ho-hum. This group of high Initiates can help on every level. They will clear, infuse, and transform your business. They can help not only shift the energy of your business but also your energy. Their package includes readings for you and your business, healings, and clearings. Take a look at their website.