2nd April 2020

Welcome back.

Waireti and I have a mystery to share with you. A week ago we noticed a change at a cellular level to all living things on the planet, our solar system, and beyond. Waireti woke one morning and observed that everything she looked at looked energetically different. She could only describe that it was at a cellular level. I looked at the cells of various things and people and can only say the energy of the nucleus of the cells is more intense in energy. A few days later, there was another change; the cells of all living things began radiating that intensity. And now there has been another change, the radiation of intensity has increased. I have been talking to the Masters about this and what it means. The Masters are clear this wasn't done to us. This wasn't done by anyone. It seems to be a natural event that has occurred in our part of the universe as part of a cosmic wave of energy. This wave has happened three times. During the first wave, there was an awakening in the nucleus of each cell. The nucleus holds the DNA. The second wave created a transmission of energy, and the third wave increased this transmission. I don't know how this affects us now or in the future. We can only observe.