29th August 2019


A topic has appeared over the last few weeks. For some, it requires a change in thinking. I noticed Tara chose this topic too for social media.

How many of you think you need to meditate daily, go to workshops, learn all about spiritual things, use crystals, and have healings in order to ascend?How many of you think others can't ascend if they are gay, drink alcohol, love sex, and gamble?

Think again. None of these contribute to or inhibit ascension. I'm sure many of you are surprised. We ascend by paying our karma and not making more. Meditation, knowledge, and crystals don't pay karma. Being gay doesn't create karma. Drinking alcohol doesn't create karma. Gambling doesn't create karma. It is the side issues that create karma. Are you ignoring the needs of your family while you meditate? That creates karma. Are you ignoring the needs of your family while you gamble? That creates karma.

Do you need to change your understanding of ascension? Don't make karma with your thoughts, words, and actions. Pay the karma you have, and you will ascend.

Change is part of the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray is the ray of change. It is the ray of surprise and the unexpected. It is the ray of magic and transmutation.

Expect the unexpected with seventh ray people. They like to see the world from different perspectives, viewpoints, and even places. They aren't explorers in the true sense, they are more observers of the world and of people.

They have courage. They have the courage to change and the courage to leap into the unknown. A leap of faith occurs quite naturally to them.They are quite serious people, with a touch of whimsy. Expect the unexpected even here.

They are open to change, both in their external world and internal self. They don't have rigid thinking or beliefs. Their motto might be, ‘Just because you knew me yesterday, don't think you know me today.’

On the negative side, they can be off-balance within themselves, never quite managing to find a stable foundation. Their lesson is to find balance internally and externally while leaping from one tight rope to the next, just to see what the world is like from that perspective.

The Seventh Ray traits are tempered by their other rays, karma, past life patterns and lessons, personality, ancestral memory, education, beliefs, society, religion, life events, etc.

If you want to know your 5 Rays of ascension, I suggest our 5 ray reading to learn your 5 Rays and the 5 Ascended Masters who stand with you on those rays.