30th August 2018

This diary entry is my last before Waireti and I go away on our adventure with the Masters to their portal gates in the United Kingdom. I will tell you all about it when we come back in October. Apologies for this down time over the next month. You can follow our adventures on my Instagram account and on the Ascended Masters portal Facebook page. These links are on the website footer on the home page too.

In the meantime, Waireti had a new Master presented to her on healing day. She had no idea who it was. His aura is dark green with a silver edge. She left me to find out who it is!  Hilarion, Ptah, Ganesh and this unknown 5th ray Master gave this week's healing around speaking your truth and being the authentic self.  "You are better than anyone you pretend to be." 

How many times do we try and be the person we think someone wants us to be? How exhausting that is. In reality, all we ever need to be is ourself. When we are ourselves we meet and interact with those people who are there to help us on our perfect path. How can we be on our perfect path, when we aren't being the authentic self?

How many moan that life is hard when they aren't being true to themselves. 

As Pallas Athena says "The world has greater potential when we step forward in authenticity." "Not stepping forward as the authentic self ensures many doors never open."

This was a wonderful healing to receive this week.

I had fun learning who this unknown Master was. He was big in energy and big in form. He seemed like a gentle giant type. He definitely had a sense of humour. He showed me his aura, I have painted it for you to see. The centre was dark green, and then a fine line of white, followed by a burnish gold band and then a final edge of silver. I asked for his name and got some V and Y letters - Vwymus!  Welcome to our portal family and thanks to Hilarion, Ptah, and Ganesh for the introduction. 

It is nice to form relationships with the Masters. When we open our heart to them, it helps them to come closer.