27th February 2020

Welcome back,

This week I have written an article about Archangel Chamuel. He was one of the Archangels to manifest his crystal portal here at the Ascended Masters’ portal. I remember Waireti walking into the portal and coming out with this gorgeous pink quartz crystal. The energy is still lovely ten years later. You can read more about him, what he looks like, what he wears on his head, his wings, and why he carries a staff in the article. Click here to be taken to Archangel Chamuel's article.

I can hear angels singing in the Ascended Masters’ portal at the moment. The Ascended Masters’ portal is a hub and inter-connection zone for many Realms, Kingdoms, and worlds to come together and work to help humanity. The Devas and angels all exist apart from the Ascended Masters reality, and so the portal provides a place to connect on common ground. Some days the Ascended Masters’ portal can appear like an airport. There are arrivals of beings we have never seen, and then after a while, they leave again. We are none the wiser as to who they were. The Ascended Masters’ portal exists across many dimensions, realities, time, and space. It is a place of thousands of interconnects.

Yesterday I had a migraine start. Those annoying zig-zag lines started, and the headache threatened. I usually take an array of drugs at various intervals to halt the migraine before it takes hold and has me out of action for days, but yesterday I used the Ascended Masters’ Headache Roll-On. I rolled it on my forehead, temples, the base of my skull, through my hair in the relevant places, and finally on my receiving hand. It lessened, but 20 minutes later I used it again. And then it went. Later in the day, a normal headache threatened, and again I used the Headache Roll-on and went on working. Hours later, I realised I had forgotten the headache; it must have gone immediately. I am glad for one day I didn't need the drugs. I'm not saying I won't need them, but it was nice not to have to use drugs. A win for my body.

For those of you who are confused between the Sleep Spray and the Sleep Roll-On, let me explain. The Masters never create two products the same. The Sleep Spray is a pre-sleep preparation of your bed. The Roll-On is for people like me who forget the spray, and then wake up in the early hours and can't get back to sleep. The Roll-On is an easy application to the forehead and temples.

You can find all our sprays and roll-ons at this link.