27th May 2018

Sorry for the delay in posting, technical issues.

The last free healing session was given by the Ascended Masters Hilarion, Melchizedek and El Morya. The gave healing to the thinking mind in each person. Some people have tight energy connected to the mind, this can be a deterrent and inhibitor of ascension.

I want to share an experience a man in England had with the Melchizedek portal card.

I have used the Melchizedek portal card on my solar plexus for quite some time over the past week. It has helped me move from the state of fear I was in … into a state of understanding the higher truth surrounding issues of power... I must be in a state of unconditional love that cannot be swayed by the conditions of outer life...or ego ie. fear.

How wonderful to be taught by a Master in this way...I am beginning to understand just how powerful the Master's products are...!!

And so it is. The Master's portal cards are doorways for the Masters to connect, to teach and to heal. There are 22 portal cards of the Masters, each a doorway, each a potential for teaching and for healing.

Look also at Vesta, goddess of the home. She came through for a healing around mothers going to work and leaving their child in day care. So young working mums, look to Vesta for healing for any issues you may have around being a working mother. Vesta's portal print is free to print on our free page.