28th July 2020

Hello again,

Next week we look at the Third Ray, the ray of unconditional love, but this week I'll be sharing some questions asked and my responses.

I saw the most amazing Hyacinth blue mass of colour at the bottom of my bed. Which Ascended Master is it?

Surprisingly, this is likely to be El Morya. His aura is dark blue, and his portal is dark blue, but he can appear as this stunning blue.

Thank you for my Five Ray reading. You have said my ascension ray and soul ray are the same. Does this mean I’ve had the same soul ray and ascension ray in every past life?

No, your five rays change with every life. With every new life, you are born with five rays to help you with your life lessons. Your 5 rays don't normally change, but they can change. We have seen it occur with children quite a bit. St. John the Baptist usually stands with babies and then this changes somewhere around one or two years of age. But the rays can also change at age 14 when the Masters deem the child to be an adult. We have seen rays change in adults. This is usually a gradual process as one ray is phased out and another phased in. We surmise this happens when old lessons are learned, and new lessons appear from a different ray.

I saw blue aura around a person. What does it mean?

Well, the etheric body is blue, and it appears as a thin band around the physical body. The emotional body swirls and spins and changes; it is muti-coloured, and these colours change all the time. There are many colours - colours that are permanent and colours that are fleeting or temporary. Thoughts have different colours. We are thinking all the time, so the mental body is ever-changing. When different colours appear in different bodies, in different places, and for different lengths of time, they have different meanings. One colour doesn’t mean one thing. Colour in the aura is complex and multi-layered.

Everyone’s bodies are a mixture of different colours, position, brightness, movement, flow, layers, and interconnections. The rays, chakras, and other energy centres usually all stay the same colour. So, some parts of the aura have permanent colour, and amidst that, the bodies change. But then, all of this occurs in different energetic compartments. It’s like looking through a window at one body and then through another at another body. This is why people see one colour and think the aura is only one colour, when in reality, an aura is a multi-layered, multi-coloured image.

How are new souls made?

This is a really good question. A person's Higher Self is the creator of their soul. A single Higher Self will create up to 27 souls. These souls all exist in different dimensions. It is these souls that form the foundation for the ascension of the Higher Self. So, you can consider your Higher Self as your divine parent and the Being you give devotion to. The Higher Self is, in turn, created by the Christ Light. And the Christ light was created by the One God of all.