26th September 2018

A quick hello from the UK before we head home to the Ascended Masters portal.

We have had such an amazing time visiting the Ascended Master gates and stone circles and discovering the beings with them. Many of you who have visited the popular stone circles in Britain and surrounding countries have felt the beings with the stones and realised each stone feels different because of the different beings with the stones. This is common when the stones circles are awake and active. There are also many inactive stone circles that are unloved and not visited and so the beings with them have fallen into a hibernation. The Masters gave four of us who have passed the 7th initiation (Waireti, AmayahGrace, Kay and me) the ongoing task of linking all of the stone circle beings into an awake and viable network. 

We started at the Hurlers in Cornwall. Here we were all gifted a tool of healing and identification (like a security ID) for our future work. I previously received a silver glove here last year and this was upgraded to a gold gauntlet that extended up my arm to my neck. We couldn't do the work we did without these gifts from the Masters, call the gifts keys and identification. We visited both known and obscure stone circles over the next 12 days, carrying with us messages in our aura from the previous group of beings to the next. Many of the beings were in hibernation and needed to be woken. In most of the circles, the stones had been removed and are being used as gate posts, sign posts, in houses and even as a bridge. We found ourselves sitting by a stone in a local pub; the stone was part of the wall. We have no idea which stone circle was that it came from. The Beings stay at the circle site when separated from the stones. So there are many beings we will never find as the stones from the circles have been completely removed by the locals over time. We will be continuing this work in the months ahead with the Masters help, but from a distance.

We are back at the portal early next week and are straight back to work.

The free ascension healings have been continuing while we have been away. The Masters have it covered. The first week in September was El Morya who was healing for ascension focus. The second week was a Master from each ray - St. John, Jesus, Mother Mary, Amen Bey, Ptah, Lady Nada and St. Germain - healing for the needs of the person receiving. The third week was Isis; this healing was to bring some issue into the open. The 4th week was Thomas Merton. He gave healing around listening.

All free service requests (healing and Ascension Master) are going to Tara at: [email protected]

I will write a bigger entry next week. Blessings on your week.