30th April 2020


This is a good news week. New Zealand has moved from lockdown to level three. This means we are back to mailing your orders worldwide. You can check your order status by logging into your account. The only orders not posted are those received in the last two days and those which have astral body crystals because our supply chain for quartz spheres is caught up in the delays of shipping too. When we have them, they will be made into astral body clearing crystals asap in the Ascended Masters’ portal.

We have six new Masters to add to our new page on Newbie Masters. Come and meet Angelique, Henry Silver, Kaiya, Christian, Anaiyah, and Sam. The last two are Eighth Ray Masters. Christian would be right at home in the gym, Angelique is just beautiful on every level, Henry Silver has a divine sense of humour, and Kaiya is a lady warrior. They are all rather wonderful. Look at all the new Master's auras and get a sense of who they are, for they are active with humanity, helping to ease the workload for the 42 Masters who stand with all humanity as teachers.

Blessings on your week ahead.