30th January 2020


The Masters have been looking at respect as a topic recently. Do you know the old saying, 'Respect needs to be earned'? The Masters disagree. For those of us actively ascending, respect needs to be given to every person and every living thing in creation just because they breathe. If something is worthy of creation, then it is worthy of our respect. Respect is given with our speech, our feelings, our actions, and harder still with our personal thoughts. It is easy enough to fake speech and actions that denote respect, but what happens in the privacy of our own thoughts is something else.

That brings us to authenticity. If we fake or lie, we aren't being authentic. We are creating karma. So how do we authentically come to a state of respect? How do we feel respect, so everything else we think, do, and say reflects this respect? We start by living in our heart. Respect is a love manifestation. When someone starts to live in their heart, their heart chakra starts to change from green to pink. They start to consciously embody unconditional love and compassion. Look at Mother Mary's oil – Love, she will help you move into a state of love and compassion.

The graphic shown is the Deva of having respect for all. Open you heart and let her energy flow into you.

We received a lovely online review of the new Roll-on products we introduced last week. "I can highly recommend all three products, believe me when I say, they are amazing." While we are promoting these Roll-ons for Pain, Headache, and Sleep to help with ascension, they are to help with life as well. We ascend in life.

This week has been a tough one for me as I struggle with life and higher ascension. My cells seem to be shaking. Also attacks from dark forces momentarily increased for Waireti and me. We are quite safe within our protection grids, but it doesn't stop us from feeling the attack. I have got to the stage where I just tune them out and get on with life, but the ascension shaking cells is harder to handle. I have found the greatest relief comes from my healing shawl. I wrap it around my body like a sarong, and it helps to settle my ascending body into a manageable state.

Vibrating cells is one of the uncomfortable side effects of ascension. Others are the energy headaches, pain as the cells release their negative memory, the discombobulated feeling in the cells, and of course the sleeplessness, or waking at the same time every night. I have heard many speak of 4 am as their waking hour. Other ascension symptoms are pressure on the crown chakra and tiredness. Try the Masters’ latest Roll-ons to assist with Ascension symptoms.There are many ascension symptoms. Some increase as we ascend and some decrease. And everyone is different, ascension symptoms are different for everyone. Just be sure you recognise ascension symptoms for what they are and don't attribute them to another cause. Or vice versa, be sure to check out physical symptoms to make sure they aren't an ascension symptom. Discernment is needed.

Blessings to you.