29th October 2020

We witnessed a lovely visit in the Ascended Masters’ portal from the Ascended Master St. Anthony of Padua. He hasn't been around for maybe 10 years, so it was a surprise to us when he returned to work in the portal. Around him were wild animals - wolves, panthers, leopards and eagles. He sang and sent out energy to the wild animals of the planets. He is a Fifth Ray Master. He usually appears as an overweight monk in a brown robe with a rope belt. The Masters help those of the Mother Earth in so many ways.

Here is the answer to a question I was asked this week. Does the ascension Ascended Master ever change?

The ascension master and ray can change in three ways.

1.St. John the Baptist usually stands with all children until the Ascension Masters steps forward, anywhere between 6 months and 2 years.

2.Some people come into this life with two sets of lessons, one for the first part of their life and another for the second part. When the first group of lessons are learned, then one masters steps back and another steps forward. This probably happens with 1 in every 500 people. The process is slow. Maybe over a year or so one Master will come in and the other leave. That way it isn’t a jolt to the system.

3.When we pass the 6th initiation, all of our 5 rays are removed, and those 5 rays are replaced with the ray of our Higher Self. The Masters then step back and leave our energy field, and the Higher Self steps forward as the sole teacher. Again, this is gradual, but it occurs over a couple of months.

On another note, I want to introduce you to Tara's website. Tara is the third member of our team. She lives in Thailand and has stepped onto the path of her Higher Self by helping people remove hidden blockages, find their personal power, and live their ideal life. She has had many successes with clients and now she has her own website. Go and meet her at TaraJolly.com. She is a beautiful soul.