28th February 2019

This week I present to you the newly completed portal painting of Thomas Merton. 

Thomas Merton was a mystic and an intellectual. He wrote many well received books during his lifetime as a Trappist monk at the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky, America. The best known is the ‘Seven Story Mountain’. His books on spirituality and social justice drew in a wide range of supporters, one being the Dalai Lama. In his later years, he became a recluse in the monastery and gave more of his life in devotion to God. He died in 1968.

Thomas Merton is a first ray Master, the blue ray of Gods Will and Power. His aura is a light blue centre fading out to a mid-blue with a violet overlay on the outer blue. The power of the first ray is very evident in his energy. Thomas has taken on the role in the Ascended Masters portal as guide and doorkeeper. His innate inner power is needed in this position as he mixes with some of the vast Cosmic Beings who work in the portal.

This portal is not yet available in print.

At the moment the Ascended Masters and many of those at the 7th initiation are sending huge energy to the Light workers of the world. 

This week the Masters want to address this week issues with some Light workers. Light workers are usually working on themselves, they are clearing issues, past and present, and looking at themselves and their place in their world. Many find the issues they thought they had cleared just keep on coming back. Layer upon layer comes up for clearing time and time again. This can be so disheartening. Try the Ascended Masters Violet flame oil, this will help.

Another issue they want to address is the wall spiritual people put up around them. This is a wall of isolation and a wall of protection. So many light workers work away quietly in solitude. They keep themselves safe from criticism and energetic harm. This wall though prevents these light workers from reaching their potential. If this is you, and you want to step into your potential and come out of hiding then letting go needs to occur in many ways. We suggest Deva of Courage oil, Deva of Letting Go oil and St Germain oil for change.

And then there are the damaged Light workers, those that have suffered in life. Often there are issues of abuse. Their light is strong but the hurt and suffering is deep. Mary Magdalene steps forward for these Light workers. Place her portal card placed on your base, sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat chakras at varying times will help. The Deva of Letting go oil, Lady Nada oil - Inner Child, Deva of Forgiveness oil and Violet Flame oil will all help to move forward with your life.

The Masters oils create change without the story. 

Ascension numbers continue to rise with those ascending with the Ascended Masters via their portal. To date the tally is -

144 have passed the 4th initiation

103 have passed the 5th initiation

101 have passed the 6th initiation

19 have passed the 7th initiation. Though in the next month or so we expect this number to rise to 28.