29th November 2018


The Ascended Master Hilarion, Chohan of the 5th ray, stepped forward for this week's free ascension healing session. He took everyone on the healing list into his arms, held them close and sent love and healing. 

The message on my social media this week has been 'Ascension is an inner journey.' And it is. We ascend by paying our karma and clearing our dross and our negative patterns, so we can humbly start the true inner journey into the Sacred Heart and the Holy Heart. To stand in our own Holy of Holy's in devotion to our personal higher being, our Higher Self. 

But in preparation for this inner journey, we often need external help from the Masters and others to begin to clear lifetimes of dross. And that was what Hilarion was saying; the inner journey is for those consciously ascending as they pass the Higher Initiations. But long before passing those higher initiations, they needed someone to stand with them, hold their hand, and guide them along the path. And that is what the Masters, guides, and the world's healers are doing. They are here to help you through to the stage when you can stand alone, (and have to stand alone) to proceed on your inner journey. Heart hugs to you all from Ascended Master Hilarion. Open your heart and receive his love filled hug.

New healing shawls made by Ascended Masters St. Germain, Mother Mary and Dom Ignacio are online. Come and have a look.